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Grilled Chicken Supreme!

Cooking chicken breast over the grill in bulk.
2 chicken breast
Olive oil
Chilly pepper
I’m cooking more than enough so I can have it tomorrow for lunch over a salad and possibly included in dinner tomorrow while I make chicken tacos

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Video Transcription

hey what’s going on xfj it’s cookingwith Tony today I’m making my famouschicken breasts on the grill and I’mmaking more so I can do easy planningmeals so tonight I’m gonna have somechicken with some ramen and a saladtomorrow I’m gonna take the same chickenand dice it over a nice salad it’s allabout meal planning and planning yourmeals and making sure that you’re eatinghealthier I like to cook a little moreand then warm it up and leftover andmakes it so much better than just goingin the fridge and doing some impulseeating especially in the times thatwe’re in so the recipe for this chickenis quite easy I got some Purdue chickenbreasts these are two large chickenbreasts and what I did is I dice them infourths put some oil and then I use someseasoning with some chili pepper andmarinated that for about 15 minutesset the grill and I’m gonna cook thesebad boys that’s your minute with Tonyhopefully you were making some gooddecisions with your eating losers

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  1. മച്ചാനെ വീഡിയോ കണ്ടപ്പോൾ തന്നെ അത് കഴിച്ചാ ഒരു ഫീൽ 😋😋😋all the best bro

  2. Yoouns ikka ….. Wow andha taste . serikkum kazhicha pole thanne und .. Enium puthiya recipes pratheeshikkunnu. Good luck and God bless you my dr Chung broiii

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