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Best Spicy Grilled chicken wings| simple recipe| Grandma’s recipe

Grandma’s recipe
Chicken wings

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Video Transcription

hello and welcome to mrs. kitchen todaywe are going to grow spicy wings this ishow my grandma makes her spicy wings andI have decided to share with you let’sget down to business I have mixed herbsgiant McCarney Papa garlic scotch bonnetginger onions cloves a nice eat rosemaryand all-purpose seasoning in a blenderthrowing your scotch bonnet gingergarlic onionsof the giant McCarney papacloserosemary aniseed add a little bit ofwater and blend so we will be using thispaste to marinate the chickenso this is our chicken wings sprinkle alittle bit of salt on the chickensprinkle all-purpose seasoning add mixedherbs which is a mixture of thymeparsley and marjoramadd in your spicy mixed pastemix it evenly on all the chicken so theflavors infuse into the chickencover and leave it in the fridge forbest result leave it in the fridgeovernight however you can leave in thefridge for two to four hours if you arein a hurryso our chicken has been left in thefridge overnight and it’s ready to begrilled look how beautiful it is thegrill should be set to 170 to 180 degreegas Mac then preheat the grill for fiveminutes before putting the chickeninside make sure you turn the chickenregularly to ensure it cooks evenlyunlike my chicken moist so this is whatI normally do I pour all the juice fromthe chicken into a bowl and then I willpour it back unto the chickenthis makes it succulent and tasty juicedripping chicken that’s what we’ll getthe chicken has been cooking for 45minutes now so I’ll put it back in thegrill for another 15 minutesoh the chicken is ready now it justlooks gorgeous simply delicious justhave a look at it mouth watery do trythis recipe and let me know what youthink please do share like and commentthank you so much for watching guys andplease do subscribe to my channel formore videos bye[Music]

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