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How to Grill Chicken Wings | Campfire Grill | Broccoli in Iron Skillet

I’m demonstrating how to grill chicken wings over a campfire while also cooking broccoli in an iron skillet. Campfire can be tricky to cook over (especially wings) but I explain some tricks I use to make sure the food comes out looking and tasting great. So if you want to learn more about grilling watch this video and check out my other videos in my campfire creations playlist. #chickenwings #americancampfirecreations #grilling

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0:00 intro
1:20 Explaining the grill
2:07 Cooking the wings and broccoli
3:06 Explaining grilling

1 Bag of frozen chicken wings
2 bags of frozen broccoli (I prefer fresh)
3T oil
Salt & Pepper to taste
2T Chopped garlic
1T Butter

Get your fire started and burn it down to red hot coals to minimize flare up. Add the iron skillet to the grates or coals which ever is hottest and add oil. Put the bag of wings (frozen) on oiled grates where the hottest point is spreading them out evenly. Add broccoli to pan once hot and cook until tender and browned to liking. wings should take about 10-12 minutes on each side, I remove half way through to add seasoning of choice then put back on grill to finish. Remove all food from grill and enjoy, I’ll see everybody around the next campfire!

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