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How to make grilled chicken / GRILL CHICKEN RECIPE/Spiced Roasted Chicken

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Video Transcription

today I will receive it’s great nightand wishes and voice you can’t see it awonderful at the Steve trade-off growthit’s all grilled soil for chickenit’s very somebody you can do it slipaway at it it has potatoes and directour see today is a consist of so grabchicken fried chicken with footagefollow the steps and you can do it aswe’re – I have sigh I wish it them verywell with water and then I put lemonflour and salt and wash them very well Ihave booty – one tomato a green pepper 1onion garlic clove garlic 40 spices Ihave black pepper salt Korean I mixtomato and green pepper and the onionwas with them in the mixer in the mixerI bought tomatoI cut onioni but i girl them without open i mentionon the fire on the cooker just i boughtthem at the end under the grill forabout ten months I would have a softgreen I would salt black pepper grinderdry coriander I met them Jenica now somuch sure is right slices three likethis to be a liar at the bottom in ourchannel we have a lot of kinds ofreceipts you can do check in with a lotof different ways right easy importantwasheslike this orange chicken the soy chickenlike this under the scan I put just notsure I open here old dishes which meansthe scan of the meat and often make aholethat means this picturethe smell is wonderful for thisthe other boata book about the soil yesI put some water I will turn on thebooty – I bought this tray on the cookerand the high fiveif the water dried I can add more wateruntil the side becomes well done takeabout thirty minutes on the fire afterit will become well done I bottle underthe girl is open for tonight’s to have agolden cup after 20 minutes I come hereat the end in the oven and there’s agirl for about ten months all we turnwords to bring noise and wishes you canput the spoon the back of the spoon andup and enter earthly – its water and inthe potato you can see it took about 30minutes on the cooker and in the livingare only certain math feel like thisreceipt please subscribe the channeland write your comment it pleaseactivatable I could to not upload a newvideoI have a lot of different kinds ofrecipients John I hope you encouraged meand supported me to be a bigger chancethank you

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