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[Music]this is not an easy show today todaythis will be a cooking show we make st.Louis barbecue pork steaks and potatosalad there’s this traditional southernpotato saw how I make it you know how Ilike to make it I like to make it sothat means you know know know becovenant ly I don’t much you telling mewhat your mama do but don’t be tellingme I’m doing it wrong you feel me youfeel me I so yeah video I’m going to tryleast as possible to do hands-on worky’all gonna see Danny doing a lot of thestuff start off on his bank video I meanthey look good so you don’t know look soright here we go we’re gonna make ourbarbecue sauce for our pork steak soright now right we already have some ofthe ingredients already portioned out Iput all the the measurements in thedescription box but basically all theingredients gonna need for the saucewe’re gonna have some ketchup some steaksauce everyone does it really matter wehave some brown sugar here preferablyuse dark brown sugar all we always hadis light brown sugar so I mean use whatyou got until you got what you needfamily all right so right here you’regonna need about 2 cups of beer I’musing a corona perfectly you want to uselike an American beer but I like thiscan be and this is what I bought so it’snot gonna make that much of a differenceover hereShido got some apple cider vinegar therehave some a little bit of garlic powderliquid smoke I got some Worchester sauceand we also have some hot sauce red hotyou use whatever you like I said usewhat you got to go to need don’t reallymatter what sauce you use there’s longas a hot sauce in this casealright so Danny yes so what I need foryou to do it’s real simple it’s simplenot complicated it’s simplealright so just um go ahead and start tocombine the UM the you don’t reallymatter you don’t have to do like awet-dry thing so what you probably wantto do is just put the ketchup in firstyou gonna come out right maybe I’m so Iput a little extra in there so you don’thave to worry about trying to get everyalright so Indian home what you probablywant to do is go here so it doesn’tslosh around go ahead add your beer ohyeah and I’m take your whisk and goahead and get that together so that youdon’t have to worry about everythingsplashing later ongo ahead thicken it uphmm they don’t like the smell of vinegarand vinegar then everything here justabout ketchupwhat’s our aim would the vinegar gotvinegar in it all right so then now youjust go ahead and address theiringredients so everything that’s alreadymeasured out happen in there the brownsugar the steak sauce all right tryingto spill itput your vinegar in there that’s applecider vinegar by the way this recipe youdon’t need don’t use white vinegar it’sa little too harsh for the flavor youwant in your barbecue sauce you don’t dolike a circle you kind of like know whatis this all right we get right theresomething you still got to add some morein do this anyway all right so now we’regonna go for everything that don’t haveportioned out alreadygo ahead and grab the hot sauce andyou’re going for about about twotablespoons heat you feel that out youknow that was like a teaspoon you knowand this is and it’s also like with thehot sauce hot sauce is something you canuse a little bit more a little bit lessdepending on how you like you know yourspice this is a pretty much a flexiblerecipe grab the Worcestershire saucey’all know this this it comes out alittle bit different than the hot saucething so don’t get so happy now go aheadabout two tablespoons of that you shakeit oh yesare you bottle me to give it backalright so that um one Chester Cyrus onsubmarines y’all it has a very strongflavor so if you put a lot of it you’regonna taste it and just let you know soif you want to add more to fun but justknow that you’re gonna taste it umalright so get your little smoker andthis you only want like a half ateaspoon so you really don’t want to becareful so just kind of like a littleit’s a very strong a little bit morealright that’s good it’s very strong alittle smoke just give it a smoky flavoryou know I’m saying because we and BobbyI thought that was your Billy that wasyour tummyI thought you pull it we’re not supposedto do me anyway so from there we’regonna go ahead and add the last thingwhich is garlic powder what you doingyou like uh I’m gonna put the wholething in you like a teaspoon well justshake a little bit couple shakes yeahyeah go ahead whiskyou’re not stirring it you wisdomthis is a workout like this that’s howyou read this is this is not wastefulduty everybody does that you wish yougot to make that night work a wish canbe really giving how to use it reallyhelps combine things first if my handsplaying yo aah oh my god this is awesomeso right now what we’re gonna do iswe’re gonna go on hand in what are youmaking me like that one huh you bringyour finger in there like all right souh Dan tell them what we’re gonna dothis gonna season our steak and thensear them off the heads of wash eitherhe’s a pretty big if I could tell andsure like I see some black pepper we getthe enemy is support remember got enoughinI am so once this done we’re gonna goover to ISO top and that’s what we’regonna cities off Indiana get these wrapwith steering so yeah all right so righthere million I’m looking at the camerason each otherhe’s not breathing right now we have ICUfor Stage four herebout to high heat build it all rightgetting pretty hot basically um youdon’t need any oil you see all thatwhite marbling that’s all fat so we’regonna render a little bit of when Idon’t really go for a lot you don’tgotta be all we want it’s color you’regoing for the color just make that skinSuzanne you know put your face in thesepantshow much is high you want to see themall right go ahead and take the firstone and then drop it a beat[Music]go get some nice color let’s say twothree minutes or cellmates willdepending on yo actually stove in thepan into uses you just want a nice brownso I’m gonna show y’all yet we’re justgonna say up is one then we’re gonnafinish that ball for being on we comeback to the Huskies I’m ready to waitand talk to the people while we see thisonce out what you got to say[Laughter]so now let’s cut the senator peoplewhat’s what has been you doing todaywhat is your inspiration of today you’dlike the meatiest part you can Centerdon’t start[Music][Music]minute or so so I’m worth just go for asecond[Music]here – no we kind of put it down spreadit out put the belly get on the otherside on the Midway make sure with mythrone under Lynch was nice throw it onbut God is what I go through out of timeI say one thing P enough for you take itout and just place it like that straighttoward the start yeah just like that[Music]we go we don’t finish send these thingsto do[Music]now to being the bidders what businessall shout debris is also important partof this recipe so wish you which we wantto do is you’re gonna uncover it and letit cook for a while then gonna uncovermy lips off sticking up what you gonnado is you’re gonna pour all of this inthere because you want this is the juicefrom port sites gonna come out into thesauce unless you let the sauce thickenup a little bit and once you remove thepoorest takes to eatyou’re gonna take the sausage leftoverand trying to whip it up a little bitmore then you’re gonna use it as like adipping sauce if you want to also justnotice if you don’t have the ingredientsto make that’s what sister barbecuesauce dish you get you a this specificbarbecue sauce just get you a reallysweet barbecue sauce spike on sweet babyRay’s just about all girls are reallysweet I’ll get one that says likehickory brown sugar something like thaton a really sweet one and then just dodon’t add the beer to the sauce or addthe beer just like I put the sauceunderneath the chops or the poor thingsput the beer underneath that and put thethick barbecue sauce and excess on topso I put a lot on top cover it let itcook it’s gonna melt down in there andthe in colors are still take it in thenlike kind of whispered together later on[Music]all right so what we have here is about2 4 6 8 10 Yukon Gold potatoes I useeither rabbit arrows or Gold potatoes inthe fetes how that simply because if userusset potatoes they tend to be a littlebit more flaky and I will fall apart onyou quicker you can go or red potatoesthings get a lot better so so what Ihave here is about ten if they’re aboutall the size which is like a medium sizeright herethe only about eight or so companies andsmaller so I just put a couple more hereand yeah so what you want to do isthey’re about to go in the pot the bowlso I don’t cut them all up as small as Iwould I know a lot of people do they’dcut them up they go ahead and cut it upand the size they want in the potatosalad but what I’ll do is like I sawsister one the size nah just go aheadand cut it in the force I don’t wantthem too small yet and I put them in theball right hereand so my one this size I probably cutin half but yeah so like just you gottaknow just about what size you want to goin the pot and the reason is is becauseif you cut them all and if you dietomorrow talking the quarter-inch pieceslike probably decide you’re gonna wantany a potato salad what’s gonna happenis it’s not gonna take long for them tocook in the water and so if you actuallydidn’t go too far on your own on yourcook then what’s gonna happen is is uhyou can’t go back you know how much he’sgonna have potato salad mush fish likelet’s see small was cut in half that wayyou know I’m saying if you guys cookthem a little too longthey still be firm enough and they willyou all have mashed potatoes these arefor this mom so I’m just cutting yourhalf and next time wanting baldies andthen once I got them once they’re boiledand cooled I’m gonna let them want tocut them up into smaller pieces I stillnever really pay attention to how longare these things I just know that Icheck them make sure to the when they’rejust tender I’ll take them out like Isaid I want them to break down a littlebit when I’m staring but I don’t wannadisintegrate which you got less of achance with you found little redpotatoes then you do with the recipeanywayfocus on all right so let’s use a ballalright so once these are uh once theseare bored and cool down we’re gonna comeback and I’m a circuit I’ll combineeverything together and the otheringredient of me I mean right then youshowing you to make world’s bestpotatoes are you ready to make theworld’s best potato salad game okay allright yeah so I know I said the lastclip I was putting the potatoes aside ina bowl to cool that’s what I did but Iwent ahead while we were off camera andwhen headed cut the potatoes intosmaller pieces like I said I would doafter they cooled a little bit I knowyou see a little bit of steam trustingin my heartthey’re just so it’s not they’ve cooleddown already because I wouldn’t want tocombinehot potatoes with this because it’s justnot gonna be its own so right now y’alllet me go ahead and show you what I gotright heregot some mayonnaise right here somerelish this is sweet relish you can useDeRose if that’s what you likesometimes I use a combination of both itreally depends on what you like you knowfan dear brothers is gonname too but in this case we’re gonna usea sweet relish it’s what I use mostoften got a little mustard here that’sabout it’s about a tablespoon and a halfof yellow mustard got about a cup and ahalf of mayonnaise about two tablespoonsa little bit more relish and then wehave about six small they’re on a smallside you got used about five or six eggsbut on the spot size I’ll use six eggsand then you cut those up and we havesome white vinegar right here which wasgoing to use a minute and we have somegreen onions some people use regularonions and celery I don’t like harsh rawonions in my potato salad it’s too muchto me I don’t like it so these give youthe nice fresh onion taste but it’sreally subtle in this um I found it tobe really good I don’t like celery sothat’s what I’m not using italright so Danny what I want you to dois take those potatoes and put those inthe bowl when I say anything you clapthe sink againI said yeah then it’s got a Batna bownow I’m see this next step right hereit’s optional um I do recommend hereopen that up alright so once you’regonna do this take that white vinegar Ido recommend that you use the whitevinegar in there about two tablespoonsthree tablespoonsthe reason why it’s hard to be specificabout this recipe because I’ve tried tomeasure it out and sometimes what itends up they come down to is you justgotta taste right that’s what my grandmataught me to be tasted I taste becausewhat happens is you know the potatoesare different sizes you know and thensometimes the eggs the egg yolks alittle bit more a little bit less so youjust kind of got a you know measure outso this is all approximately what I wantyou to do Danny is be really slow aboutit and drizzle about two tablespoons ofvinegar over the potatoes easyI’m kind of get off the route so yeahshe’s kind of got a lot on there buthe’s gonna be finished up there shouldbe enoughand let’s kill three like this over hereand just kind of and this step I saidyou heard me say it’s optional that’sthe reason I say it’s optional isbecause you’re gonna add the vinegar inthere but sometimes you want to add itin when you add everything else in ifyou add it like this the vinegar isgoing to literally get into the potatoand you’re going to taste it a littlebit more it gives them kind of like amore potato salad taste in my opinionand then like it gives it a betterflavor if you ask me I do thisintentionally but if you not somebodywho likes alright so put that bosses areall right so this is also a littledifferent some people combine everythingin One BowlI like to do it a little bit differentlywith any what I wants to do is take themayonnaise and put it in that wayyou need to take the whiskeythat’s good like I said anything goahead and add the relish in there Iindeed have the mustardall right so like I like to put thesetogether and kind of make like adressing instead of putting all this inthe bottle with the potatoes at firstbecause well I noticed is if you do itthis way you don’t have to mix as muchand then you’re gonna get more evenincorporation if you do it the other wayyou may get a glop of mayonnaise on onesprite less mustard here you know thenthis makes it easier for everything tomix well if you put on your winteringredients together first and then putit over the potatoes and makes it thatway you know everything gets coated alittle bit more evenly all right so goahead and take that whisk and whiskthose togetherget it girl then we’re gonna have you dothis on your own one dayno he’ll alright so yeah so this onceyou get out of this you see what I meanwhy everything comes together here soyou don’t have to try to forceeverything mix together with thepotatoes but only thing you’re gonnahave to worry about is really gettingthe potatoes and eggs and everythingelse all right so go ahead and and eggsto the fairly string do the potatoesjust kind of get him around the bowlcome onthen that won’t be scaredI’m not Ginny and she don’t keep no moreno less I got my name all right don’t goin thereall right so get the race boat all rightall right just gonna add a little bitlike then go ahead and mix it in yougonna add about half the mixture yougonna mix and then try to do like afolding technique try not to break yourpotatoes down they’re gonna mush upanyways but you don’t want to stab themand break them up even do anything don’tbe scared but I’m just telling up to thestabbing potatoesalright gonna put the Rickson hey y’allI like my potato salad to wear thepotatoes are kind of like breaking downand giving you kind of like that littlesauce flaky action in there but at thesame time they firm I don’t like nomashed potato potato sackI just don’t most people you know theykind of Easter yellow a lot of peoplemust for the most part like burnpotatoes so this is what you want if youlike them you don’t think click you’repredator different do your masters havea thing but you know otherwise it’s kindof like what you want he can give it astir right now what you want to do issalt and pepperII just saw Benny[Music]taste it just to see where it is yeahmeaning what’s up no I don’t they selleat them all right vision up in the ovenwe just finished at the Podesta so oncethose finished or more cells get to thepoint to where we can take them out I’mgonna take them out the oven me andwe’re gonna finish right up all right ohyeah so this is about after an hour Idon’t look just one hour uncover themand you just wanna let him go foranother about 45 minutes or sothis is a slow go type thing if you wantto attendee at this point they’re donebut you just want first of all you wantkind of on that liquid to reduce downsecond of all you want a more tenderthan gonna go for a little whilekeep you having a 1200 and like I sayabout 3045 minutes you’re gonna comeback take a mountain and it should be uma lot more reduced and ready to go yeahwe done daddy telling what we got wellwe got oh my god[Music]you get like this nice harmonizedtexture on them and she be pretty tenderlet me test let me test you know seethere you gopretty tender right there you know I’mtrying give you a nice little um nicelittle sauce right there that’s all ofthe sauce y’all gotta be patient withthis recipe it’s all about the patienceyou know you can do it in a slope it isyou can do it in a slow cooker same wayyou just won’t get like that crust butum you gotta let it go for a while yougotta let it reduce down and get niceand sticky and good like that that’s howthis recipe is and this is the finishedpotato son dad you know I’m saying thiseither I encourage you to try it out youknow always it’s all about taste youknow I’m saying that’s how it is youcan’t just throw it together and justexpect it to taste okay just taste asyou go and you just kind of pooperbut I mean are you excited to get morehands-on alright anyway we want to thanky’all so much for joining us for thiscooking video join us tomorrow for themove on but today this is the what we’reputting out for you gonna try to comeback to you more with thisif you’re teaching don’t forget tosubscribe like comment down below let usknow what you think of this videosubscribe subscribe anywaylive a hashtag grow baby growth wegrowing we show it we showing andgrowing in this is we better take us outof here baby[Music][Music]

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