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Chicken Wings Homestyle BBQ

This video guides viewers step by step on how to make Homestyle BBQ wings. They are simply delicious.

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Video Transcription

[Music]in today’s edition of best-kept secretcuisine we will be creating homestylebarbecue wings my first step is cleaningthe chicken so what we have here is mychicken wings soaked in water and I’veadded a touch of vinegar along with somelemon juicenext as you can see I start byseparating my chicken wings into twosections two parts so we have the drumlid and the black part of[Music]a good tip to achieve a nice cut chickenwing is to separate both the flat andthe drum and find the middle area andstart cutting away[Music]after cutting all the wings up Iproceeded by rinsing the wings off threetimes[Music]the next step is to dry off all my wingsindividually so I take a paper towel andI make sure my chicken is dry that wayit is preparation for the next stepwhich is to season the chicken up thegood thing about this tip is that allthe seasonings will stick to the chickenif it’s dry[Music]I just give my chicken one more packdown[Music][Music]I add a few shapes of Maggi seasoninginto the bowl add 1 TSP of garlic powderone teaspoon[Music][Music]one teaspoon of chili powder[Music]1/2 teaspoon of cuminI add my all-purpose seasoning or meatseasoning for this video I’ve used myre-meet seasoning this is a staple in mykitchen as you can see I’ve done a fewshakes of the meat seasoning it’s up toyou as to how much heat you see you wrapthose seasonings and as you can see Ibegan taking a spoon and mixing all theseasonings up until the chicken is fullycoated[Music][Applause][Music]go ahead and this[Music][Music][Music][Music]keep on combining all those flavorsadd one tablespoon of flour this willadd a nice crunch to our wing once againkeep on[Music]shrink wrap and let it sit for an hourin the fridge after taking it out of thefridge I add a half teaspoon of bakingpowder are the wings until they aregolden brown on each sideI have prepped my dish with foil paperand some olive oil so as you can see I’mjust brushing it all over the wings willbe placed on here and it will befinished preheat the oven at 325[Music]now it’s time to create my sauce so forthis recipe I’ll be using Diana sauce ormain ribbon chicken sweet baby ray honeyas well as the H sauce honey srirachaI’ve also added a half teaspoon of chilipowder allow the wings to cook in theoven for 15 minutes on each sideafter that I have added the sauce thatI’ve made on each side twice[Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music]the amount of seasonings used for thisrecipe is proportional to the amount ofwings used so we had a total of eightwings and when split in half that gaveus 16 and my wings are all doneremember to comment like and subscribeclick the notification bell so you don’tmiss a video

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