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Chicken Dragon Eggs by the BBQ Pit Boys

No Eggs required for these bacon wrapped jalapeno popper stuffed chicken breasts. Watch the BBQ Pit Boys Pitmaster of the Joseph-Que Chapter put these together using these simple tips.

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Video Transcription

[Music]barbecue pit boys chop-chop today we’recooking up some chicken dragon eggs atthe pit and it’s real easy to do allright for this recipe you’re gonna needsome chicken breasts there’s a wholeskinless boneless chicken breast thoseyou’re gonna need yourself some porkbelly bacon and to make the dragon eggsyou’re gonna need some cream cheese herewe have some shredded yellow cheddarcheese you’re gonna need your favoriteseasoning like a rub and here we’ve gotthe jalapeno all right let’s put ittogether nowyou’ve never made a jalapeno popperbefore we’ll check this out all you dois you take a good size how they’ll paythem it’s fresh one like that you cut itdown the middle and this here ispitmaster privilege you want to removesome of the meat some of the seeds rightbecause there is the heat the hellopinion most of you know that right soyou can optionally leave some of it inor remove most of it it’s totally up toyou now the seeds don’t have thecapsaicin the actual heat but it’s themembrane around the have you all rightnow we’re gonna take this whole bonelessskinless chicken breastand we’re gonna split it you want toflee it out spatchcock flatten it outsimple to douse your old hickory or what knife youhave simple enough[Music]now we’re gonna take some ordinaryplastic wrap because what we want to dohere is we want to flatten this out andyou do that for a couple of reasons oneis so you have a consistent thickness ofthe meat so it cooks evenly and you alsoare able to tenderize it by using a meatmallet like this it doesn’t take muchflattened out tenderize it but most ofyou know all about now if you’ve neverhad dragon eggs before you gotta checkit out this is some good eating at thepit now first standard Hal opinio popperyou take your cream cheese and you canuse a seasoned to cream cheese use yourown favorite mix recipe you just slowedup that jalapeno[Music]this is gonna be good I’m to better makea few of these you’re gonna want someleftovers all right now we’re gonna takethat shredded cheddar cheese and use theshredded it melts better and faster putit in there you want to use the cheddarit’s perfect like this and it looks likean egg right wait perfect dragon eggJohn now I’m gonna take the dragon eggand we’re gonna wrap it with yourpounded out chicken just like that yeahthat fly back there is gonna get wastedjust waiting so we good a good wrap andthis is what’s gonna hold it togetheryou don’t need any string or anythinglike that you just need some bacon andas many of you know the bacon as itcooks it constricts like a serpent likea snake the longer it cooks the tighterit gets and keep all of this togetherthere’s a good quality bacon and there’ssome good news out there you kidding meas I’ve said before this looks goodenough to eat already don’tI’m gonna throw it on the barbecuecooking just right now we could havegone a lot faster with this but we’vesaid before it’s kind of like doing thisso if you uh this is not fast enough foryou hit that fast-forward button rightthere right in front of you all rightthe chicken breast stuffed with ajalapeno it’s been wrapped with baconand we’re gonna trim it up just a littlebit to make it look really pretty justlike thatnow take your favorite rub somethinglike a chicken rub here we’re using oneof our rubs you give a good generousdose of it all over the topnow we’re ready for the grill now we’vegot the grill fired up to about 325degrees Fahrenheit more or less stay inthat range and we’re gonna place it onthe grill indirect away from the hotcharcoal because we want it to slowlybake like a wood in your own you want toburn the bait and it won’t take long todo all rightwe’re getting near done on this you wantan internal temperature of about more orless a hundred and sixty-five degreesFahrenheit internal so it’s fully cookedthe chicken and here we’re gonna hit itwith some sauce grab some sauce yourfavorite sauce you start basting it youcan do this several times during yourcook and in the miracle of timethis chicken dragon egg is done pull itoff the grill and it set just for a fewminutes[Music]we’re eating good tonight Martha eatyour heart out boys tender and this isthe part where the pitmaster is going toapologize unfunny maybe he won’tso the next time you’re looking for arecipe at your Pitt checkout BarbecuePit Boys give us a thumbs upfollow us subscribe we appreciate yoursupport[Music][Applause][Music]

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