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Video Transcription

Oh was the to Peter knows one on theirway back with another reaction realquick here little man hit that likebutton measure the like button tomorrowI’m hitting out what cooking video youalready know today’s be a make surey’all smash this like button ditch thebutton alright another day today sotoday we can have my showSam they’re cooking uh he’s making ahoney barbecue chicken but you don’t seethe tax and I have to click on the videoattitude with him yeah I know y’all wantto see what’s going on you yes[Music]anyone got room in their stomach for alittle honey barbecue trip not alwaysnice chicken though he look like he gotit on Texas toast so you know was gonnabe hahahawhat are you pulling we have some veryexciting newslook like Father’s Day Giveaway I’mskipping here examalright the show now we’re by the wayhere’s a tip if you’re reaching out forsomething that’s the way to startthanks tell me you love the show fat getme on your side that’s what you do forthose toohey Sam you’re a bit of a douche but Iwonder if you could not gonna win you myfriendship not your Sam love the showI’m saying he’s give me a life kiss theymake a honey barbecue chicken messagereal-life titty chance I make one for usdamn I’m saying yeah see they told himwhat to make and I’m saying let me knowwhat y’all need to make I got y’allready no Mandy’s Brittany’s gettingworse and worse and worse than coolwhole bunch of linearitymake my version of it very simple friedchicken Brad you’ve had friendlyFernando right even the friendlies whichthe localsthat’s the right so this is a standard ato set up station for breading okay babewe’ve got flour in wonderful our gonnaseason very simply some garlic powderokay garlic and a little chili powderbecause you’re like hey yeschili powder door bell pepper so likelikeand this side will put a couple eggs onebig three Thanks sunlight it will bethese beat your eggs ready get ourchicken crap no I have two chickenbreasts breasts you got to pound it to arelative even thickness even thicknessyou know saying countdown know that wethe same thickness all the way throughlook I could have purchased chickentenders but I want to show you one thingthese were the tender parts of thesebreasts that’s a tender part pressedinside but they have this this biggerwidows I could call it a ripcordlet me see a membrane that runs throughit mm-hmm I’m not a huge tender fanbecause of this get that out as a painin the butt hmm I like cutting my owntenders out of breath so look like thatyour own tenders out of breath yeah yesthat’s what he recommends you know I’msayingnow we bred it’s very simple take apiece of the chickenspeed it up to the flour shake it offbeat it up speed it up to the egg okaythis is the basic I’m sommore helps theegg flour neck egg back in wow youalready know man well like the simplerobviously everybody know how to do thisis the basics the super basicshake it all just gonna be superquitters and I keep doing it you canrepeat that process yeah I’m happy whenshow us that you don’t need to see bestto do this sidewell at least I make a huge freakingmess okay when your oil is somewherenorth of 150 but maybe set up whollyfunded baby he got the most fire setupwho else we know fried chicken was askillet under grid you don’t want nobodyelse doing anything I’m saying that’sreal deal well just drop the temp of theOREA dude you don’t be playing itnificantly be playing no one wants thatnote I’m thinking throw a chicken tendersandwich that’s the process this israising Cain golden brown all the wayaround cheese and honey barbecue sauceyeah that’s that you try them in oursauce red mm-hmm honey barbecue so we’reusing barbecue of course yeah and honeyand honey it’s pretty simple whicheverbarbecue sauce is your face you got todo a light then let that be in San JoseI’ve used a knob you selected JackDaniels say 25 providing roses to 75% ofus honey whatever honey you got a notesaying I throw a little ketchup inprivate money barbecue our not to makelike I’m Eric and Rob do you thinkbefore a lotta make that Korean whatwould you thinksourdough is sour things are the twoingredients how are the horns by ismayonnaise crispy edges fine – oh she’sseasoning that I’ve had in my pantry hetoastedwas going for moments like this Meilinbarbecue season okay seems more well mixthisanybody know what’s happening here I’lltell you I don’t know it’s going out ourbread just like we would butter theoutside of our bread if we were gonnathrow it on the flattop mm-hmm themayonnaise works in the exact same wayhe is toasting but he just gonna useinstead of butter all right get ourcheck on um condo Wiggins finishing andlook at these guysI’m not a big big Mayo doodle look athow gorgeous the tops of these arethat’s beautifulI threw them on the bottom model sidefirst some Yahoo’s color there too solet’s get these set up in the arches itwas like my Texas toast in the dump andI’m surprised sourdough spread how it’llbe a little crispy thank space materialI’ll know if I do this not mail don’tbelong chicken this guy’s gonna get apiece of cheese to put him like thatnobody cheese I like it right now Ithink our chickens right I like freshout the water you know saying you drainit right for their funny part straightsausage machine that’s gonna look likethis to say yeah this is going to beover I’m gonna need some chicken I don’tneed me some wings oh man I didn’t evensome wingsand then it’s a simple build simple goeslike this I’m saying she’s chicken hegot he gotta do something to get thatcheese melted though you know he dumpedsome bacon bacon okayI know who’s rockin with me that’s itthat’s it friend I’m saying it here’sour friend to achieve it I love to reada little bit we’ve we’ve made the piecesa little more interestingno I’m saying I’ll make this for lunchyou know saying any day so these aminoevery day only two tenders in that soundshe probably made like two morebeautifully cooked chicken the sweetkind of take my like you saw 30 minuteswill help rub mayo on the outside mm-hmmhonestly it’s just gonna be a hugeflavor boost its kind of crazy where’sthe thing about it he really got lightsbecause barbeque mayo on the outsidethat’s car flyer I mean like goodI mean superficial lotbased solely on loose that I’m about toconfirm will be real love this does getthis bite down sign you should do thisto everything by the way the crutchthat seems gonethis faces be funny you don’t eat likethat my boy look like a guppy no we tellyou something huhI don’t know how the the version of thisfrom the friendly chain food place thatit came from hates bed can be named notlet him know it’s just kind ofridiculous impossible friendlies gotnothing on you does tõll tõll tõlltelling you not joking I’m in a newvideo Yuri her with his head neck anywayyo I gotta get this video I’m gotta giveit I gotta give the nod you know I’msaying it was it was quit I’d make itfunny on time it’s not too much workespecially if you have some experiencein the kitchen and you can make just in30 minutesquick fast that’s into the months rightthere that’s a good one bring thatlunches use your girl you know you daddyquick good lunch or whateverknock it out make it happen alright goodso like I say once again make sure y’alllike the video subscribe share the videoalright this time very nose on at alland we gonna be back tomorrow witterscooking banger and I’m out[Music]

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