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Grilled chicken wings at C-DAR Farm. LB and I went to the horse farm this weekend to get away for a Over night camping trip. We did a little campfire cooking. Made some awesome grilled chicken wings over the campfire.

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music][Music]all right so we are cutting up somepotatoes and bell peppers and some onionelby’s got those signs up he’s gonnatake care of the vegetables I’ll do thechicken I’m gonna get the chicken outand start putting some seasoning onthere Lori’s got this looking greatI’m gonna throw it over the fire we gotthe fire started you’re gonna get somegood embers going then we’re gonna putit down there’s where I put the chickenwings all right so what we’re gonna donow is we got we got the potatoes inhere that Lori cut up and now I’m gonnacut up a pepper and I’m gonna show youan easy way to cut up the pepper towhere you get to use pretty mucheverything at the pepper what you’regonna start with is cut the top off cutthe bottom off like Greenpeace away nowyou got good stuff there then all yougot to do is just come through here rollthat thing around we’re not full growneverybody have a pepper are you justable to utilize all of the pepper that’sright you’re able to utilize all thepepper when you come through here andcut it upthat looks nice yeah just cut everythingoff now you threw all the seeds away youthrew the stems away so now all you gotleft is there’s a good piece of peppersto you I like to try to get as much ofthis stuff off of it as I can yeah wejust go back through there excellent andwhat we’re doing here is more of a sweetmedley say you got your multicoloredpotatoes and your sweet bell peppers andthen we’re gonna we’re gonna put somesome onion on there and put some spicesso we’ll come back to that what do youthink Michael goodsay anything else more as the storydevelops can’t one more time more is thestory the villain alright so I got theseall chopped up now and so all we’redoing is putting them on some aluminumpole I got one pack over there made soI’m just going to put a little littleolive oil on there alright so I’m gonnafold these up in that way we can putthem on the fire alright so we got thepotatoes the peppers and the onions on alittle fire underneath them going to getthem started trying to get some more wegot some cherry wood on there nowgetting it getting it down to coals towhere we can put that under there andstart the chicken while we’re doing thechickenjust mixing that in never giving alittle spice before we get them on thegrill let’s give them a little extraflavorbut kind of saucy putting on their doorboson okay[Music]adobo sauce and then I’m gonna put alittle bit of lime on there I’m gonnasqueeze a little lime juice on there andthat will help give a little littlespank toyou know and we want everybody to get alittle bit of the spice on them don’twant any boring wings see if we can fitall these in there I think we can therewe go perfect perfect perfect all right[Music]get these up get some good spice onthere put that out of the way all rightso now we’re gonna get us a lamb now whydo you roll the line like that helps geta little bit more of the juice out of itgiving us a bunch of juiceusually it helps loosen it up somewhereit’ll break up those little fibersbetter and make that juice come out alittle juice pocketsand also get the fork and fork it realgood everybody likes a good fortunewas that bad it wasn’t good Ronde rudeno now we gotwe got the chicken is ready to go are wegonna do the different types of saucesonce the chickens are cooked we’re gonnado a sauce oh okay sauce on it thenall right all right let’s make some ofthesewe got some farming going on in thebackground a little hay out there forthe horses Lauren Lauren do you saycedar farms or seed are farms cedarphoneso there you go best place in the worldto put your horses so if you got horsesand you need a good spot come down hereyou want more people don’t you sure sohe said sureI always got room for everybody now ifyou come down here that way aboard she’sgot to be prepared there’s a couplethings you got to learn about this placegotta come to the partiescome bring food I cook out for Lordthat’s part of this that’s part of youryour monthly payment payment plus yougot to come cook for him weedy grassfeed your horses take them in and out doall the shoe and you got to work thisisn’t this ain’t your easy ranch this isthis is the Hardcore cedar ranch now sowe got the chicken ready to go on thefirelet’s check the fire now rats we got thechicken wings looking good just grillingthem over the fire got the potatoes thepeppers and the onions they should bepretty much cooked I just got themstaying over their own wall most coalsthese are looking pretty goodone batch is ready working on thissecond batch now so hopefully it’ll beready and just a little bit longertrying to keep the fire working on it[Music][Music]all right so we got the wings ready andnow we’re gonna put some in the bowlwe’re gonna pulse enoughget some hot wing sauce on these inplace I’m not so quick all right sowe’re gonna put some of the barbecuesauce on there for the all right goodbabyrage so we’re gonna put them overhere we’re gonna put them in this bowlover here taught us byalright so we got the veggies on thereso we’re gonna take a couple of theseveggies oh you’re gonna plate itbeautifulthis ain’t your typical dinner but yeahall right so we got it plated we got thepotatoes the onions the bell peppers andthey are sauteed up we’re not sauteed upthey were cooked in the full packs thenwe’ve got our sweet baby Ray’s buffalowings and then here’s a little plate ofit not your typical wings night dinnerwe wanted to do it a little bitdifferent tonight we’re just having funplaying make a worth livingguitars tune good and fire feelingwinningabout that time head up into the tentit’s been a great day out here today wegot to cook the the chicken wingspotatoes all the vegetables with theonions and the peppers in there we justgot through eating some s’moreseverybody’s gone to bed me and LB areout here just chilling out now aboutready to head up into the tent Tim andMichelle are going to come back someother people they’re gonna go for a niceride tomorrow but I tell you what we’repretty beat now so we are going to headto bed and more as the story develops[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]

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