BBQ Sauce Recipes

Are These Sweet Baby Ray’s *BEST* Barbecue Sauces?!

Today, we review five BBQ sauces sent to us, all from Sweet Baby Ray’s.

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Video Transcription

time to get money drunk I’m drunk nowresponsibility[Music][Music]that’s not how you that’s how I’d ratemmm that’s how I’d rate I drink a lotyou’ve never seen you do that ask mywife she gets real annoyed Cory wouldhave a drinking today today we’ve gotbut light orange it’s a delicious BudLight beer that your knowing you’re usedto with a little twist of orange there’sno way you don’t get a commercial basedon that of course I see see what some ofour most faithful people think about ourbeer Oh another jar they with that oneyou sold I said about your marmaladeyeah all these beers that orange thelemonade in the lime all look the sameno tastes similar whoa that is zestythis be that was my nickname inbasketball courts the zesty one littlezesty Wagner today sweet baby Ray’s fiveof the sauces every time we say we’rehaving all the sauces somebody comes inand goes well actually they also makeAlabama white it’s like okay a fan sentus these these are five of the sauce getoff us we’re trying to buzz very excitedthough I’ve only ever hadtwo different types of sweet baby Ray’syeah I’ve had these sweet and spicy yeshad the original yeah so I’m excited forthese other ones what have you yes umprobably goes I don’t have a you theyhave a bit of a encyclopedic memory yeahof the different food and everything incondiment items had in your life I don’tI am a wake of sick fat vacuum who drewthose things in my mouth and then alsoI’m probably high all the time well thathow did you hear that they’re legalizedshrooms in Colorado so I have no clue Iknow it had to be degrees you have noclue what I’ve had of theirs oh yeahyou’re kind of like the drew Barrymorein 50 first dates you wake up and youhave no recollection of anything thathappened beforeand it’s just you trying to playcatch-up I’ve never seen that movie Ithought Adams salient was the one whodrew Barrymore she has a 24 hour memoryonly yeah wakes up everyday no memorywell that’s impressiveyeah it’s a bummer for her especiallywhen your brother Rudy with a lispoh why he got punched in the mouth thischaracter Oh your shirt’s why you needto watch it’s a really good movie Idon’t believe hey the Erb supplementthey’d be purchased at any health foodstore check this out check out leaf glue’the rock hard baby all right what’s ourfirst barbecue sauce we’re starting offwith sweet baby Ray’s sweet goldenmustard barbecue sauce I’m very excitedEstes I like mustard based sauces aregreat oh that was good dude you know allthis social distancing really sucks is Iwant to go to a barbecue pit just turnroastin yeah no wait human oh yeah allright here you go Cheers mm-hmmvery much free I like it there’s areason this company isn’t the number onepriority sauce pan beer right all theirstuff is so good it really is obviouslysmall batches off is the real dealbut language choice free baby raiseslike the wal-mart and McDonald’s theNike of barbecue sauce I like how thefirst ingredient is prepared mustard noton the prepared mustard prepared yeahwhat the heck does that mean playsagitance really just pisses me offadjectives write dumb what’s our nextone next up we’ve got sweet baby Ray’shickory and brown sugar and barbecuesauce that sounds just delicious is notsweetHickory is a word that really only getsused in barbecue Hickoryyou can’t call someone Hickory everyversatile two sauces do it for me that’sjust sugar babymm-hm I love sugar give me you need ohwow that one’s really good wow it isinsane I remember on the first microwavethe barbeque sauce came our way like westarted with a hot sauce and if someoneknowsI saw something I know he was so goodI’m glad we made that shift and did bothmm-hmm we’ve got some amazing onesmaking this Bud Light tastes goodfreshen the palate next up maple justgot some Canadian leaves on therethat’s what’s up cheers Cheers oh wowWow oh my god that is thick and verysugary I feel like I’m sitting inNorthern Ontario right now do what mysuspicionsnice this guy came up and just look atthat green back that is a big green butI would say it’s probably a 28-inch oroh that’s pretty good you weren’tinvited cuz you don’t own a winter coatI have own kind of a coat had ahalf-double here with sweatshirtsbecause it has holes in this evening I’ma poor person you know what I would lovecoke this Corey sighs yeah I could givehim large thanks if you get a wintercoat I’m gonna lose that I’m a nastydude okay this is the one that I wasreally excited for it’s got pineappleson it Hawaiian style barbecue sauce thisis sweet baby Ray’s SPRs new onewhoo oh I got the big boy yeah dude I’mgonna wear this is a Cologne Jerry’sMahaloare you appropriating again dude I’vebeen to Hawaii I can say[Music]so far all these have been amazing not adud in the bun it’s been very much sugartown must and palace mustard palace thislast one shout-out to New Orleansbecause I know you’re just gettingriddled with kovat this is get getbourbonpretend like you’re on Bourbon Streetright now okay you’re drinking ahurricane okay and then somebody goeshey do you want to try my bourbonchicken wings I’m blacked out yep yeahyou say yes yeah of course cheers Cheersmm-hmmSonny was doing him a lot so yeah legkicks okay what’s going on in my mouthright now mm-hmmI don’t have to work out today thoughyeah you’re good I’m a book on this typeof guy yeah I booked in a bit yeah I’mnever I’m never gonna read these HarryPotter books but these two mm-hmmbefore we go ahead and pick our favoriteSBR acronyms today let’s do a shout-outMurtagh Murtagh Murtagh out ladies andgentlemen we’ve got a merch store andboy is it amazing you can go on thereand get any kind of item you want do youwant a banana we sell oh we don’t sellbananas oh yeah sorry it’s just shirtskoozies stickers and hot sauce yeahcover everything you did but if you’relooking for any of those items boy we’vegot on a boy are they awesome and ourshirts actually have a bunch ofdifferent dopes designs and our hotsauce is absolutely delicious andamazing and if you buy one item we’regonna shout you out if you buy two itemsyou get to jump the line and we’re gonnashout you out sooner that’s what we’regonna do right now send us beer pleasesend beer damn dude that was goodall these sauces are gluten free nicedude we’re Jon number one goes mr. JeffPaxtonjust got to buy z6o sauce he hails fromTiffin Ohio friend of the show mycomment his sister recently inductedinto the Tiffin University Hall of Famewhoa heck of an athlete even Mike that’sfantastic athlete and play collegebasketballKristin probably even a better athletethan him wow she’s amazing incredibleand also my class president when I wasat the school she’s been planning ourreunion what does a 15 year even that’sprobably not gonna happenyeah sorry you wasted your time Kristinbut Jeff thank you for buying a qualityhead of sauce you really support in theshow we love it for you another personsupporting the show oh gee fan mr.Charles Courier Charles uhsends a stuff in the mail he’s actuallyin the process of sending us some saucesright now as well hey he bought for sixor sauces mr. switches bananas keep inmind when you buy more than three two ormore you get an extra little chef ironmight Night bonus sauce in there becausehe makes six of his own so Charlesdidn’t Jeff Thank You number six wasvery active fan very act very active Ifeel like I’m always he’s alwayscommenting and I had love and respectthat yeah but I was that dude thanks forbeing a dope fan gets rid of pimples youknow why why is proactive did we’regonna pick our favorite sauce now we gotsweet golden mustardwe got the Hickory we got the maple wegot the Hawaiian and the kick andbourbon do you have a favorite that youwill grab keep in mind I’m really takingsocial distancing seriously so if youtouch my loft on me like a week agodon’t stop tell them to stop everybodycome in he’s a piece of smoke off itbecause gonna divorce me stop I’m gonnaget canceled all right give a favor allright on the count of three pick yourfavorite sauce with your arm and handthree high gravity you need a two handsI mainly grab this because I thought forsure you were gonna grab that no that’smy favorite I’m really into mustardsright now doing mustard barbecue saucesare freaking legit sound like somebodyon Pinterest so I’m really into mustardsright now get a friendI already got mustard colored sweatshirtso I think I’ll have that’s a good pointdo you still have that Carhartt mustardhat absolutely that that would matchthat really well yeah indeed sometimesyou can’t wear it to me the same colorsor it looks stupid guys you have afavorite sweet baby Ray’s sauce let usknow below I’m sure you let us know ifyou forgot some of them you can sendthem to us this is our address righthere it’s goes to a UPS box and we getitdid you chug all your beer again and nowyou don’t have enough to do your thingat the end well maybe I didn’t see youguys tomorrow for a brand new videoTuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday theonly food review channel that’s put outa video at the same time for three yearsis that something to hang your hat on Idon’t know I’m a Matthew Stafford fansso it’s been rough for mesure I’ll have some liquid orange drankback dude we bout to win the bowl youabout to win it dude this is the yearjust like I said last year the yearbefore that the whole my whole life alsoI bought three pizza crusts I’m about totake one of these and make a barbecuepizza this weekend for sure I don’t care[Music]my street got his nickname playingbasketball in Chicago’s West Side Iwould have whooped you sweet baby redbra I betcha I could take sweet baby rayright now I want those guys that puts itthrough your legs when you’re playing dand before you even know what happenedthe balls in the bottom of the net yeahexcept now that’s true[Laughter]yes it is

17 Replies to “Are These Sweet Baby Ray’s *BEST* Barbecue Sauces?!

  1. Happy Monday, Corey & Sean!! The sauces looked fabulous!!! Looking forward to more comedy content! See y’all tomorrow!! ❤️?❤️

  2. I just ordered some Da Kine Hawaiian Hot Mustard Sauce off of Fuegobox, I’m real excited to try that!

  3. I’ve actually been making my way thru that Bud Light Variety Pack while watch numbersixwithcheese

  4. Love sweet baby ray’s bbq sauce. We don’t have that many flavours of the sauce available here though. Would love the mustard one. Love dipping my fries in honey mustard. Cheers, boys! ??

  5. Nice you guys where drinking bud light orange my mother tried that one she really liked it another stellar YouTube video with dope comedy added also nice leg kicks Sean

  6. I love sweet baby Ray’s sauces. And that bud light orange is a good beer. Definitely in the summer or warmer weather ,Not over powering smooth

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