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Cedar Planked Grilled Chicken

Today I am going to show you how I cook Cedar Planked Grilled Chicken. This is a super easy way to cook chicken and it comes out great. We are going to run the PK at 375’ish until internal temp is 160 in the breast at 170 in the thighs. Thanks for watching and if you like what you see please consider subscribing.

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Video Transcription

what’s going on guys my name is KevinGriffith and this is the holler barbecueso I know you guys have heard of cedar aplane set but what about cedar plankedchicken sit right there I’ll show youhow to do it[Music]hey what’s going on everybody welcomeback to another video hey before we getstarted I just want to say to everyone Ihope that you and your family stayingsafe I know this is troubling times butjust you know we keep pushing on we’regonna get through this with that saidtoday I want to do something a littlebit different for you this is actually areally easy way to cook chicken and I’vedone it a few times and it comes outreally goodyou know you’ve probably heard of doingsalmon on Cedar plain well Wow long timeago I tried chicken on it it actuallycomes out pretty dang good the cedargives it just a little bit of that cedarsmell and smoke into the chicken andyou’re gonna get more of a roasted stylechicken as opposed to a grilled becauseI’m not gonna be flipping it on thegroup the grates or anything like thatso it’s gonna come more out like a likea rotisserie style chicken now thechicken I got today I got this fromCostco it’s first time I actually seentheir brand just regular chickens Iusually get their organic ones justbecause I like them because they’reusually a lot smaller than normalchickens and I like I like to do about a4 pound bird when I cook them but theyhad their regular ones today which theywere 98 cent a pound so I got twochickens for like nine dollars insomething which means these chickensthey’re they’re about four or four and ahalf pounds apiece so not too bad andlike I said this is going to be a reallysimple cook so the first thing we’regonna do is just get this chicken readyso the first thing we’re gonna do isbasically cut out its backbone and thenafter the backbones out we’re just gonnago ahead and split this chicken andthat’s how we’re gonna do to prep italright so I said this is gonna be amore simple cook so all we’re doing isjust putting the chicken straight onyour cedar plank putting some seasoningon it and we’re calling it a day nowthis is a lot smaller cedar plank than Inormally get when I get them from CostcoI remember where I got this one fromprobably won’t be getting these anymorebecause of how small they areno yes yeah see if we can fit thatchicken on there it doesn’t have to beperfect I want to be fine we just havetowe’ll just squish hiccup kind of onthere put the other one on down here Iactually switched him up so that thelegs were going togethermade them fit on the board just a littlebit easier so for our seasoning todayI’m telling I’m going super simple withthis cook let me get that to focus realquick so this is Mississippi Grande it’sactually by a barbecue team called Swanlife this is really good stuff it’s oneof my favoritesI’ll put a link in the description downbelow if you want to check out gettingone of these but really good I don’thave much left it’s like I might have toget some soon but this is all we’regonna use today trying to keep a cleanhand here just wash them so we just wantto season it up good now this seasoningfor chicken if I was cooking straight onthe grill you got to be kind of carefulbecause it does have sugar in it whichcan cause it to caramelize or even burna little bit quick but I’m not gonna beworried about this Tom because we’re notgonna be really on the grate and I’mgoing to flip them over and season bothsides of them sorry if I got in your waywe’ll get them all set back up here in aminuteI’m just trying to cover all right I’vegot as much of this chicken sitting onthis board as possible and my board Idid soak this thing basically it’s beensoaking for four or five hours justsitting in some waters taking in thatmoisture so we’re gonna let this rubjust sit in so it needs to sit on therefor maybe 10 15 minutes just so it canstart kind of melting and getting downin the chicken so while we waiting onour rub let’s go ahead and get our grillgoing so today I’m using the PK I’mtrying to go for more of a normal cook Idon’t want to be smoking it with mycedar and some different wood so I’mjust putting this straight on top of acharcoal grill any grill you have a workwe’ll talk about temperature a littlebit later but I almost run out ofcharcoal so all I have left with ab-and-b char logs so we’re just going touse those see how it goes that’s whywe’re not gonna go over temperature yetI’m gonna get the grill set and seewhere we’re hitting that I’m shootingbetween 275 and 325 somewhere aroundthere so these char logs all they are isjust charcoal the looks is compressedinto more of a log instead of abriquette so I’m going to use thisCharlie’s Charlock just like normalcharcoal I’m just taking a normalchimney starter and I’m filling it up Imight have a few too many so I need totake some of these back but here’s agood look at one if you want to see whatit looks like I’m just gonna light it upand let them mostly ash over so mycharcoal is ready it is cranking prettywarm right now so I took the divider outof my charcoal basket and I’m just gonnaspread this charcoal kind of even aroundI’m gonna get our grade in I’ll need toget it all cleaned up and then we’llcome back and take a look at it in aminute but I know I’m gonna be shuttingdown one of these sides of vents just alittle bit maybe halfway on one maybe alittle bit on the other one okay we’llcheck the temperature we don’t want togo too high all right guys so I justtemp the grill we’re rolling rightaround 375 so they’d come up quite a bitbut you know that’s okay because thehigher you get that’s that’s how you getcrispy skin right so this is where oursimple comes in because we’re on thispoint we don’t got to do much but sit iton there get it shut up and then we’regoing for an internal temperature ofaround 160 on the breast to about 170 onthe thigh and the legs and we’ll justwe’ll check it in about you know 30minutes 40 minutes see where we’re atI know we’ll probably we’ll probablycooking around an hour ish rememberalways cooked to temperature in nighttime because birds are gonna bedifferent size your girl’s gonna bedifferent temperatures so always a tempall right guys we’ve been going about 2530 ish minutes now what I do want to dois just give it a check to make surethat our boards not burning which we’redoing pretty good right now let’s justturn in black and I got a little bit ofwater in this bottle and I just want tojust to hit it a little bit nothingcrazy just to keep the skin a little bitmoist right now we won’t do that towardsthe end just so that our skin can reallystiffen up and get crispy because that’swhat people usually want out of thischicken skin right so we’re about youlike I said worth the 25 minute markwill you give a check just to see wherewe’re atI’m getting a reading right around 100degrees all right guys it’s been just alittle bit over an hour maybe an hourand 10 minutes now she just came out totempt us and we’re hitting we’re sittingthat right around 160 – ish in thebreast right nowour thighs are and legs are quite a bithigher there around in this there in the170s but you know dark me can take a lothigher temperature and still be juicybut I’m gonna get these off here now I’mnot taking this cedar plank insidebecause you can see it’s covered withjuice right now and it’s still kind ofsmoking tell you what I love the smellof cedar as it’s smoking comes out greatcomes out good in chicken too if younever tried this chicken let me see Ican give that to youlooks pretty good alright I’m gonna letthese rest up for a little bit and thenwe’ll cut into it and go over some stuffalright guys so here is our cedar plankchicken I think it came out pretty goodlet’s go over what we did really quickso like I said it was really simple allI did was cut this chicken in half cutthe backbone out cut it in half I usedsome of that mississippi grandeseasoning you can use whatever seasonyou want if you don’t have that onewhatever your favorite chicken seasoningis put it on that plank and just put itstraight on the grillthere’s no flipping or anything becauselike I said we’re going for more for aroasted chicken as opposed to justgrilled chicken so it’s just prettysimple just let the brass come up toabout 160 ish thighs legs will be 170175 let’s cut into itit’s really good I really like the waycedar taste on food especially chickenand salmon it’s not overpowering andit’s just enough just so you can tasteit’s almost like when you’re smellingcedar you can smell it and that’s whatit tastes like all right guys wellthat’s it for our cedar plank chickenvideo hope everyone continues to be safeand hey if you’ve got any questions orcomments go ahead and put them belowdon’t forget to hit that subscribebutton and always holler back[Music]

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