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How to Make | Thai Grilled Chicken Wings [anyhowcanlah]

Thai green chili sauce is my go to sauce for grilled seafood, chicken or just use it as a dip. Today we make the popular Thai Grilled Chicken – Gai Yang. Normally you see grilled whole chicken or legs. I use wings and midjoints instead as its easy to pick and eat.

When roasting, brush another layer of Thai green sauce to add more spicy & fragrant punch.

Here’s the ingredients to make this awesome sauce.

Thai basil leaves 50grams
Lemongrass 50grams
Kaffir lime leaves 30grams
Coriander leaves 50grams
Garlic 30grams
Thai red chili 100grams
Thai green chili 50grams
Fish sauce 50ml
Sugar 50gram
Soy Sauce 50ml
Lime juice 50ml

Original of the video here

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