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How to Make Pretzel Crust BBQ Chicken Pizza | Making Pizza at Home

Salty pretzel meets pizza! Enjoy this take on iconic Little Ceasars’ pretzel crust pizza recipe by our ambassadors Josh Tahan with his own BBQ chicken twist. Full recipe –

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Video Transcription

hey everybody Java sure crap barbecuehere and today I’m going to show you howto make a pretzel crust pizzabut not just any pressure crust pizza abarbecue chicken press the crust pizzawith beer cheese on top so let’s gooutside I’ll show you how to maketo start oil a 12 inch pizza pan verywell the reason I’m using a 12 inch panis because I’m gonna cook this on thecat real and I want to have some room toactually get in there and rotate itthroughout the cook the dough ball I’musing is about 120 grams and as you cansee I’m stretching it over the side it’svery much like making a pie the reasonI’m doing this is because I want to beable to fold over the crust to have amore pronounced edge around the pan sovery lightly I’m just making sure thepizza fits on the bottom of the pantaking the excess dough with the tips ofmy fingers and just rolling it over anda nice and uniform fashion what I’mdoing is just pinching the crust over onitself just to make a thicker outsideedge this is gonna be important to makethe pretzel crust now once your dough isinside the pan the first thing you wantto do is add some barbecue sauce so justdo a small swirl around the outside andthen slowly make your way in the nextthing we’re gonna put on top is someprecooked chicken so this is a smokedchicken breast that was made the nightbefore I like to do a smoked chickenjust because it gives the pizza a reallyreally good flavor and some good textureso after your chicken is on there you’regonna do a couple dollops around thepizza with beer cheese now if you’reinterested in making the beer cheese toadd on this the recipe is down below ifnot you could just use any sort ofshredded cheddar so the last step is toactually make the pretzel crust to dothat we have an alkaline solution it’sabout 8 grams of baking soda into 5grams of warm water and what we do iswe’re just gonna brush it on starting onthe outside edges put a nice amount onthere and as you work your way aroundthe dough keep in mind that if you wereto do this on a regular peel water inpizza peels do not mix so once thealkaline solution gets brushed on that’sthe magic that’s what’s gonna turn thisinto pretzel once it hits the high heatof the uni oven the last step is to puta little bit of salt just around theoutside edge because as you knowpretzels have some salt on the outsidenow we’re ready to cook the uni is beingpreheated at 600 degrees Fahrenheitstone temp or about 315 degrees Celsiusyou want to put the pizza in there andcook as normal rotate every 15 to 20secondstill the pizza has a really nice bake onit well that’s it I hope you enjoyed therecipe and I hope you get out there andtry to make your own price and crustpizza if you have any questions at allfeel free to find me on Instagram youcan get me at true Kraft BBQ enjoy[Music]you

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