BBQ Chicken Recipes

How to make Grilled chicken

Barbeque sauce,chopped ginger and garlic,mayonese. Pls don’t forget to subscribe,like,share and click the notification button for more exciting contents. Thanks for the Love

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back to my channelwelcome back to esta cuisineyour unforgettable experience so thismorning i’m going to be grilling chickenand here is i’m going to grate thechickenso here i’ve washed my chickenso i spiced it with grinded pepperjust to taste and i put some cubeno keep any cube you want to use salt totastethen here i put my barbecue sauce youcan use stick sauce but preferably ilove barbecue sauceyou can use taste you can use pork oryou can use any other one you wantso that is it and here i have mymayonnaisei love the taste of mayonnaise in mygrilledchicken so i use nola or you can use anymayonnaise you want so here i’m going tobe usedusing chopped garlic and ginger i lovethe taste ofgarlic ginger and you now so justa little bit a little bitthen i hada nice smell[Music]then mixed it upjust to go around with the cheekysmall thenyes it’s i love to leave itfor for me for you if you want to growstraight it’s finebut for me i love to leave it for likelet’s say 15-20 minutes just for thetasteto infusing it you know for the taste toget insidemixed together and all that so that bythe time you’re eating ityou can taste the taste of garlic gingerthe sauce and everything so i’ll leaveit for 20 minutes atmaximum welcome back guysso after 20 minutes this is the chickeni’ve arranged it nicely into the oventraynow we are going to put it in the ovenyeah meanwhile the oven has beenpreheated to 180 degreesso here we goso after 30 minutes we are going to flipit overyeah so see if it’s done then wekeep flipping overso guys stay tuned music welcome backguysas you can see this is the end productit’svery tasty and looks very normalthank you so much guys for watchingpleaselike comment subscribe click the bellfor notification thank you so much godbless you[Music]you

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