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[Music]real for real we rehearsing gon gothrough it but nobody is perfect thatnever said that so baby two verses let’sgood evening family it’s to Gaza end andthis your girl Michelle back actuallywith another video but this time we’regonna bring out which I’ll be waitingfor what I’ve been asking for cookingvideo things won’t cook for ya I’m gonnacut free out and I’m cooking for y’allbecause I love y’all and I’m still intothe weather I’m still not feeling goodbut I figure why not cook and record itum so yes today we don’t be having friedchicken but we gonna have a barbecuefried chicken I’m gonna put y’all up tothat we’re gonna have some pasta andhave some home break and I’m gonna gohave some steamed broccoli if you wantto stay for a while and see how I getdown how we dig down in the kitchen thenyou want to keep on watching make sureyou give this video a big thumbs up andmake sure you so make sure it’s on yourpost notifications wants to know if Iwould ever be tracked so let’s get veryeasily get rid of it was doing alrightso we just got a bag of the like thesmall wickets I don’t know what you guyscall them but we call them the wicketsand they’re still frozen I took him outearly this morning but they still frozenso we’re just gonna put some warm waterwhat we like to do to clean our chickentell them what we like to do babe thatpoor asshole yeah God let it marinatethe cold water yeah we like to we liketo clean our chicken with cold water andsalt also if you have lemon juiceanything like that that really sucks outthe blood and like gets all the grimeand like that slimy feeling off thechicken so what we’re gonna do right nowwe’re just gonna try to get this chickento the frost on because I can’t fry itfrozen[Music]alright babethe chicken is nice and wash if yourchickens not looking like this thing youneed to clean it a little bit more likeI said app OCD so we make sure tothoroughly wash our chicken to get allthat stuff all of it so now it’s time toseason it so it’s really simple I don’treally I don’t do too much with theseasoning I just use two things wellthree things to be exactyou’ve got to have me a Lowrey seasoningsalt the garlic powderpeople use adobo and other seasoningslike you know pepper and all that but wedon’t like spicy foods and then if youjust going to use with weather just makesauce that’s fun and the reason why Iuse this is because it gives the chickenin the color and it gives it like thebeautiful like well it gives it thebeautiful color and it’s like it’sanother seasoning but not too much sowhat should you buy going on your localgonna go alright so I’m just gonna goahead you just want to take some of thisbaby’s gonna flip it for me because Ihonestly I hate touching chicken youjust want to make sure you’re properlycultured chicken all around becausedon’t nobody want no chicken that’s notsalted or C then you know we eat with wehave to have taste in our food so I’mjust gonna do that baby flip it over formecan’t complain yeah he just flips itover don’t you slip it over you’re gonnarepeat the same step add the seasoningsalt sweat solder the flick and a wristis all in a flick of the wristarrest and I don’t really I can’t reallygive you a proper leg measurement I justdo it because I’ve been doing it for solong and I’m gonna go ahead with thegarlic powder and you want to be carefulnot to put too much garlic powderbecause it’s garlic powder garlic powderand salty so you eliminate okay once youapply the after I applied and garlicpowder I’m gonna flip it over and repeatthe same steps right and putting on onthe other side then we add some more cuzI like my my chicken to have a niceseasoning enough or too muchwell then I flick it a wrist so Reese soon the flick of the wrist sometimes usechicken can be over season or sometimesit can be unseasoned usually the tip togreat fried chicken is to let yourchicken marinateyou know overnight but we’re just gonnado this free out right now so be justgonna mix that all together that Iapplied my season game just gonna mix itall together to make sure thateverything is totally evenly and if Ifeel like I don’t add enough that I justpull back and add a few more touches ina spiced mango is all right I see yousee now you gotta make it all you got tobe Nick orange okay you’ve got to bringit you got to look like that or likethat you see that Oh mm-hmm you shut ittogether did Oh a juice higher in thebottom it’s not make sure that thechicken snatches up that juice is hidingin the bottle help we’re turning oureyes everything’s seasoned so now thatwe got the chicken nice and seasoned I’mgonna go ahead and use my canola oil soI’m just gonna pourto my pen I sold his pan for my mom thisis what she uses safar her chicken gotthe og part for meyeah for many years this chicken I meanbut this pan cooks like no no other it’sreally a good peon so I stay for my momshe getting today that should be so whatI’m gonna do is I’m gonna turn the heatup I’m gonna turn the stove on its ownfor like I’m gonna put this old onenumber because we have an electric stovelike this in between four or five youdon’t want to be too high you don’t wantto take something to get hot and thenI’m gonna go ahead and take some flourand I poured the flour into a ziploc bagholding the chicken with the ones anddragging you’re going to the pins orsome flour like that and then I’m gonnago ahead and add some more seasoning tomy flourso I’m going to sprinkle Singhal someseasoning saltsome drivers barely and I’m gonna usesome more garlic powder and that shoulddo ityou know what we’re gonna do is justwait for the grease to get nice and highyou don’t want to put your chicken inbefore the grease is hot because then itwould be saturated with grease and tastegross so once I know isn’t it hot I justtake a little bit of you know flour andif it sizzles then that’s how you knowthat your grease is nice and ready sowhile we wait for the grease to get hotbabes going to go ahead and clean itdoes the think out talked to you becausewe don’t play that you must must mustmust get the bleach always there toclean the sink out and he’s going toclean it with bleach I’m have Florrick’swipes because it’s very important tokill bacteria after a prepare anduncooked meat you want to clean all ofany bacteria to prevent sound vanillayeah all right so we gonna go ahead anduse some Clorox clean the nozzle townthe top the whole area and then this isour favorite spray that we got it’scalled method anti back all-purposecleaner bambooyou should probably get it in herenearby Walmart Target style[Music]so now we wait for the chicken to gethot we got a multitask and I’m gonna goand start the cornbread jiffy is what weuse and got to put up and on 400 degreesso let’s preheat the oven to 400 getthat backwards preheat itas a Louisville man that led to somechicken I have OCD so yes I’m gonna takethe chicken and I’m going to take a fewof them and put it into the flour bag itup shake it out to make sure the chickenis nice and coldthe father who makes it crunchy crunchytaste here papi this is how it shouldlookonce you pull it apart a little whileand I’m just going to slowly drop it inthat will make a mess down now you’llover my stove[Music]I wish I had to airfryer off I want toair fire so bad that that’s one of myguess that I want but I have yet to getso I feel like I have to make some funchickens in the airfryer but this thispart that I need it’s enough I could fita lot of women in it but I exactly do ittwice because I’m not that big to fitworld one[Music]you gonna drop them babbles in there[Music]all rightso now the chicken is cooking I put iton a little bit lower on like three orfour with the electric so because itcooks really fast and you want to makesure your cooking is you want to makesure your chicken is fully cooked insideand not just outside I don’t know Iremember when I first learned how tocook and I thought that my chicken wasdone I’ve been inside and it was allbully and I was just turned off so Imake sure that and my chicken is cookedthoroughly inside in as well as on theoutside so I’m just gonna leave that andthen I’m gonna go ahead and stoppreparing the cornbread a few momentslaterit’s looking good the chicken isbrowning so not done yet but you seethat Brown what look at that goldenbrownlook at that color y’all alright so forthe broccoli I don’t like to use tapwater so I’m just going to move the vialof water just to put in the bottom of itor it to be seen three four againthere’s nothing like new that we usesteam in a bag if you don’t like cook ontop I sold you through the store to sendMichael but again I like the season inmy phone so pour it in there add somemore seasoning saltgive it a nice taste hook it up someBarlettand then we put the lid on it and let itcook and broccoli takes a few minutes tocover doesn’t take that long to cook soI’ll just check on that and now I’mgonna get into the first thing I do is Icheck the date you always want to checkthe date on your food and it’s good saidNovember 25th 2020 so we’re goodI usually use contractions and justthese like sometimes I don’t like mycorn break too thick so today I’m justgonna use one and excessive use one eggso we don’t crack open okayone egg crack that bad boy open and alsoI’m the one who does this but I like totake the white out of the egg it lookslike it’s this nasty stuff I take thatout because it turned me off I alwaystake it outalways always always whenever I cook anegg for cake brownies whatever it is Itake that out and then it says to use athird of a cup of milk I don’t even eatOh men use a measuring cup even though Ihave one I’m gonna make you horror forso long that I just know the exactmeasurement[Music]should look like this the reason why mycornbread is everybody loves mycornbread is because I add sugar to it Iknow I know somebody drugged like sugarin comp right but you don’t put too muchyou just add a dash of sugar and I swearyou’ll thank me laterit tastes so good so once you have itwhipped up you’re gonna use a pan ofcourse I don’t have the property and soi’ma have to improvise use that keeppaying today because I don’t know wheremy my square glass pin is and you wantto take some oil and you just want tomake sure to coat it with a little bitof oil you don’t want to tax ratebecause it’ll be just too greasy butjust so that your palm brake doesn’tstick and it’s easy to cut[Music][Music]so we have a choice between the alfredomy kids love these alfredo or thecheddar broccoli spiral doodles my kidslove love love these so I think we’regonna go with these even though whereveryou have in broccoli I just love thisthese noodles as like a great chilitaste so time to get this going but wegot to check on that chicken look atthat chicken that chicken is comingalong it’s almost then I want to sayabout another three minutes I’m gonnaflip it over make sure both sides arenice and crunchy and the middle is doneand this chicken should be good take apaper plate and a paper towel to drainthe chicken cuz you don’t want it allgreasy and I’m gonna go in drain thatyou’ve got to smell what I smell in thishouse log this is what the first batchof chicken looks like y’all look at thischicken littles chicken but we not evendone yet it gets betterall right so the cornbread is out Ialready buttered it I put butter on itso once it’s out you want to just takesome butter and put it right on topwhile it’s hot and I’m not gonna cut ituntil the cornbread has pulled offbecause then it’ll break apart but wouldyou look at that cornbread look at thecornbread is bangin Oh she’ll hear usyeah I need to come over and eat with usI chewed you me in dude you man dad justsad just woke up from my nap say hi andfin say hi in and I’m cranky I just wokeup from my nap say hi Daddy just left mein the kitchen daddy just left me in thekitchen the doors by myself all you didwas wash this chicken base are you doingthey don’t just leave me like that don’tyou okay I just leaving right there okayI’m ready to eat so now this is what wedo just what we do what we’re waitingwell actually what we do is we clean upour mess because like I said I make amess y’all all right so I basically justwipe the countertops down and I finishedeverything and I like to clean as I goso that is not so much that unrelatedactor because once you eat you don’tfeel like cleaning up nothing you havepots and pans over wait up to eight sonow I’m just gonna go ahead and cut it Ilike to cut it into little cubes likelittle squares so it’s bubbling thatmeans it’s time to pour it in turn itdown so we can come to a low simmer so Iturned to all the way down to likenumber two and I’m just gonna mix itthis usually cooks in like five to sevenminutes easy it’s easy when you havechildren and you need to cook a mealreally quick and it’s nutritious becauseit has vegetables in it so my kids lovelove love this so do we let the pastacook I’ll show you guys the end resultsdinner is almost done guys whew you gotchicken all you’re giving daddy somechicken oh you got chicken is it goodyou like Mama’s chicken definitely Iknow confit no shell rock it so thesecond batch of chicken and boom thepasta is done as well so now we’re gonnatake this out[Music]this is hot this is the second batch nowthis is the batch where we’re gonna addthe barbecue sauce and you have a choicebetween fried chicken wings or barbecuechicken wings some things my kids on mybarbecue some days they do so that’s whyI give them a selection to decidewhether they want sauced ratingeverybody do now normally I use craftbut I use the honey the sweet like thehoney a sweet honey flavor but they gotoriginal now I don’t really care forthis kind but we don’t use it today sowhat I do is I just go ahead and then Ijust saturate it oh and then put thebarbecue sauce all around it like thatcoat it mm-hmm like boom BAM boom like aboom like that right and then I just goahead and put it in the microwave forlike 15 seconds and I’ll show you guyshold on so this is what it looks likeafter I put it in the microwave forabout 15 to 20 seconds you got somefried barbecue wings nice and crunchyyou know you eat wings sometimes andit’s like – so I like my skin I like myskin to be nice and crunchy so that’swhy I fry my chicken and then I add thethe barbecue sauce but look this is foodporn y’all okay guys so this is thefinal results this is dinner for tonightso we have fried chicken fried chickenwith barbecue sauce in it cornbreadspiral noodles and bra and steamedbroccoli so I hope this made you guyshungry cuz we bout to dig in you have togo and I only put a little bit on myplate because I don’t have much of anappetite but would you take a look atthis here ya hungryalright guys we hope you enjoyed thevideo with OB to enjoyed the scrumptiousforget baby prepared yes and just thisis about to tear up yeah I try to givethem some but you just woke up so you’reliving really that hungry but we don’twant to eat in front of you guys cuzthat’s rudemake sure but fluffy what are you doingmake sure that you like comment andsubscribe to this video make sure yousmash that like buttonI don’t know we try to do this video somaybe like five thousand likes five kickcommunicate get its a five thousandlater then we’ll do another cookiebecause this plate is that it’s abrochure it’s four foot of God’s we wantto tear up this plate we love you guysthank you guys so much for watching staybeautiful stay blessed peace


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