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Hey guys welcome to todays video, in this video we will show you, how to cook spicy boneless grilled chicken breast with proper seasoning at home. This is a restaurant style grilled chicken breast recipe that is perfect to make with your friends and family in your backyard or in your stove on the pan.. . Also, If you enjoy this video, then do not forget to subscribe and hit the notifications button to get notified when we upload.

For our boneless karahi chicken curry cooking video, Please check out this link:

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Video Transcription

this visionary making spicy grilledchicken box yes we’ll be making chickendress this relation I am talking andit’s very good fair no so if you don’tlisten to video make sure to subscribeit’s about the north I will help loadunlike the video so now let’s see theinconvenience we will need to make thismuch time the ceiling creates you’ll beusing to make this incredible dish sothe first we have one whole chickenbreast you just cut up the six piecesand we definitely cut deep lines intothe chicken so uh spices are able tomarinate better in our chicken now we’llbe going to our spices which will allowus to have our amazing chase first wehave 1/4 teaspoon of garam masala 1/4teaspoon of turmeric 1/4 teaspoon of redpepper 1/2 a tablespoon of salt half atablespoon of chili and half atablespoon of coriander powder now we’regoing to be moving down I will be having1 table spoon of tamarind sauce so Ihave 1/2 a tbsp of ginger-garlic pastenow we have 2 tablespoons or let’s startmaking our dishnow we’ll be adding our ingredients sofirst we are going to add our gingerGalactic’s now a spices our sauce onecigar yogurt we will add your oil X thenwe are side mixing mixing our chicken wewant our chicken unity one marinated andbecause this will benefit our end resultas you can see you were making sure it’swell marinated and once we finishmarinating we will make them well let itsit for 15 minutes as you can see you wefinish merely not cheating and now we’regoing to let it sit for 15 minutes it’sbeen 15 minutes since we marinated ourchicken and now and it’s nicelymarinated as we originally wanted sowe’re going to add to our pan which isthree here already if that sizzle noiseis so niceit’s been two minutes since we put ourchicken back onto the pan and now we’regonna flip it look at that nice linebutcher cut pain little slow light andit smells wonderfulnow we’re adding our chicken breasts therest of them the remaining one and we’regonna let it cook for 15 minutesso our meat is ready as you can see it’sso nice out chicken breast so now it’sready and now we’re going to serve itthis is our end product turned outI’m really happy how this came outbecause the smells amazing it looksamazing and you can see the linesit speaks it’s short as you can see itso if you guys enjoyed this video makesure you subscribe hit the ball longvacations and they’ll get notified whenwe upload like the video and commentbelow would you eat the fish[Music]


  1. Tamarind Sause it kind of a new crunch. I am sure that really going to kick the taste of the grilled chicken. Thanks for sharing

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