BBQ Chicken Recipes

BBQ Chicken Salad

Best way to enjoy a salad anytime of the week. Designed specifically for meal prepping. Features the Avocado Crema Dressing & Homemade BBQ Sauce from a previous episode.

Ingredients & Measurements:

560g Chicken Breast
1 Tsp Garlic Powder
1 Tsp Onion Powder
8 Tbsp BBQ Sauce
Salt & Pepper to Taste

Bake 190C/370F

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Video Transcription

[Music]hello guys and welcome back to anotherepisode of feed food my name is chefboss today I’ll be cooking barbecuechicken salad with avocado cremaalright let’s first start by marinatingour chicken all right put your chickennext in your black pepperfollowed by garlic powder and onionpowder also a little bit of salt allright now get your hands dirty n mix itaround make sure every part of it iscoated I once it’s fully coated set thisaside now any vegetable oil and bringthe heat up after you’ve added in yourchicken stir it around for a little bitand make sure there is no more pink onthe chicken while you are waiting forthis to be done pre-heat your ovenonce it’s over anything that you decidenow add in your barbecue sauce all rightI like to use homemade barbecue sauce ifyou want to find the recipe for thisit’s linked in the cut aboveoh you can find it on my end screenalright in yourthe railgun for a little bit and it’llbe of water bring it up to a lightsimmer rightonce it’s simmering stay it for a bitnow in your chicken stir it make sureevery pound chicken is coated alrightonce you stick on let’s move on to thenext step now Leah your chicken on thepiece of parchment papermake sure you put all the excess sauceas well along with it all right nownow transfer it to the oven for 20minutes at 190 degrees Celsius all rightnow time to move on and get our saladprepared all right I’ve already preparedthe salad what you have here is Chrisit’s albula to use cherry tomatoesshredded carrot and some onion ringsright and also radish shoots all rightnow to get out dressing all right soI’ve already pre prepared my interestingyou can find the recipe at the on theplay cut above all you can find therecipe at the end of this video how toprepare the avocadoall right now we wait for the chicken tobe done now add your chickenalright guys and there you have it thebarbeque chicken salad with avocadocrema dressing thank you guys so muchfor watching this video don’t forget toLike comment and subscribe and don’tforget to share this video and to getupdated on my next and upcoming videosokay the bell icon once again thanks somuch for watching see you guys in thenext video[Music]you

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