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How to make Mojo Marinade grilled Chicken part 3 of 4

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Video Transcription

okay everybody soon now 45 minutes havepassed and this is literally recordingthis video live and as you can see wehave our chicken but it’s not completelycooked what happened now is likely theymeat inside has cooked and we are goingto broiled the outside so again and Icannot emphasize this more we want tomake sure that the chicken is cookedthrough so I’m just gonna use my chanceto move the chicken a little bit see isstill I still have juices running so nowI’m gonna use the function of my new waythere’s 100% and just are gonna fattytight so we’re gonna do probably 25minutes on 100 and that the chickenwould like it we cook againbut the marinade it is as you can seeit’s crisping day the skin outside andpreserving nice moist meat on the insideso let me post here and we’re gonna setup the setting for the new way so now wehave senator Lyndon wave we’re gonna dopower level power level 100 and cooktime we’re gonna do 20 let’s be on thesafe side I like my chicken crispy Earthso 25 minutes and hit start and we’ll beback in 25 minutes and check it outagain this is my first video I don’thave any relationship with no way Ithink everybody should be able to cooknice chicken but I don’t I want peopleto understand chicken is deliciousbut you also need to be careful there’scook through and every cook you know thesafety settings of the meal that they’recookingso if you see uses all your timber meatis not hitting 165 is another so let’scome back in 25 minutes and seewith it by

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