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How to Make a Yummier Grilled Chicken? #Magnolia #Ihaw #OwnRecipe #PagkaingPinoy #KusinaMaster #Moms

In this video, I made a new mixture of condiments to serve as the marinating sauce for my chicken.

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music][Music][Applause]welcome back to my channel and welcometo those who are you who are just usingin today’s China okay if you guys arenot yet subscribed to this channelplease please give a like comment andsubscribe so that you will be able tosee the upcoming videos again in thisvideo a deliciousanyhow the chick head okay I just toppedthis idea early in the morning okay I’mthinking about food okay so I’m thinkingabout my first dining experience outsidewhen me and my daughter walk aroundsalon de and Quezon City okay so duringthe time I told my daughter that I’malready hungry and it had a longer wayto leave and to go out go inside thehouse so I told myself okay let’s eat inthis restaurant okay so we don’t faceasking me so Nanak what this be whathappened why you’re going to trick meinside this restaurant I told her thatbecause you are a good girl so we’ll bethinking that you know that one of themost famous restaurant okay which is theunder eyes you know what I said okay soI don’t know need to name-drop becauseI’m this is not a promotion of thecompany okay be sorry in the food andthen I’m thinking what is the put hardingredients that they are using it’sreally different compared to what we’redoing when we are grilling the chickenokay so in this video I will beexperimenting if there is salt of thisnew recipe will be the same of thereanyhow okay so please stay guys and seemy video on how to prepare frommarinating and I’m really okay just a sohere are the ingredients that I will beusing guys okay I will try the honeytree once you wrap this salabat okay thechicken scream Phaedrus chicken and thenthe calamansi the onion and the garlicokay let’s say guys and we will preparethe marinating sauce for this plan tomakegrilled chicken turkey so first thingsfirst guys I will be chopping thischicken okay so see how expert I am whenit comes to trapping the chicken youtear up the eyes in order to catch thechicken first okay you should be carefulin cutting the chicken okay so the veryfirst thing to do when you cut thechicken is to cut the bag okay yeah youcut the wings okaythe wings you cut the big part okay highpart okay you get the rest part okay thebest part most of the time when you cutthe breast part the back part is alreadyincluded okay so let’s try I cannotremove down back part this is the backpart we need to one-by-one explain thisbecause the way when we order chicken weare asking what are to order okay weneed to cut the breast part okay andthen the Phi part you have a cut we needto copy to the trophy wrap this intothose get the drumstick if you do notwant the whole chicken cakeokay you see the cup chicken if you knowthe basic way of chopping okay so youknow what this chicken stimulant okay sothis is switch in just like a coffeepenny stimulate us so when you take toomuch of caffeine at the same time you’reconsuming too much power one day thereis a possibility of oxidation okay sothere is an aggressiveness amount so youshould be careful careful from time totimeyoubig on yours okayyouyou- teayouget rid of the chicken pleasereal this okay so let’s see if howdelicious this could beyouso later on we will go to theTchaikovskyso even guys little mapping grilledchicken and then that I saw her nothingcool okay nominally told sabadomarinating sauce okayPickman kannada who’s gonna happenDuncan okay good is longing a newopposite Alban guys okay but the dinnerenough I mean so at least madam Anupamfat or black and I think back homethis could bring recipe okay Nicolinogusta chicken custom diamond me along ina whilehey trainee delicious it’s it’s[Music][Music][Music]

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