BBQ Chicken Recipes


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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys thank you so much for taking onthis video so in this video I’m makingthis quick and easy to makeeven grilled barbecued chicken wings andI would just talk you through as I makeit[Music][Applause][Music]first of all I’m just going to clean thechicken and I always love to use somelemon so you like wash the chicken andjust get rid of any any ill anything anydirt that might be on it[Music]so I basically clean the chickenproperly so after using the lemon I wentagain I went back again to rinse thechicken directly on that runningso as I said this is a really easy tomake barbecue chicken wings so what I’mdoing here is I’m just cleaning ordrying the excess water on the chickenbefore I go ahead to add my spices sonow I’ve dried the chicken I’m going toadd just a few spices I’m going in firstwe’ve some sunflower oil and then I’mgoing to add some salt I’m going to addsome smoked barbecue seasoning thathasn’t it pre crack coriander chilipowder and GaryI’m not going to mix everything togetherI’m making sure that every singlechicken wing is mixed properly togetherwith the spices once that’s done I’mgoing to cover the ball with cling filmand put it in the fridge to marinate fora few hours so the chicken has beenmarinating for a few hours now in fridgeand it is ready to go in the open sowhat I’m doing now is I’m just going tooil the oven tray or odd boiling ofensuring so the chicken doesn’t stick tothe tray or to the boil and I’m going toput that in the oven[Music]so the oven is set to 200 and afterabout 20 to 25 minutes I’ll go ahead andclick the wings to the other sideso in just about 30 minutes of grillingchicken rings are ready to be served asa side dish or the main dish however youenjoying your chicken I hope you enjoyedthis video if you have please make sureto leave a comment like share andsubscribe and until next time[Music]


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