BBQ Chicken Recipes

Citrus bold grilled chicken

Grilled chicken on the menu today. Who doesn’t love a perfectly grilled chicken over charcoal. That Smokey taste just makes you want more.

Remove back bone with sharp kitchen scissors
Salt and place in refrigerator for at least 2 hours
Preheat grill to 400 degrees
Rub chicken with your favorite seasoning
Sear chicken skin side down till you get the desired color
Place chicken opposite of the coals and let finish to a internal of 165 on the breast
Let rest for 10 min then slice

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Video Transcription

we’re gonna be making some deliciousgrilled chicken we’re gonna be usingSpanglish as a little bold citrus rubwe’re only gonna be missing a little bitof olive oil with it I’m gonna bring youin close and I’ll show you what I’mgonna be doing with the chickenwe’re gonna be running cooking it overjello double charcoal it’s gonna begrilled first direct once I get thecolor I want I’m gonna place it indirectand let it finish you want about 165 onthe breasts that’s what I typically doall right guys on a small bowl like thisyou want to mix in some of the somewould be a bold citrus rep I want to doprobably about I’m gonna say I 2tablespoons and a little more 2 and 1/2highly recommend this rub guys you guysgo check it out very goodflavors and then olive oil right herewe’re gonna mix it put some in maybeabout 2 tablespoons or so it comes outthere we go get it flowing right therethrow the bottle so I’m gonna do areally nice they call it mud rub butmore like a wet rub also the chickenhere we had it drive brining so what Idid is just salted it you know I removedthe backbone so it lays flat like thatso now I’m gonna apply some of the rubfirst you want to do the bottom side ofcourse or the bonus I’m gonna turn thischicken around just like so and then I’mgonna lay some of the rub drizzle it alittle moreall right guys so I’m gonna be using atwo zone cooking uh one song that doesnot have the coals that’s gonna be thecooler zone the zone where you have allthe coals it’s gonna be the hot zone sowhat I’m gonna be doing first we’regonna be placing the chicken over thehot zone and then now you’re gonna letit get the color that you want you don’twant to obviously burn the skin but youwant to get a really nice char after yougot what you want you got to move it indirect I mean I have a meat probe giveyou the internal temperature that isyour best bet on how good the meat isdoing you know you want to take it outwhen it’s done cook now under so let meget those Co started I will be usinggelatin guys come a little while whoeverwax cube I’m gonna light that up therewe go then we’re gonna place the chimneyright over it is gonna light up hercoals nicely ended up putting all theold coals I got right in here but Iright in here I got the gelatin devilthe lump charcoal so my go ahead I’mthrow-in just a few new charcoal on topjust so the ones that are old don’tdisintegrate too quickly I’m gonna throwin just a little bit here now that it’sgone really caught to the top I’m gonnastop I want to pour them all in therereally hotI’m gonna close it up get it preheatedfor the chicken all right guys we’regonna be throwing in the chicken nowcall they’re nice and hot go ahead andnot try the chickens right here we’regonna be doing it skin side down allright here we go gonna get it up closeyou can complete it with a chart for thelegs everything there we go see we’regonna go ahead and cover it up maybelike three four minutes do it like thatwe’re gonna check it’s the word ofadvice make sure you keep it close eyeon your char so I’m gonna go ahead andcheck this one out oh yeah lookingbeautiful probably move it a little bitDuke just like that we get charred up alittle more on one side tuck that wingunder looks pretty good right there sonow I’m gonna flip it on its back andwe’re gonna let it run just like thisI’m gonna go ahead and cover it back upprobably about three four minutes on tipon that all right guys here we gogo ahead and check it out one more timethe backside see how it’s doinga little clip here and looking prettygood Oh a little bit right therealright so now you know what I thinkthat will um sear it just a little moreon this sidenext look Negri it looks pretty goodthis one looks a little bit off there wegoa little bit of another minute or twomake sure that that skin gets nice andcrispy right there oh there we got evenbetterso we’re gonna go ahead and place it indirect now that I got the color I wantedon the skin side and as soon as it hitsaround 150 or so degrees I am gonna bebasting it in butter and some lime solet me uh put this indirect off thescreen of the firego right there here we go just rightthere we’re gonna close it back up bringyou back we’re gonna go ahead and checkthe chicken that beauty looks greatwanna go ahead and check temperature seewhere we’re at on the breast we are at127 or so so we still got quite a waysto go so I’m gonna go ahead and rotateit now the breast is gonna be facing thecharcoal all right so I’m gonna go aheadand baste it so what I got here is somelime juice I got some of the asparagusas a little about teaspoon and a half ofa stick of butter and some lime juiceI’m gonna go ahead and base that allover the bird here gonna give it evenmore flavor right now we’re looking at ahundred and fifty seven degrees someoneI’ll try to baste all this buttereverywhere it’s gonna make it look andtaste even bettergo ahead and close it back up just letit rise to 165 in the breasts and weshould be all done I let it rest afterthat for maybe about ten minutes themost they almost slice into it all rightguys I just took out the chicken I’mgonna go ahead and let it rest for aboutten minutes before we’re gonna go aheadand slice into it we’re just gonna sliceon the on the breast side there nowcheck it out give it to the chickenwe’re gonna go ahead and slice thesebreasts little wing right here justfalls apart just like so and want toslice into the breast right here at anangle show you guys juicethat camera doesn’t know justice butit’s very very juicy see really reallyjuicy all right flip you aroundhi guys we’re back so this is thechicken right here I’m gonna go aheadand give it a tastelooks so moist so juicy very goodsorry guys my mouth open are very heyguys if you guys like this video goahead and not subscribe and like thisvideo comment share thank you very muchstay tuned for more cooks

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