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Quick and Easy BBQ Chicken Wraps – Cabin Fever Cookin’

Budget Friendly Fresh & Tasty BBQ Chicken Wrap recipe; Quick & Easy Dinner for 1 or more. Learn how to make this flavorful dish in less than 10 minutes.

Hey Everybody! Welcome to CABIN FEVER COOKIN. I created this channel to show that anyone can make delicious meals with a twist, with just everyday items you can buy from the grocery store, and give them a review. We’ll even take you along for the ride when I’m too tired to cook and discover new Mom & Pop restaurants and order To-Go!

Things are REAL here! We’re a 2 Dad home living with 5 kids so things are unpredictable, a bit Loud, Crazy, and FUN, but overall it’s all about Family. We started recording Cabin Fever Cookin’ LIVE cooking on Facebook for all of friends and family, and decided to bring those here and create some new episodes for YouTube too.

These are my ideas and yours, budget friendly, not too hard to make, and are just plain ole’ delicious. Let’s have some fun cooking and come along for the ride with The Holling House, Our Forever Family.

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Although we enjoyed cooking with the Tyson and Mission products; both companies did not monetize this video.
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Video Transcription

[Music][Applause][Music]hey everybody it is time for cabin fevercooking and today we are going to make Ihave another spring chicken wrapyeah so I’m not a spring chicken I’m alittle up there but I still feel goodtoday I’ve got energy and let’s getright to it so today we are actuallygoing to use the Tyson’s honey barbecuechicken strips so the barbecues areready along here and are you gonna do istake a cookie sheet take a little bitthis which is the nonstick Reynolds Wrapwhich is pretty cool put that right ontheredaddy’s working you want to drink redjuice okay after I’m finished cookingokay all right thank you you can playyour phone if you want so everybody gotthose in the oven because I’m not gonnasit there and make you wait for 20minutesthat’s going well what you want to do isyou want to make sure that you’reputting the chicken on the cookie sheetand then yes maddisyn-rae high very goodI’m talking okay we’re gonna make somechicken wraps Oh whatavocados yes those are avocados oh doyou like avocados very good okay so thisis what we do because I’m also dad andwe are live so I’m gonna work on that ohyou wanted pinkokay pink Bing all rightI know it’s water I’m getting some wateralright so yeah I know so we’re gonnajust keep cooking alright here we gored juice good for you yes you can haveit steak pleaseokay very good well that’s what happenswhen you’re live so dad becomes numberone before anything elseso anyways back to the I’m not so springchicken wraps use this put it on yourcookie tray put that right in the oven400 degrees set your timer for 10minutes and then you want to open thatup flip them around to the other sideput them back in set up for another 10minutes so roughly about 20 minutes butit’s going to depend basically on youroven so keep checking it as it getscloser to your time cuz you don’t wannaburn either so the only thing we’regonna do is we’re gonna use some wrapsalso known as tortillas this one’sactually the spinach garden spinach herbone which is great you can use yourregular tortilla which I also have inthere for the kids because it’s greenyou know they’re not gonna eat itthey’ll be like it do you like the greenones grass in green tortillas no why youjust like white one okay thank you seealright so what we’re also gonna do iswe’re gonna have a baby spinach andspring mix is about 50/50 you can buythis in a big bag at the market and thecool thing about that is you can alwaysuse it later if you have some leftfor a nice little salad we got ourcheese little four cheese mix avocadoswe’ve got our barbecue got a littlebuttermilk ranch and dump it on and thena little honey mustard shake those upreal quick so here we go that is aboutthat so what I’m gonna do right now isI’m gonna warm this up really fast youdon’t want it to be like super super hotyou just wanted a little bit pliablevery cuteall right flip that over really quickI’m gonna check on these real quick andthose very good I know I forgot to turnoff the oven yesterday and then Jacobtelling me like at nine o’clock at nightyou still got to get it on again but hesaved mego ahead alright so this is pretty goodalright let’s take out the chicken takeout the chick dude alright so they’regonna come in different sizes so everybag is gonna be a little different sothis was one bag and then if you look atthe second bag that I got two totallydifferent ones but they weighed the sameamount so go figureall right let’s take a little time righton there save some space I’ll finishthose let me turn that off finish thosewith the show’s over for everybody elsealright so those I’m I’m really good youcan see there you get some otherbarbecue that’s right inside there[Music][Music][Music]you like white we have srirachabut I’m not gonna do it I’m not a bigcirrhotic pretty goodmichael is but if you know or follow meon facebook you know he’s in the camperright now outside the house one of hispatients was tested positive for CoronaOctober 19we got a camper donated out there andthat’s where he is at yes good go backfor some reason the kids run amok alittle bit more when he’s not hereso okay all right so I’m just cuttingthese I’m gonna put that right on theresave those just a few pieces cuz we’regonna wrap this up all right we’re gonnatake a little bit of this cheese righttherelet’s great take a little bit of thatlittle spring mix right inside golet’s break take some avocado put thatright on therewe get some slices Michael has beenasking me for these for this littlewe’re making today for a few weeks andof course Natalie he’s outside I’m likeokay I’ll make it for you I’ll deliverit to you it’s like he’s in the prisonso I’m gonna like lock on the door likeleave this we don’t have that’s thedoorstep all right you’re there foodcome eat your food all right so we’regonna wrap this up pull those in realquick I’m gonna give it a nice littletight tuck right inside there foldingthose edges in like so all right justlike that so created knifewe’re gonna cut it at an angle it’spretty easy it’s pretty simple it’s veryvery light and they’re super deliciousyou can add whatever you want on here tomake it batter you could do these alsowith deli turkey or you can do but youcould do a whole bunch of stuff it’sjust basically a nice spring burrito butthat’s it that is the I’m not so springchicken wraps hope you enjoyed it talkto you guys later don’t forget to checkout our youtube channel like andsubscribe and watch all of them as soonas they come and get uploadedDenyce watching this video so let’s seehi everybody have a good day take careof you hey thanks for checking out cabinfever cookin thanks for checking ourchannel out what we do here is we go tothe market we buy products we buyanything you can think of or anythingthat we can get our hands on and we comeback home when we make it we do a livechannel Facebook on Facebook and that’spretty much what we do we hang out withthe family they come and they cook getsa little loud and crazy sometimesbecause we got five kids but uh checkhis subscribe check like there goes oneof them and she’s running take care havea great day thanks there she goes againthere she goes

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  1. its Chloe! And the grilled cheese looks amazing! great job 🙂 and keep up the good work!

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