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How to make Mojo Marinade grilled Chicken part 2 of 4

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Video Transcription

so this is how the oven looks when it’soften is it’s a creel and it you seehere like a little pan and you have thisside or the bracket is and basicallythis is just a small convectionawareness there’s nothing to itit’s they still then like and lows orplaces like that you know like HomeDepot Walmart on the website up I’lllink the brand to the street and it’s agrill so and I had like a apart itthat’s the the hidden part and it hassettings for temperature and time so I’mgonna put my chicken which is here againthis was based on itI really froze it and I saw it on the onmy fridge but normally when I’m here athome I just do it like an hour and justoh just I just frozen and leave it intheir fridge when I come home and startso I’m gonna put the chicken on thegrill and we set up the temperaturesettings so I have set up my chicken onthe grill as you can see I use my tongsthis is the remain in my night this istrash never ever we use my leg becauseit touched a raw chicken so we want tomake sure we safe in there ruffsterchicken chicken it’s not supposed toRoger suppose we cooked slowly or at thevery least make sure this I could drawso we’re gonna close the oven we havenow close the oven and here are theirsettings putting away so the parallelI’m sorrythe tower level that we gonna do isgonna be this is the power level isgonna be 16 so we pit 6 and now we’regonna hit cook time because this is onlyfive pieces I’m just gonna cook that forlike 40 minutes and then check it outlet’s go qualify a minute on 60and as you saw before we put the chickenskin up because the heating element ishere now why we want to do that thechicken is marinated so what the mandatedoes is it breaks the protein to make ittenderbut we also want to preserve the skinbecause that skin is protecting our meatand it’s making it really really moistand that’s a lot of the point of thenight so we’re gonna check this back in45 minutes and once we come back we’regonna broil the rest of the chicken butwe’re gonna take we’re gonna make surethat it’s safe once we finish cooking itand we will be back in 45 minutes

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