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BBQ glazed chicken wings

Hi guys welcome to my channel. A little bit about me, I’ve been a chef for over 20 years working in many fine dining restaurants, gastropubs, conference centres & hotels.
The idea behind this channel is to inspire people in the kitchen without it getting too complicated.

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This is a super fast easy little recipe great for lunch or just a snack with friends.

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Video Transcription

[Music]all right welcome to more chefs daytoday today I’m going to show you how tomake these lovely beautiful barbecuesmoked chicken wings[Music]right that first job get bubble cameraright we’re gonna keep this nice andquick and nice and simple so we’re goingto talk about 25 chicken wings in herewhich we’re gonna fill the barbecue I’mjust going to put in some of my favoritebarbecue seasoning you can use whateveryour fancy or you can fish you southernpepper if you want that in your cups orthe bear quarter fill the cup with thatI’ve been denied in[Music]about half the amount again so that itmakes it a little bit thinner a littlebit running up you’re not sure how to doJimmy start with like a barbecue cancheck out my videoso once your coals a lip into one side[Music]Poppaea right oncome up to temperature so we’ve left ourbarbecue five minutes or so to eat up[Music]where the college this side pull thefoil clean up your grill spin round andthen the clean side on the indirect sidenow what we can do is just get ourchicken wingsplace them all over the next sign uponce they’re all gonejust pop the lid back on we’ll come backin a couple minutes and check okay soabout 10 minutes has passed now we’regonnathere starts getting nice little bitcolor on it so now we’re gonna get ournew place[Music]then just populate backup[Music]you

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