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How to Grill Pork Chops + Cooking White Rice- Filipino Way + Covid Antibody test (Buhay Amerika)

Hello Everyone! In today’s video, I will be grilling some Filipino inspired pork chops (the easy way). I will also be showing how Filipinos measure the water to cook the perfect white rice. I also covered a topic about Covid-19 antibody testing due to possible exposure and/or immunity.
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Video Transcription

[Music]what’s good peoplemy name is Arvind and a welcome toanother Boulais America day-in-the-lifeLA today we’re gonna be reeling somepork chop here it is so I got this porkchop bone-in meat from Costco how hugeis that and that is huge right so I gotthree pieces I got some dark meat righthere because it was already premarinated it’s been marinated for acouple of days but one it’s not enoughfor me so I got a couple more I’m gonnamix them all so I’m gonna be marrieddating the meat with the soy sauce forall the Filipino folks out there youguys lacking salty and sweet I’m all myhopin is how they got to perfectcombination salty and sweet this isgonna taste mom so the easiest way tomarinate meat is to put them in ziplockbag I let it marinate for about an houror so until I start grilling so we’regonna be adding in asparagus at the sideI’m gonna be grilling along with a porkchop so I’m just gonna slice it and putit in the foil what’s that baby can Isay hi your nose what’s wrong with yournose this is burn um all right we’regonna go ahead in a little bit okay Ipromiseso that’s what it looks like you’re justgonna be putting some garlic salt and alittle bit of soy sauce give thissomething good old flavor all right so aFilipino meal ain’t complete withoutrice someone I was showing you guys aFilipino cook the rice so Filipino housecheck this is a Filipino house check soyou ain’t Filipino if you don’t have arice container like this it gives youmeasurements for your rice that you gotthat rice container in there and justclick what you like and here’s what yougot rice rice is rice I usually wash therice about two or three times just toget rid of all that white liquid inthere rice water so now after you washthe rice I’m gonna show you guys howFilipino measured the water in a whiterice and we use our finger that’s rightguys Filipinos finger they’re white ricethat’s dirty you guys Cochinos out theirdirty minds so let me show you guys allright so pretty much we stick her fingerwe normally use our middle finger rightso we dip it all the way at the bottomof the pan so with our thumbwe pretty much measured the top of therice and we mark it right on the middlefinger so right about right there seethat marking so that’s how much waterwe’re gonna put on the rice so we leveleverything out so we’ll always keep inmind over that marking so now if whenthe rice is level we’re gonna put ourfinger right on top of the rice top ofthe rice and then we put the water tillit’s touches that thumb right there soright now it looks like it’s perfectright thereit’s barely touching the water so thatshould be the perfect amount of wateryou’re gonna put in white rice for aperfectly cooked Filipino white rice soyou learn something every day so justgrabyour rice cooker plug it in open it upput the rice and a hose get on and clickwhite rice BAM automatic so now let’sstart grilling all right so I’m gonnapray to grill I already pre put thecoals in there so I’m just gonna lightit up I got this insolent lightinghowever there’s a lot of mix old ones inthere that wasn’t wet a few days agowhen he arranged during the protest itright somehow in California I don’t knowwhy give it a little bit of fuel andthen fire this baby uphurry it up there you go hey yeah I’mjust gonna let it sit in there I feelit’s ready for grilling[Music]yo don’t mind if our hazards stuck inthere I swear I’ll get rid of that in afew daysI just been busy Ben don’t worry thefire ain’t gonna flick her in there Igot water hose ready so I’m out heregrilling and Sophie’s right there justchilling she’s just watching herdaughter cook mama do you have you havejuice look at her she’s little divatoday I’m watching her iPad now I’mdoing a song checks phone clicks beforeyou start using it some onionsI coat that grill with this onion Idon’t know why do you guys also do thisyou guys caught the girl adoniabelieving that somehow it give it alittle bit of good taste onion tastedon’t mind if I do but it’s goodall right so the coals ready so time tostart grilling got the big piece of meatthere it is look at that and this gospelpork chops are huge little XE bones takeit’s worth it and not even thatexpensivelook at that hey so deliciousmmm hungry and the last one juicy juicyperfect I’m gonna put this pear juice onthe sideRipstein cook in there close the lid letit cooked I got this open hi let’s seeif this meat is ready for some flip andoh look at that lip it is if it’s readyoh my gosh how juicy delicious lookingis that perfect meat I know it’s kind ofsummer ready but uh I’ll flip it againlaterit looks good so far thank God it’smaking me hungry so delicious Ohporkchop it’s gonna get my bloodpressure high again let’s give it alittle bit of juice from the marinadelook at that bit moist doesn’t dry themeats weak Sophie till the fly come onwhere’s the fly there you go get him getthe fly come on get him get himit’s on the couch it’s on the couch goget itoh my god you got it yeah darn flies Iknow huhBen good job get more liesmy little fly swatterthe fly destroyer anyway guys how arseeveryone doin post quarantine are youguys enjoying a life outsourcedrestaurants have opened bar sub opened alot of places ever open have you guysgone out yet we haven’t yet you know I’msorry she’s still killing the flightanyway I wish we had a pool hot summerin California it’s always freaking hotin here I wish we had it but maybe inthe next house do you guys think thatthere’ll be a second way over thecoronavirus patience I think so causelately in the work at the hospitalthey’ve been a lot more kovat positivecases have been coming in and a lot ofthem are actually getting intubated sothey have been sick for a while so Ifigured they probably been sick in homequarantine for the past two weeks or soI don’t think it’s from the protest butprotest only happened like last week soI don’t know guys how’s your city youdoing so I have been dealing with Kovacpatients ever since this whole belovedthing started ever since is a wholelockdown started because I work in ahospital I am a respiratory therapisthere in central California so I figuredoh maybe I should get an anti body testof wool because what if I was alreadyinfected with kovin and and I guess Ijust like kind of like outgrew it ormaybe I just have a really strong immunesystem so I kind of I kind of don’t knowbecause at the beginning of the scobything wasn’t really equipped with theproper equipment so I’m sure a lot ofthe patients that we’ve been exposed toespecially in the ER I all end up beingpositive but somehow I don’t have it yetit hako but has been going on for likewhat three four months now and I stillhaven’t gotten sick I even haven’tgotten any flu or any cold or anythinglike thatso I’m just kind of wondering maybe Ishould take down say body tests maybe Ialready have it maybe I’m already immuneto it so I don’t know how about you guyshave you guys taken that I bought a testyet or have you guys been testedpositive or negative let me know yourexperience down below all right I thinkit’s finishedwhoo I like that jar boiled in there Ilike that burnt stuff especially on thefat area the port you delicious I’mgonna put it outside and we’re goodand I think this character still needs alittle bit of cooking then we should beall goodI hope the rice is already cooked allright here it is guys some time to eat Igot my pork chest that slice I got theasparagus and I sliced some tomato andonion with soy sauce and of courseFilipino meal ain’t complete withoutwhite rice here’s the whole shebangright here we’re eating so then you guysfollowing along I hope you guys likedthe video make sure you guys likecomment and subscribe and tune in to thenext video Salameh pea[Music]

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