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Easy Chicken Wings at Home

Learn to how to make Chicken Drumsticks at home in barbecue and buffalo sauce. Like, comment, share and subscribe

BBQ Spice Rub Recipe

1/2 cup white sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup paprika
1/4 cup smoked paprika
1 TB garlic powder
1 TB onion powder
1 Tsp Ginger powder
1 TB Oregano
1 TB Table Salt
1 TB Black Pepper

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Video Transcription

who else has been craving wings duringthis lockdown I know I definitely havethis is Nick and welcome to my channeltoday and we’re gonna cook up somechicken drumstickswe’ll do some buffalo style and somebarbecue sauce so you can have the tasteof your favorite restaurant right athome I’ll show you just how easy it isstay tuned now it’s time to get the workon our barbecue sauce firstI like the start with some ketchupusually for a smaller batch I like useabout half a cup and I usually justeyeball it get right in just like thatand you can always add more as neededonce you taste away you’re cooking whichis always important taste what you’remaking now I like to add a good decentamount here Porchester steyr sauce justlike that probably about a tablespoonthen I’m gonna add about that much ofthe hot sauce as well just for a littleextra bite and kick just like so now Idon’t know who doesn’t love a sweetbarbecue sauce so I’m gonna add somebrown sugar right to that about equal tothe ketchup and I’m just gonna eyeballthis as well sprinkle that right in justlike sothen also I’ve already got some preparedbarbecue spice rub that I made myselfand I’ll post the ingredients recipes tothat right here on the side for youso I’m add a little taste of that rightthere on top of that I do like to add alittle bit of onion powder a littleadditional just like so just a pinch andalso a pinch of that garlic powder aswell just like so on top of that I amgonna add some seedless blackberry jamand it’s gonna give this a little moreof a unique barbecue flavor and thenyour traditional sauces just like thatthen last but not least I cannot forgetthe butter let me grab some here I likeusing unsalted butter and salting thetastesometimes that salted butter can just alittle bit too much saltlet me there cut off about threetablespoons nice and easy someone thoseguys could never find what he needs inthe kitchen especially is drying rightin my drying rackno dice that down just a little bitthere so it’s gonna melt a little biteasier once I throw this on the stovejust like so and who doesn’t love alittle bit of butter and abouteverything they make no we gotta getthis on the stovetop and get it cookingdown no once they have this on thestovetop we’re gonna crank it over thereto a low heat and while that’s meltingdown and doing this thing we’re not alittle bit of water to it Justin let itdone evaporate while it cooks down soyour sauce doesn’t get too thick now thekitchen is all about experimentation andmaking huge messes trust me on that onewell we got that going reducing down youcan tell what it might need whilelooking at it look in here looks like Imight add just a little more ketchup tothat about life so we’re gonna give it agood mix there as it starts to heat upjust get everything nice andincorporated together I always try tobreak down the jam I had just with thesplit the wooden spoon I’m stirring withnow be sure to go with the seedless jamif you’re trying this because I don’tknow what a folks are very hesitant toenjoy a blackberry seeds with in theirfood won’t let this go here for just aminute or so you’ll see that buttermelting down and usually I’ll let it gohere for about 30 minutes give or takenow the only way to know if it’s tastingright and working right is to give it ataste when it’s time you can see afterbeing on the heat for just a few minutesor so everything’s starting to cometogether nicely I’m gonna keep lettingthis go on the low heat until it gets toyour desired thickness the kitchen ismore of an hour than a sciencenow making your buffalo sauce is goingto be the easier of the two sauces we’regonna do firstI’ll put the rest of the butter from momwhat you use when the barbecue sauceinto a sauce into a sauce pan sauce potskillet anything and let it melt down ona very low heat you don’t want to burnthe butter you just want to get it niceand melted so once we get that melteddown straight just how easy it is tomake that restaurant style buffalo saucenow be sure to us stir your barbecuesauce every now and again you don’t wantanything sticking and burning to thebottom of the pan now I think right nowis a good point to give it a taste andsee what it needs grab a little bit justlike so stay some pretty good so far Ilet this keep going and give it anothertaste here in about another 15 minutesnow that our butter is melted we’regonna take it right off the heat thereand let it cool down pull about roomtemperature not a little higher thenI’ll show you the next stepnow that my butter is nice and coolawesome add that directly to the mixingbowl I’m gonna mix the drumsticks inright in just like that every littlelast trip there folks that should beenough now I go to this is simplesuper simple now we’re gonna add aboutan equal amount of our hot sauce sameone that we headed to our barbecuesquare some want that all glug-glug-glugright in therejust like so yeah we ready give it agood mix just like this get everythingnice and incorporated together all rightand once this good mix we’re gonna giveit a taste make sure it’s perfect for usthat’s good it’s been about 30 minutesand our barbecue sauce looks like it’sabout done the best way to tell is totake your stirring spoon to get a goodglug of it right on the end there andsee how well it sticksdid you see how it’s not sliding offimmediately and clinging very well tothe spoon that’s just about perfect soI’m gonna turn that right off the heatand let that cool down to roomtemperature now that our chicken hasbeen falling out here on the counterit’s almost ready to go so I’m gonna goahead and get this pan nice and oiled upthere with a nonstick spray of yourchoice just weren’t even a nice littlespray there make sure nothing goes intothat pan and we’re going to make sureeverything sanitizers wash our hands asmuch as possible when you’re handlingraw chicken to spices now that we haveour chicken right on the pan we’re gonnaapply just a little bit of salt helpdevelop a little bit more crispyexterior and of course some freshlyground black bearever never use the pre-ground stuff youleaves a lot of flavor when that stuffcan send any clothes up in court it’slike so now where I let our oven comeright up the temp and we’ll be ready torock and roll with the oven set rightnow to 400 I want to get that cookingfor about 30 minutesnow the cook time might vary and thetemperatures might vary depending onyour oven everyone’s a little bitdifferent now the biggest thing is we’regonna use a meat thermometer – meatthermometer to ensure that we’re gettingthe internal temperature of this chickento 165 we don’t want any of those badbacteria sticking around what we’rechallenged out now it’s time to get thatchicken right in the ovenall right our chicken should be aboutdone then let’s give it a check and make100% sure smells great I’ll tell youthat looking beautiful looking beautifullet’s see that yeah so I always have anice little meat thermometer here I putright in so let’s check this chicken outnow let’s check this chicken out andmake sure it’s right up to temp take thebiggest one here I’m gonna plop thatright in looks like our chickens rightthat a 165 degree mark so we’re ready torock and rolland get this in some sauce once it coolsdown just a little bit now we got thechickens still cooling off just a littlebit it’s almost there let’s go ahead andadd our barbecue sauce to the other bowlwe’re gonna mix the chicken in the couldwith all these delicious flavors don’tbe afraid to scoop it all out with aspoon this stuff’s so good you don’twant to waste the drop now that we’vegot our chickens they’re ready to beaddedwe’re gonna go ahead and add our chickenright to the bowl you have up rightaround full pieces here once it’s stillbe kind of warm when I’m doing this I’mgoing to do six in the buffalo style andsix in the barbecue style so I’m justgoing to toss the chicken right into thehole with the sauce just like so samewith the barbecue now it’s the fun partit’s time to give them a toss all rightso we’re gonna get these tossed right upwe’re going to start with the Buffalostyle here so all I do is give it a nicelittle squirrel up and over you’re gonnamake a mess trust me that’s what theyhave been in paper towels for you cansee right there I’m gonna walk right onthe floor we’re gonna continue to mix itthere so it’s that nice nice goodcoverage by the sauce you can seethey’re the nicest sauce and I’m soakedanother minute and give them anothertoss now it’s on to the barbecue I doanother spin move there it’s like doingthe whole loop only a lot more messybarbecue sauce is always a little easierto work with business niggerso you can see those are nice andbeautifully coated right there you cansee their cooking’s a very messy art nowit’s time to get these plated right upbut I forgot what ingredient the mostimportant ingredient paper towels you’regonna want to start with a whole rollwhether I speed like this I’m just gonnaput it up and see right how they tastebarbecues looking nice and beautifulthere take you get a few of the Buffalohere and see how they look as welllooking beautiful looking beautiful badkid night can anybody tell me what’s abetter feeling you’re looking at somebeautiful chicken drumsticks coated inyour flavor in a choice okay now I knowthe hardest part about this whole recipeis deciding which one you want to eatfirst I think I’m gonna go and try thatbuffalo sauce first that smell is justgetting to menow it’s time to I guess give thatbarbeque a try mmm look how well thatsauce is clinging right to the drumstickthat’s what you want they’re bothdelicious like I said you’re gonna needa lot of paper towels I’m not sure whichones better is there any better feelingin the worldthen enjoying food that you made throughyour sweat loving Devers I don’t thinkthere is try this recipe at home and letme know what you think in the commentsbelowdon’t forget to Like subscribe and ringthat Bell icon to be alerted to mynewest content you all keep up thatcooking lifestyletake careyou

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