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How To Make Dijon Mustard and Oregano Chicken Kebabs/Kabobs {The Original 3 Way Skewer}

If you love grilled chicken breast on a skewer…

Then you’re in for a mouth party 🎉 like no other.

I lay this bomb recipe all out for you in this video.

As you’ll see in some of the clips…

The original 3 Way skewer is able to fit…

Two full size chicken breast — plus more room to spare.

If I wanted to toss some veggies on there…

I could’ve without any prob and still would’ve had room.

This isn’t hype when I say, the 3 Way is the best skewer…

You’ll ever use — guaranteed.

We’ll prove it to you.

This is how.

If you don’t like your original 3 way skewer for any reason…

And you gave us a call or sent us an email to let us know about.

What we would do, is say, “Dang, this sucks to hear. Is there anything we could do to keep your business and make whatever wrong right ?”

And if you said no.

We’d simply say, how would you like your return processed…

And give you instructions to send your 3 ways back to us.

Anyway, here’s the link to check out the original 3 Way Skewer:

And since so many have asked about the knife I use.

It is our carbon Steele Grilling Savant chefs knife and it comes with a free leather sheath…

And a 600 grit whetstone.

You can check it out here:

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

then everybody Kevan Maddison here forthe grilling savant now today’s recipeis a do Z now it’s beautiful here inVegas it’s sunny it’s bright swag on theglasses when it is so it’s such aperfect day for burden I got somechicken breasts that I’m about to cut upand cube you’re gonna see in a minuteand I’ll guide you through the wholeprocess it’s about to go down if youlike grilled chicken breast enoughenough for now enjoy the reciperight ladies and gentlemen I’m callingthis one Dijon mustard in Oregon Ohchicken and here they’re ingredientsI’ve got some minced garlic there I’vegot some onion powder of paprikaI’ve got some crushed red pepper flakesI got some Oregon oh I got some Dijonmustard of course pink saltcrack peppercorns and of course someolive oil now here’s the thing it’s toyour taste but for each ingredient thatyou see there that I have it’s about 2teaspoons of each except on Oregon Iwent heavy because I love the earthinessand just the robust flavor it gives so Iwant about 4 tablespoons of that I’lllet it was put all the ingredients on aglass bowl started off off with my barliqu and then I’ll mix the olive oil inafter as you’ll see but this simple veryeasy to make recipe it just you’ll seebut as you can see there I’m adding myoil give it a little mix just to makesure that all the herbs kind of separatebefore I drizzle in the oil as I go andthen stir vigorously and just get tothat consistency but I want it’s like apace they’re just out so I’ll give you acloser look at it in just a second heregive it another little mix and thenyou’ll see it’s like a paste consistencythat’s what you want right there allthat good flavor man it it’s now it’stime to get the start of the show it’stime to cut the chicken now I want youto listen to this blade cut through thatchicken hitting off that chopping blockI mean it’s a sound that is like almostas good as the sizzle sound on the grillbut listen to this carbon steel slideacross that chopping block as it cutsthrough the chicken it’s a sound thatnever gets oldI had to trim it up a little bit I don’tlike any unnecessary fat as you can seeso if you ever eat one of my kabobs toknow that you’re getting one good pieceof meat so check it out there it is sosharp my favorite night to youyou can fast towards us if you like butanything like me this is definitelysatisfiedman I was up this nightmet as you see it’s two full-sizedchicken breasts which yields a lot ofchicken for they’re gonna skewer down sothere you have it so all I did was takethat cube chicken gave a little marinadepaste to mix and then dump the chickenin tossed it in and I took my spoon anduse it for my dry hand and then justtossed it with my left hand since I’dalready touched chicken but just gave ita good toss to coat every single pieceof chicken but I set it in the fridgefor about an hour so you need for thisrecipe and through the magic of editinghere we are it’s been about an hour andI’m just gonna take it and skewer it upor the original three way and as you saylike I just said that’s two full sizedchicken breasts and there’s plenty ofroom but so yeah I’m just gonna stir itup and make sure that it’s evenly placedon each skewer and given proper spaceit’s it’s it’s also a good idea to giveyour chicken or any kind of meat thatyou’re cooking on the grill just alittle space in between so it reallycooks in between the meat and and getsall the seasoning and marinate that ison there if you’d have used and it’s notlike pinky so okay we have the grillmarry this[Music]even its first term say five six minuteseast side and uh I was done in here Iever moving the Dijon mustard in Oregonall chicken from the three-way I love ithope you guys enjoyed this recipe asmuch as I did making it and eating thegentleman just pulled it three way offthe grill and I’ve got loaded on it theDijon mustard and Oregon Oh chicken thisis the moment of truthyou know what that mustard a that Oregonoh okay try it that’s all I gotta say

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