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How To Make Filipino Halal Chicken Wings BBQ Marinade

How to Marinate Halal Chicken Wings

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Video Transcription

i love foodso this is another filipino halalrecipe filipino and soso you can also use this in your fastingin the month of ramadan it’s a nicerecipe you can useor just use it as a nice recipesohello hello hello helloso this is a chickenfor a really good ramadanso now i want to give a one teaspoon ofpaprika powderit’s nice to get a nice red um look asthen we’ll well get ourselves so youhave to putsalt and black pepper add saltand paprika and we have some sugarto make it sweet for barbecue saucei make like barbecue seasoning chickensugar black peppersalt and paprikadamn much too much salty with annoyingtoo much sugardon’t make me too sweet it doesn’ttaste nice i make it not messy as wellso you’re gonna add a tablespoon ofvinegar the tablespoon it’s gonna goget a nice tangy taste as well yesthis is a filipino filipino and thenwe’ve got two tablespoonsof ketchup let’s give organized tomatoeycow tasteso you’re gonna add a little bit ofketchup as well what’s a tablespoonmaybe two tablespoons two tablespoonsof um ketchup give that nice time totraceyou know let’s have a look so you haveto addketchup so if you want to mix it so allyou need to do is get saltpepper sugar paprika powder vinegarand ketchupmix it with our hands butto prevent that from getting dirty we’regonna wear glovesso i just put a bit more sugar on thereso now i’ve got some honeyhoney honey honey honey honeya nice more sweet and bit sticky kind oflikelike a nice little texture of honeylet’s look good with ithave more honey more he has a bit morehoney as wellbig massive scoop of honey yeahyeah more honey more not that muchbecause you want to make it too sweetas well you have sugar and ketchup ithink they’re a bit like sweet alreadyyeah that’s how you make some honey aswellso now i’m gonna mix it mix mix with ourhands so forglovesbut don’t forget you have to wash yourhands afterwards and we don’t think themixture you made already the sauceis enough so you can just make anotherbatch and then just put inside herelike separately let’s do a really reallyquickrecap about whathoney to make thisbbq thing and then you have to mix andmix and mix itsome morekeep on mixing itit’s not that disgusting when you mix itbut it’s not disgusting when you eat itthoughyou need to make sure the sauce getsinto itso there you goso there we go all mixed up all thesauce juiced up in thereand then if we take the gloves off yourhands are gonna be clean anywayso hey guys don’t forget to subscribeleave a comment and like to kids becauseyou knowwe love food

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