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How to make Mojo Marinade grilled Chicken part 4 of 4

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Video Transcription

okay everybody so now we have finished25 minutes of pass and this is the endresult now when you do the new way youdo have a pulse function so what you maywant to do is you may want to pause andflip the a piece of chicken leg areasand minutes whatever it is and roll themin both sides but this is Stan bristleI’m gonna pause here and get one of thepieces and make sure it’s cooked throughwith the thermometer and we’re gonna cutit through and see the end result sothis one is our end result chicken andI’m gonna ask my sous chef to cut thechicken first off we’re gonna use athermo meter and I have to I have thisone this is an electronic one and I havethe manual one and we are gonna stickthe thermometer on the chicken touchingthe pan and we’re gonna make sure thatthat chicken is 100 at the Rayleigh’s165 yeah get in thereit should be Omaha at 65today though so you have 165 degreeswhich means the chicken is cookedthrough and now we’re gonna cut thechicken let’s see how it looks on theinside there you have it beautiful moistchicken crispy in the outside moist onthe inside you have nice this is whatthis is style but when you go over tothis style it’s really no way style wewe do it all the time and as you can seethere is no juices flowing it wasperfectly cooked and it’s crispy outsidenice perfect skin outside so that’s myproducer chicken I hope you guys enjoyedthis video again I have no relationshipwith no way they’re not family to donone of these we just want to make surethat our friends are able to fix a nicebeautiful chicken for the families andthank you

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