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Grilled Chicken Patty Burger | Homemade easy Chicken Patty Burger recipe by Cooking with Kanw

— ingredients. —

boneless chicken. 500gm
bread slices. 2 pcs
salt. ½ tsp/to taste.
crushed red chili. 2 tsp
cumin powder. 1 tbs
onion. 1 (medium)
green chilli. 5/6 (light)
tomatoes. 1 (medium)
ginger powder. 1 tsp
garlic powder. 1 tsp
soy sauce. 2 tbs
mustard paste. 1 tbs

— for sauce. —
chopped green chilli. 2 pcs
mayonnaise. ½ cup
ketchup. ½ cup
garlic powder. ½ tsp
salt. ½ tsp/to taste.
black pepper. ½ tsp
mustard paste. ½ tsp

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