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How to Make the Best BBQ Pulled Pork Ever!

Learn to make super easy BBQ Pulled Pork that is delicious! I use a lot of ingredients but well worth the effort.

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Video Transcription

I’ve traveled and cooked all over theworld but I’ve truly fallen in love withthis beautiful Mediterranean island myname is Jeff Hardy[Music]I’ll be making some barbecued pulledpork for y’all it’s one of myspecialties here in my Orca a lot ofpeople come from a lot of differentplaces to eat my barbecued pulled porkand I hope y’all gonna enjoy that alittle bit well the first ingredient ofcourse is pork but they didn’t have thepork that I like I normally like porkbut they didn’t have any of that or I gowith pork neck didn’t have that eitherbut we are in quarantine and everythingthat’s going on pretty crazy times rightnow but uh ended up getting loin now itdoesn’t have as much fat but it one waythat can be a good thing another thingit’s maybe not quite as juicy as I likeI normally do it in big pieces but todayI’m a little bit more in a rush so I’mgonna be cutting it up a little bit andthen we’ll saute that get that nice andbrowned on the outside and then we’lljust get started I’m gonna show you allmy ingredients and that’s kind of whereit gets a little crazy because I put alot of ingredients in my barbecuedpulled pork so come on let’s get cooking[Music][Music][Music][Applause]okay so I have the pork half of it hasbeen cooked because you don’t want tocrowd the pan too much so I’m doing itin two different batches so it gets anice color to it I have the veggies inhere then I will take the meat out ofthis pan here and then I’ll put theveggies in there finish that tillthey’re nice and sauteed probably around15 minutes and then I’ll have the meatand then I’ll start adding all my otheringredients that you can see back herethey’ll go over with dry ingredientsokay I have a spicy smoked paprika Ihave a sweet paprika I’m gonna put it ina little this fire and smoke from thestate’s Camino in grano the little seedsturmeric or Kakuma just a little bit ofthat ahi from a cantina a little bit ofcocoa Americana Mexican influence a tinylittle bit of clavo what is glob o cloveand then a little of this maple pepperhabanero that’s really nice but has aserious kick to it and then of coursesalt and pepper okay are you ready togive your notepad ready okaycoffee maple syrup tomato sauce to theguajillo pines classic barbecue sauceketchupsoy sauce beer whatever beer you wantedI just happen to have this a little bitof this Thai sweet sauce Jim Beam maplebourbon can’t go wrong with that applecider vinegar some Worcestershire saucesherry vinegar balsamic vinegar a littlebit of fish sauce and chipotle peppers Ithink that’s that’s it so[Music][Music]something’s very important is toast thespices that gives so much more flavor somuch more then I’m gonna add a littlebit of coffee to that[Music]and then some soy sauce and then littlebeer oh it smells so good now I’ll justlet that cook for five minutesokay so this pan over here where I wassauteing the all of the vegetables Iadded all this spice all the dryingredients in there and then I have theliquid and that’s cooking for fiveminutesnow I’m gonna add everything else intothe pork that’s in here already cookingwith its juice[Music]okay now all ingredients are out of itoh you know it I’m gonna add somemustard yep forgot about this just alittle bit of this coleman’s mustard inthereokay all ingredients are added in thereoh sorrywe got a pepper chopped up one of thosein there so everything’s in therethere’s probably gonna take it it’s11:15 a good two hours cooking slowlyI’ll bring it up to a boil put the topon low temperature and let that baby doits trickthen I will test for acidity andsweetness because you know you want thatacidity sweet and sour mix you wantspicy you want it salty you want tomommyand that is what makes barbecued pulledpork so tasty and I added a lot ofvegetables in there too which alsoincreases the flavor profile littleshift James BBQ pulled pork[Music][Music]well there she is it took me three hoursit took the meat three hours to breakdown but it finally broke down I tookher I broke her I broke her down but soit takes that you know for the meat tobreak down like that but I definitelywould go with pork butt or pork shoulderthere was just something about it andthis because there’s so many ingredientsin this it’s nice and moist and you knowyou see that that will that’s just whatit looks like and the flavors spicyvinegar the maple syrupthe acidity the sweetness not it’sreally really nice for the cumin thatthey’re all the different spices thePakal that I have been there everythingmmm I’m so delicious now this isactually gonna sit for a day and I’musing it tomorrow and that’s when itwill even be bettermwah[Music][Music]you[Music]

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