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Cooking with Black Iowa – Episode 16: Grilled Pork Chops

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Video Transcription

what’s up y’all it’s your boy black outone and thanks for joining me again foranother episode of cooking with blackout today we’re gonna be making somegrilled pork chops I’m excited to getoutside and enjoy this nice weather solet’s get to it baby okay take our porkchops they’re our dry rub on and we’vehad these pork chops here marinating anapple juice for not one but two nightsoriginally it was gonna be one I wasfeeling a little under the weather sothey got an extra day to get under theapple juice and let it all soak up goahead and just line out here get inwhere you fit in now our dry rub todayis that when I haven’t tried before andthis is a brown sugar and bourbonseasoning let me get a little smell ofthat too is I never had mmmthat just smells intoxicating I couldget you drunk go ahead and be realliberal with your seasoning your rubwhatever you like to call it make surethat you cover it all up and once youget it covered go ahead and rub it inrub it in make sure it did in there goodand make sure together good color to itsing to it sweet sweet me yeah go aheadand get it right flip it over and do thesame thing on the other side I can tellthese it won’t be good sitting in thatapple juice and now we’re gonna put theseasonings that’s just the way to gorub it in again yeah it’s looking justabout right should end up with somethingthat looks about like this do what I’mtalking about now we can go ahead andwash our hands get our stuff togetherand head outside to the grill okay nowthat grill is lit so we’re gonna put onall right we’re gonna do is go ahead andspread our coal that’s perfect go aheadand line them up evenly over that heat[Music]once you get them all lined up justright you can sit down over again[Music][Music][Music]beautiful beautiful pork chops are readyto go let’s go have first bite[Music]all right baby the time has come mygrilled pork chops are done and I’mgonna have the first bite for me get mylittle pre-cut piece here oh yeah ohyeah oh yeah hmm I can taste that brownsugar and that bourbon well I hope youall have enjoyed this episode of cookingwith blackout make sure to LIKE andsubscribe and follow me on social mediaand you can see all my other cookingvideos right here on YouTube baby y’allhave a good one peace[Music]

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