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How To Make Easy And Delicious BBQ Chicken With Fluffy Cheese Bread

Easy 9 Minute Recipe
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Video Transcription

hello Oh welcome to my youtube channeland I hope you guys are staying safe atall during this Cove 8:19 time so todayI gotta make something special for youand gotta make barbeque chicken andcheese bread it’s gonna be astep-by-step process and let’s getstarted alright guys so for the BBQchicken we’re just gonna see theingredients we need I’m using fivechicken back and Thai attached I’m gonnause two cups of brown sugar I’m usingtwo teaspoon of black pepperI’m gonna use this Sriracha hot sauce Iuse some coca-cola and finally this ismy product of the marinade so now I’mgonna make slits for the chicken and I’mgonna marinate the chicken for almostone and a half to two hours I have madethe slits for the chicken and now I’mjust gonna put it into my marinade oneby one I’m making the slit so that themarinade goes inside the chicken andyour foot when you eat your chickenyou’ll get all the juicy flavors in itso I’m just gonna put there I know thisis a bit smaller Bowl but that’s fineyou can use any type of Bowl you like tokeep your chicken marinated so I’m justgonna rub it around like thatjust like thatmake sure you get a good amount ofmarinade in each and every chicken thenonly you’ll get the good flavors so justjust pouring all the marinade into thechicken and this actually serves aroundfive people so if you’re serving formore than five just manipulate theingredients however you want and make itgood for the family all right guys so Ijust now made the marinade let’s takethe saran wrap let’s wrap this up itwill go in the fridge for at least twoor three hours or one and a half andthen we’ll bake it up in another step soguys now let’s move on to the dough thisis three and a half cups of all-purposeflour I’m using two cups of milk andI’ve added two teaspoon of yeast and youneed to keep at least ten minutes for itto puff up I’m using 1 egg 1 cup ofcheese and I’m using for the tablespoonof butter so guys I’m just gonna addthat ingredient so now I’m adding the 2cup milk and that ye stars fall into thedough I mean the flour I’m gonna add 1cup of cheese then I’m adding the eggand also I’m adding the 4 teaspoonsbutterso now let’s just combine everythingnice and well make sure it gets dubbynice and well you can make sure yourhand but if you have a mixer at home youcan use use that as well but I don’thave the mixer at home so I’m just usingmy hands both we’ll both probably shouldgive you the same texture so I’m justgonna mix everything together so youmight need to add more water or a moreoil if it is not coming together likethis but try your best to mix everythingnice and well it should just form a nicedough so guys the dough should belooking like this now I’m just gonnakeep it in the bowl and let’s just coverit up so first cover with this runningback and just like that now let’s take atowel let’s just covered with that aswellso by covering with these two your Dellwill rise really nice so let’s justcover this they’ll let this sit for 2-3hours and then let’s see the next stepso guys I have preheated the oven to 400degrees so now it’s Fahrenheit so now Iam taking the baking pan where I got apic bake my bread I’m just gonna pouroil it’s so that the bread doesn’t getstick stuck to the pan I just wannadidn’t make sure it’s nice and so heatthe pan should be nice and smokyyou can butter it or you can just spreadallit’s up to you guys so now let’s takethis this is the dough I enrolled out tothis baking size pan so let’s justspread it around like that now let’stake this egg wash I’m just gonna takesome egg wash and spread it on top soit’s up to you if you want to put thisegg wash but I’m doing it it gives thatnice flaky texture at the end it willgive the next place naturally so justspreading in the front if you guys don’twant to put that watch that’s totallyfine so now let’s take some cheese butthat’s on top as well this will givethat extra cheesiness to the breadthey’re trying to most of you more likeit I love the extra cheesiness so justput that on top just like that justspread the cheese around you can putextra or you can just put a little bitthere we go you spread it on nice soplace that I win has been preheated nowlet’s put our chicken it’s better to putit on the top surface so that it won’tget that nice feet same thing on topjust put it on so for the bread you canput up to 20 to 25 minutes and chickenyou have to put almost 40 minutes I’llset my timerto 40 minutes and then my name is like2025 minutes I’ll take my bread out soguys on the left this is my cheese breadand that’s my final product and I havesaid the plate with some tomato lettucethis is my barbecue chicken I put somesour cream andthe big mentally fond top and this isthe cutters my cheese bread and also Isaid with the delicious laminate I hopeyou enjoyed my video and please leave acomment if you liked it or not andplease subscribe to my channel andplease leave a like button thank youguys and have a great day

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