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Grilled/Oven Baked Fish TWO types| How to make Grilled/Oven Baked fish at Home -Washing & Marination

Grilled Fish/Oven Baked Fish Two Types | How to make Grilled/Oven Baked Fish at Home – Washing and Marination too

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In this video- Two Types of fish
– Whole Fish
– Fish Fillet

Watch the video to see the different combinations of Marination Spices/Herbs and Veggies used. 👌👌 The quantities and varieties are a choice totally upto what and how one prefers and you get an idea after watching the Video.

After moving to the UAE, I fell in love with Grilled Chicken🍗 and Fish 🐟. But it took me really long to give it a try at Home. So if you are someone who hasn’t yet tried it and wants to- this video is specially for You!! And honestly through trial and error it keeps getting better..!! 👍👍
Each household has a different Oven/Grill and to get used to its setting and operation does take time but what matters is you push yourself to give it a try. As of today we make Grilled Fish/Chicken at Home atleast Twice a week (Its a staple for Mr.Husband). My #TwinGirls have also got a liking towards it and on some days we all have it for dinner. But as far as I’m concerned- I’m a true Dal-Chawal/Fish curry-Rice kinda Girl 😍😍 so I prefer Desi homemade khana more. Although this is much easier to make and tastes really delicious.

So do Try it and let me know how many times You can have this in a week 🤔🤔

I’m absolutely hooked to SeaBream (the whole fish used in this Video) for its taste 🤩🤩 and I use it in Curries, as Fry Fish, To Grilled and Bake too. So if you haven’t yet tried please do try it :):)

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Do comment below to let us know if you have tried it :):)
Thanks for watching.. Gratitude always :):)


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