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How to Make Grilled Chicken Sandwich

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Video Transcription

hi I am chef Adam Meyers I’m looking umsandwich grilled chicken and we arewe’re about to do it and get startedright this minute and it should we gonnado it faster guys okay that’s good lookat the fire what kind of fire all rightso you want to get your only boy waitBurke you wanted grill before you put onthe chicken you want to put weight yourbread are you gonna put each of themdon’t let your hand touch here on itcuz it was down hereokay turn so I can see you will see youmm-hmmgo aheadgreat want to make some space Lucy goesall right look let us put this one rightyeahOh Burger King burgeroh look like a Burger King mummy nothingI can write my birth to be to give me myjusticethen then I cannot already warm to gowhere I wanna be separate for you allright they’re ready all right but missdrizzle a little olive oil honey boy letme help you remember your wings I filledit at a time all rightjust a little if you don’t want to catcha fire all right[Music][Music]Burger Kingall right you want to put your chickenon our right chef here you go you wantme to do[Music][Music][Music]oh yeah[Music][Applause]let me know that is for Anna mommythat’s the little one this worksoh that one that one I’ll put the breadon for you all right[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]Oh your breath is warm enough see thesofter now since we took it out this wayoh yeahall right come on what this one isalmost done your stuff you gotta checkon yourself you want to turn your breathwith your breathtake it turn it over this one I let allthe way[Music]turn it over let it stay on the stoveput it back come on[Music][Music][Music]all right so let me get this full andyou want to put what’s up the bread youwant what you want to flip your chickena lot put that in there all right youneed to turn the chicken over this onecheck honey Oh[Music]turn it over it’s almost done[Music]Thunder all right so you want to takethis that little one over there checkhoney[Music]want to take it out I think man that’smine right you want to pick this onetake this one like this look hold itlike here hold it right heregood see that / funny great jobput it right oh yeah what about them inthere one take all the smaller ones Adamyeah[Music]great job take up this break lookinggood what all right so you want to comeand spread the mayonnaise then X is ourfood that’s it good to see so you wantto do it over here all right let’s try[Music]over here come on puppy all right spreadyour mayonnaise on your bread come on uphere[Music][Music]Wow come out of me want to spreadsomeone the other fed off the bread nothank youlet’s put the chicken first I can’t doit for you no all rightchop chop chop get out get outyes done come onall right let’s go I’ll do it Lincolnout which of the chicken here take itoh okay this one the later one no it bigone here here what that chicken isbigger than your bread Adam put in chiefI didn’t put the cheese for but thecheese on the chicken first so hecouldn’t knowI want to let it catch up yes okay loveit I’ll put a pretty bow chicken up theytake someone maybe put the check on dadyeah and then you take it from there I’malright cuz I don’t want you to crazymake the body still be just a littlepuppy alright okay take your timeoh alright no more I don’t think youneed a lot alright little more chief youneed more cheese this no that’s Eva forAnaalright so when I put your lettuce no Ilike this alreadyOh with my bare butt King Oct why Igotta take a picture of that well lookat your sandwich that looks good are yougonna try this[Music]you want me to take a picture side it’sa grilled chicken sandwich okay I haveno more pressing no more pressing well Iwanted to take a pictureooh that looks goodI want to try it Oh put a bat right hereso after I can take a picture what am icould just teeth that oh my god say tellthe guys later later thanks for watchinggive me some each a little peas hmm timeis up chef

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