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How to Make Vegan Gumbo…(BEST VEGAN GUMBO EVER)

On Today’s Episode 3/1/20 of Sneak Peek Sunday’s I’m making George Gee’s Vegan Gumbo


George Duhart

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1/2 Bag Soy Curl soaked in hot water seasoned with OBay Seasoning and 2 Nori Sheets
3 Vegan Sausage sliced into wedges
2 cups Organic Cherry Tomatoes pulsed in food processor
1 Sweet Onion
1 Red Bell Pepper
3 garlic cloves
2 stalks organic celery
1 bag frozen okra
1/2 cup all purpose flour
2-3 tablespoons

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Video Transcription

hello champions jordu out here today isMarch 1st 2019you’ll see me 2020 house a light bluefor fired upwe’re excited it’s as you know today isour sneak peak Sunday from George’s livecooking show we’re gonna get right to itwe’re gonna be doing some vegan gumbowhich is awesome so here we go we got awhole lot of goodies here so first andforemost here I have some I’m gonna beusing some of these these cherrytomatoes that’s gonna be going in thegumbo I’m gonna be using some fieldroast Mexican style vegan sausage assubstitute for the in Dewey sausage I’musing some onion I’m using some flourfor the room and be using some Cajunspice and salt some garlic here we havegarlicyou have bell pepper we have some thishere is our substitute for the crab ormeat as you will so I’m gonna give you adetail on how we how we seasoned this upas well we’re gonna be using some okrawe’re gonna be using also some over herewe’re gonna be using some celery whichis awesome so I got the pan over herebehind me I have that one this pan is onover herewe got actually got two cameras goingtoday so we can continually have have agood flow for you guys so when you whenyou go back and watch this video in itsentirety because we’re going to going tobe going for about about 10 minutes orso live with you now and then theremaining of the cooking show will beuploaded sometime this eveningso first and foremost I’m just goinghead and just banging on the garlicthat’s how you get the skin off thegarlicto get the skin off the garlic bamm-bammsometimes it works perfectly sometimesit gives you a hard time it’s all goodthough but this this is gonna be awesomethis is going to be an awesome awesomedish for you guys to substitute for youknow actually using ndu a sausageactually you know using animal productso we are going to go ahead and dice upthis garlic as well as the as well asthe gonna do the onion as well so guysmake sure you subscribe to our YouTubechannel we’ll leave a link at the belowthis video where you can subscribe toour YouTube channel we really appreciatethatshare the video share like comment whatyou like best about it and you can kindof do this ahead of time this part ofthe preparation but I’m just kind ofshowing you what we’re what we’re gonnabe doing so I’m just kind of just takingthis and just dicing we’re gonna bedicing up these celery you’ll also canuse this food processor to use why don’tyou guys make sure again share thisvideo let the world know about Georgescook live cooking show and also that wewe do a video on Sundays as a sneak peekof the entire recipe you have anopportunity to watch that by going toour YouTube channel and subscribingliking you really would appreciate thatthis is real simple we’re just kind ofdicing this up but what I’m gonna do iswell as we get going with the rest ofthe show I’m gonna go ahead and[Music]do the onion a-plus-plus I’m gonna dorue as well when he’s a little bit Ididn’t I wasn’t missing you sherry I’mgonna use a little bit of the veganbutter to do the roof as well I’m usingsomething happen doing the pepper you’regonna put that in here as well what Ilike to do is take this pepper take thatyou just kind of cut around those ribsthose those ridges or ribs you want tocall them and just kind of cut this openthis part here can be bitter this partright there especially when you Cannonyou’re handing these I head up to a Ricosuave guy how you doing championcongratulations on your doing what youdo what your leave was a non-profitjuice us share through your job ofhelping and assisting people this isgoing to dine this is gonna be anawesome recipe I’m doing vegan gumbousing some some vegan andouille saucewhat’s not in doing but it’s a from aMexican spicy style sausage a fieldroast I’m also gonna be doing a video onhow a cooking show on how to actuallymake a vegan sausage so I’ll be lookingout for thatso this is just kind of preparing thewhole situation right here you just wantto kind of just just this is all gonnago in the pool over here so I’m justkind of showing you guys what it lookslike and this is real easy to do youalso could use a food processor as wellso we have celery – two stalks of celerya red bell pepper three garlic clovesfresh garlic cloves I’m also gonna beusing some some cherry tomatoes as wellwe’re only gonna go about another fiveminutes or so with you guys here livebut make sure you subscribe to ourYouTube channel let the world know aboutour amazing recipes and these are justwe’re just takin we take takentraditional recipes and make it a plantbase and they taste delicious that’s thebonus if they taste delicious right sonow I’m gonna go ahead and just cut up alittle bit more into bell pepperif you can come over here a nice goldenbrown we do have some we actually dohave my mom’s people from that area fromLouisiana that’s too much so we’re atabout 10 minutes guys so again make sureyou subscribe to our YouTube channelshare this video let the world knowwe’re impacting and changing my I justwant to make sure you guys to see howawesome it is to eat good foodbest plant base good food let’s plantbase we want this to go for a whilebecause we want this to be I’m gonna hadjust a little bit of water just a littlebit a little water yeah it’s almost likethis is almost like making gravy allright it’s almost like making gravy abit more water to this it’s almost likemaking gravy but we want this to be niceand this is this is a slow methodicalprocess if you want to make sure we weget into this hit then I’m gonna take alittle bit of this uh this Cajun Cajunseasoning and put it in there just alittle bit we want this to be nice smellit you can smell that Cajun seasoningrightsmells delicious right the Cajunseasoning yes I want this to get niceand thick you want it to kind of notburn but wanted to brighten up I meandarken up scuse me but you look at thatknee nose watching you know what’s upbrother I’m making some vegan gumbo thisis this I’m starting off with the rouxhere I’m using some vegan butter withsome flour use on putting a little bitof the some Cajun seasoning we want tomake this go nice and brown this parthere nice and brownmr. the mission this is your brothergive me a favor and go to the link andsubscribe to our YouTube channel andshare it with your friends and like thevideo but we’re doing some amazing someamazing recipes with plant-based foodand I’m sure my man Nino could attest tohow delicious they are she’s had theopportunity of trying to be vegan macand cheese and we’re definitely gonnahave you you and your wife way I’m gonnamake you that that mango rice that wetalked about you know that mango rice sowe want this to go nice turn it up alittle bit a little higher yeah we’regonna keep this goingwe will keep this going nice nice lightyeah that’s gonna be good this is gonnabe so good bloodso now we got that going there that’snot we got that over there going nicestill dice up the onion in the garliconion garlic and pepperpretty someone’s you adding that to themix again guys make sure you subscribeto our YouTube channel make sure youshare this video like the video commentlet us know what you like best about ityou have a recipe that you would like usto do leave it in the comments below wewant to what you want to hear from youguys and give us these ideas or somethings that you may have cooked and youwould like us to put it out there motherMadison you’re watching my sister we’remaking some we make it some some vegangumbo vegan gumbo Cathy we’re using somethese feel real steez feel real sausagethese are really good and these are themexican chipotle real spicy so that’sgonna be going in there as the a moviesausage and I also have some I also havesome disses right here this is the itsays soy curls so it’s the soy productwith soy curls I put some some seasoningin this and you see that green that’sthe what do you call those the norisheets that kind of gives it that kindof a fishy type flavor that’s gonna begoing there as well obviously we’regoing to put in soonso I’m gonna using some of those cherrytomatoes will dice those up and putthose in but we want we want to get thisnice and niceGoldin this just really wanted to getnice and golden one second so it’s gonnatake a little while so okay well that’sit guys what I want to let you guys knowis that we’re going to be doing this inits entirety you guys have anopportunity to watch this from itsentirety make sure you subscribe to thelink below subscribe to our YouTubechannel let the world know about theseamazing recipes and we appreciate yourtime today I’m George do heart fromGeorge’s live cooking show sneak peekSunday vegan gumbo out-of-controlawesome guys thank you guys for watchingKathyDiana and Nino and you guys make sureyou share this video make sure yousubscribe below let us know what youliked best about the video let us knowwhich you like best about even ourcooking showyou guys are awesome god bless untilnext time I’m George do you want this tobe nice and goldenI added a little bit of the I saidbefore I had a little bit of theseasoning which is the Cajun seasoningsalt a little bit quite a little bit ofsalt to itI’ll go ahead and continue to cut thisonion up I’ll be hereI want you guys to really focus on thatto that root cause that roots gonna bethe money gonna be your moneymaker gonnabe the moneymakerto this awesome delicious veganso but find out more about these thesethis recipe and all the recipes hit thelink below subscribe to our YouTubechannel let the world know we’re impactand change in live with these amazingrecipes guys go ahead put a little bitmore water in here we want this to bekeep it going keep it goingso what I’m gonna do while I’m over hereto is I’m gonna go ahead and continue tocut up the onion and you can just roughrough rough cut the onion rough cut theonion which is cool that’s coolokra in there this gonna be this gonnabe banging this is gonna be banging bangin webanging and banging will keep back keepit stirring stirring it up stirring upstirring it up this whole process shouldtake about 30 minutes or so like I saidI use a little bit of vegan butter weuse a little bit of some all-purposeflour now for some reason you have atolerance to too weak you can use youcan use any kind of you can use oatflour you can use any kind of you coulduse what’s that it may be a nut flour oryou know for some reason you can’t useit or even use your gluten-free fromflour we won’t keep that going like thatkeep stirring that keep stirring thatbad boy gonna keep stirring it up keepstirring it up keep stirring it up youwant that to get golden brown you wantit to get golden brownso here I have these these little theselittle Tomatoes these little tinytomatoes we’re gonna go ahead and putthose in you know what I’m gonna do I’mnot gonna even cut the tomatoes I’m justgonna put them in and let them kind ofburst into loveliness as you go throughprobably about a cup and a half of themwe want this rooted getting nice andnice and browned have you go how do wetake this take this on a ride aroundthem this is the this is the Love Shackof cooking right herecan we get a mint mint can I get a v8against a mint again alright so nextthing I’m gonna do is I’m going to goahead and cut up these Mexican sausagesausages prime you to two these sausagesmaybe three and I just show you thatthese sausages here they have thislittle bit of a skin on them you got tomake sure you take these skin those deadskin off that like plastic or whateveris off and those are gonna go on theretoo they gonna be nicereally nice you want to keep this movingyou want to keep this moving keep itmovingcome onyou can kind of see you starting tochange colors a little bit just a littlebit so guys this this is this is gonnabe just this recipe is gonna be a recipefor the agesthis is gonna be a recipe for the agesnow you can use vegetable oil youprobably could even use coconut oilmaybe a little olive oil but you don’twant it to burn because it gets it getsreally hot it can get hot and you don’twant it to be burnt to be burntBernie burn you want to be burning itthis is a nonstick pan which is coolwhich is cool which is cool yeah see youstarting to you can hear it kind ofbubbling a little bit crackling a littlebit yeah we want this bad boy to getBrown wanted to get nice and brown rightnow we’re about it we’re about it torevive at the the 25 minute markjust aboutbut I didn’t put this on right away sothis whole process takes about 30minutes from start to finish and roughlywe have I’ll have my son Eric just kindof keep keep spinning this over herekeep stirring just keep stirring thisjust keep stirring that just keepstirring[Music]and be a pregnant touch that don’t leaveregister in it but I want you guys toget to get the like you in the topthat’s what we kind of did this angleand please let us know what you likebest about this angle that we’re usingtoday we use it we use the first part ofthe video we did what we did was weactually do the hand we held handed thecamera and now that we have two on thetripod be doing a little something withnow which is awesome switch if you wantto get on thisyou should be getting brown them.justflowey flowey getting a little browniebrown you toss a little bit more flourin it just to kind of break it downbreak it down break it down break itdown I’m gonna cut these sausage theseMexican sausage so we can put these itlook real good it’s gonna be completelyplant-based it’s gonna be delicious youhave to do three those as you can seehow how greasy not receive of the oilfrom the from the sausage is prettypretty awesomemexican-style sapote so you know it’sgot some heat to it so Scott it has init obviously by the wheat gluten it’sgot some cumin oregano chipotle pepperthat’s where you get a lot of the deatha little a little sapphire oil yeah wegonna set it up you’re gonna set it upright oh why this day bean stuffing butthat’s okay we’re gonna go ahead and letit rip we gonna start putting all thisstuff together onion garlic peppersmixing that all up in therefollow onions garlic peppers celery ohyeah you know it you know it’s justgoing down your nose going down rightwhen you animate is some people don’tlike tomatoes but I doyou gonna put that all over there[Music]that’s no good we just melt emissionsoff they smell deliciousyou smell so goodwell the liquid[Music]well delicioussmells delicious I suppose that gravy Iwas the more kind of nice and nicemaximal I’m a little water wall to it ohman down tomatoes host enough water needfrom the water from the water up in heregot to ask some more little businesssome sea saltBabson or just Cajun seasonings-something watergood we use this up right here this isgood this stuff smells good y’all thisstuff’s good oh that’s hotcareful now Oh burn yourself we want toget that mix that mixed that that rootwas supposed to go a little brownerthat’s okay what happened right yougonna have him right are you gonna havehim great so guys make sure you go toour YouTube channel subscribe light letthe world know about these amazingrecipes because we we want to make adifference we’re looking to impact andchange lives with these amazing recipesbecause you know it’s just it’s just sadthat just I just found out today friendof mine I went to high school with hepassed away yesterday I don’t know Idon’t know all the details I know he hadhad some kind of Latina in his in hisskull or his brain or somethingsomewhere I don’t know the details everybut I’m saying you know we as a peopleneed to be eating healthy and I’m notsaying that Tracy wasn’t eating healthyall I’m saying is is that diseases iswhat kills people you know it’s onething to get hit by a car you don’t havea car accident but there’s so manydiseases out there we getting killed butthat we’re dying from because there’s somuch crap in the food it’s ridiculous itreally is ridiculousso you know you know shout out to hisfamily we’re praying for his family andyou know he went to go be with the Lordyou know he’s a born-again believer ofJesus Christ and you know he’s he’s gotto worry about nothing no moreat the same time those are those of usthat are here we need to step up man andchange change what we’re doing becauseit’s just it’s just sad that to hearabout these stories and people passingaway from from diseases that are caughtby food I’m just going to tell you likeit is it’s just sad it’s just it’s justsad it’s just sad I’m at he’s in heavennow he’s standing before the Lord uhkeep in mind though guys you know we weneed to be realizing what we’re doingyou know we fix our cars make sure ourcars and make sure our homes are good wemake sure all those other things but wedon’t take care of our bodies we don’tget you don’t get a do-over with thebody you really don’t know so I’ll getoff my soapbox now I just I just youknow let me share that with you guys andwe love you guys we that’s why we dothese recipes because we want to impactand change lives with some amazingrecipes and a little bit more water Igotta ask those I gotta add some salthelped and I’ll leave in the descriptionI’ll leave I don’t know what what’s whatwhat we had in there before you willleave that in this description what’swhat’s what and now let’s start addingthe sausageI had to see I cut the sausage up cutthis sausage oh we got some okra in thepool you go here we go in the pool bodyin the pool swim oh great Han somepeople don’t like okra that’s good foryou all this food is good for you and ittastes good then I showed you I sharewith you how I a daddy this it’s like aa vegan I don’t want to call it chickenbut like almost like crab or like a likea crab meat type of spin on him I addedthe the nori sheet that’s where you seethe green that green in it rested in getback in pool so we got this going niceyou got it going nice I’m gonna prettysoon in a minute here my dad that I’mgonna had the a little bit more waterwhoa look at that look at that look atthat we all look at that will you lookat that all those beautiful colors andmake sure you kind of go underneath thespoon because you don’t want to jack upthat sausage know what add themtomatoes that I kind of parade up alittle bit the tomatoes to it and eachtime you add something it’s it’s a goodrule to when you add something to themix you add a little bit more seasoningto it I jump out he was trying to jumpout you trying to jump in the pool lookwhile his life jacket yeah that that’swhat you can’t swim if you can’t swimyou can swim you can go up in there youcan go in go in there so I’m gonna add alittle bit more of the the Cajunseasoning I’m gonna add a little bitmore of the sea salt so we got thisgoing nice look at that look at thatlook at that y’all we gonna add a littlebit more agua it is good it’s like iceyou know it’s like a stoop it’s kind oflike a stew you know it’s like a stewbut the garlic colors in this so you gotto cut them you got the sausage theMexican spicy sausageyou got the soy curls which I seasonedup you got the okra you got the bellpepperyou got onion garlic all that up intherethis smells awesome out awfully tastytoosmells awfully tasty we’re just gonnakeep this moving like this this smellgood right here look at that yeahI’m at a little bit more boy just alittle bit more just a little bit alittle bit more salt yeahnow you can serve this just like this oryou can serve this over some rice orsome couscous or over quinoa wait sothis is that this is the vegan gumbo govegan gumboI’m just gonna keep I’m gonna keep itI’m gonna keep spinning it in there justtry a little something here listen youtry to do something you H mm it’s got anice little kick to it I think I needs alittle bit more salt a little bit moresalt but I’m telling you tomorrow afterthis stuff get all up in there we need alittle bit more salt to bar on when youput this up in there it’s gonna be goodlet me use a little bit more other cajunseasoningyeah yeah yeahall right we’re about 40 we’re about 45minutes by 40 minutes guys43 minutes and 10 seconds so we’re gonnago ahead and let this go for a littlewhile longer macho macho taste it try tolive it up and try a little bit of thata little bit of this so this sausage totry this saucy sauce yeahsupposed to be Mexican style sausage seethis yeahWow Wowhollawhoo-whee mm-hmm got some kick to we gowhat it’s a spicy just go good to gowell that end that sausage right thereWow that sauce you right there feel likemy son tastes ooh he’s got some kick toright there boy I go right into the backof your throat hmm moving all the colorsin this door look all the colors y’allchunky weight to the marble weight tothe mouth weight to the mottoyou wasted a mile boy this stuff thisright here is bad he’s a little sissywait to the mild oh wait to the mottowatch this him wait to the money coffeeokay hey wait to the motto driveway tothe mound it’s gonna be off the chartsI’m it’s good I mean it’s banging nowy’all just bang enough weight to themweight to the mile when it’s all setwhat it’s all sitting in crash hey heyCraig don’t you know we live on thisvideo yeah I mean not live live but Imean we recording this video yeah whatyou mean that’s awesomethis is like almost I want to say thisis like a you could use this as asubstitute for crab meat or substitutefor chicken is you know is it’s up inthere soft up in therethis is he’s smacking y’all he’ssmacking you up man he’s smacking youain’t got to do all that grow a littletoes a little greenput a little green spots is the norisheet that I used to kind of give itthat that earthy flavor from the seanori sheet let me tell you somethingthis stuff right here gonna be banginggumbo vegan gumbo dog you could do thison some rice we’re not going to do itover rice today but you could you can dothis on a bed of rice we’re gonna justdo this in a bowl and be saying hey ohhey banging yells banging it’s bangingtoo much is that too much – hey ho wasthat too much nobody does that anymorewait a minute okay we’ll see there yougo there you go trying to run the showand I’m just trying to say that it’sgonna be good and you can also guide youcan do some very very you just look themup watching my hands real quick yeah wecan do this with some of the top that’scome over top we can do this over topsome some that deliciousness that wecall corn bridge I got a corn breadrecipe I got to show y’all man that’sgonna be off the hook with corn in itwhat is it gonna be on man we’re gonnasuck so you got you got that’s garlicright thereno that’s the deceive from the that’s aseed from the herb poker poker but yougot garlic in here we got bell pepper wegot that sausage that sausage righttherea Mexican sausage we got them I thinkyou could call it like a mop chicken ora mopCrabbe some it’s a mock where are weputting that all together onion in herewe got the tomatoes in here man let metell you somethingall I’m saying is this is Coolidgethat’s all I’m sayinglet me just kind of sample the samplethe rest of it that’s all but you’ll seethat let y’all stamp this sauce thiskind of stew star you know sample isright wegot some good spice to it pick it mejust a skosh more salt do a skosh moresalt you wait till tomorrow when thisand this all sit this all set in waitwhen it’s set in look at all that manlook at oh look at all that look allthat color there you got the bell pepperyou got themyou got the democ meat here you got thesausage and Mexican sausage right heregot that you got the got the bell pepperthe onion the garlic the celery up inthere we let me tell you something manjust right hand there almost look likechicken right that piece right like thatthat’s just soy curls but again I’mgonna show you guys at the end I’m gonnashow you how you can although all of theingredients for this I’m gonna show youthat at the end so make sure you guyssubscribe to our YouTube channel likeour video like it share it let the worldknow cuz I’m telling you guys this righthere what this is gonna be this is gonnabe this is gonna be a go-to right hereand shortly I’m gonna be doing a videoon how to make how to make some vegansausage and also I want to be showingyou a show cooking show on how to makesome awesome vegan cornbread cornbreadmm-hmmand that and those little those spotsright there is is the nori sheet sodon’t don’t panic oh what’s that darklooking stuff that’s what that is allright so we’re not what we got to do sowe will we wave about 40 50 minutes Ineed to get a bowl over there give me abowl and we gonna go ahead and samplethis up for y’all and let you let youguys see how amazing it is how deliciousit is it’s gonna be off the hook it’sgonna be off the hook I mean I guess youcould go longer with the with the thebecause it was frozen but I don’t like Ilike the fact that you know it’s got alittle bit of snap in it see how thiswork see how this work we will see howthis workso we got this on about eight turns downa little bit you know you can let itsimmer a little longer but I really likeI like I like my okra to have a littlesnap to it I don’t want it to be all andeven the vegetables are stuff I don’twant it to be all mushy you know me sonow what we got to do is we have to goahead and put get a real spoon somewe’re not gonna do any rice this timethen go ahead and put a little bit ofstuff in here like this got everythingin it oh yeah it’s got everything in itI’m gonna go ahead and wipe this off alittle bit all right so now here we goguys here we go here we go all right soready here we gofather in heaven thank you for thisawesome food let it be a nourishment toour body we thank you for it and Jesusname Amen amenand let the world say amen amen but theworld say Amen again jaemin together allright so here we go so I’m gonna turn Iturned it down mild tomorrow down tomedium so here you see it guys look atthat huh you got there’s the the sausagethe vegan sausage I made up some likeI’m mock meat you could use it as achicken or you can use it as crab ittasted like crap to me if I add someseasoning to it we also have the okrathe bell pepper I’m gonna get a littlebit anything on here a little bit of eggthing you see put that on there a littlebit of that bitch little bit this littleapp I think we got a little biteverything on it okay all right here wegothis is hot now so we just listen y’allain’t gonna burn my mouth off so see howthat steam coming over there see thatsteam coming off me we’re gonna makemake sure we blowing this now and that’sin this Mexican chapati sausage he’s gotsome some heat to ityou know I can hear you rightit’s hot now hmm got a good kick to it atrip oh please sausage food I’ve gotsome good kicked we goso with that said man don’t let you guysgo thank you for watching once againsubscribe to our link below you guys areawesomeuntil next time I’m George Diller fromGeorge’s live cooking show today was oursneak peak Sunday March 1st 2020 youguys are awesome god bless make sure yousubscribe below like the video share theworld share it share this with the worldyou guys are awesome god bless fired up

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