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How to Make Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wings| Best Chicken Wings Recipe | Grilled Chicken Recipe

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Hello everyone its your girl Abby here again. I hope you all are doing well. Today’s Menu is CHICKEN WINGS. Its Sweet, Spicy, delicious and soooooooooo finger licking.

*Chicken wings
*Garlic Powder
*Chili Powder
*Organic Turmeric
*Lime Juice
*Canola Oil
*Organic Honey

Started by cleaning he chicken, then put together all the ingredients. Then mix all together with the exception of Honey, Lime juice, Ketchup and Cilantro. Then marinate for minimum of 2 hours.

COOKING: 40-45 Mins
When ready, line baking pan with foil paper and spread chicken in. Grill at 350 F for 40 mins.After 40 mins, Mix Honey, Ketchup and Lime juice together and mix in all the chicken. Return to oven for 5 mins. Put off oven and leave for another 5 mins. Your Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings is ready.

Serve and garnish with fresh Cilantro Leaves


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Video Transcription

that is welcome back to hobbies ownteaching and today I’m going to themaking sweet and spicy chicken wings Iknow a lot of us like chicken wingsmyself in Casey so it’s just thatbasically simple recipes are gonna berisen here and here I have a some somegarlic powder hereokay I have a ground chili pepper yeah Ihave some salt and here I have a somegeneric I liked even tumeric a lotwhether its own benefit but if you don’tlike using turmeric you can also usejust a regular spices that you have andyou can also use curry powder if youdon’t like that just and also I’m gonnabe using a little bit of them cookingoil so I like this inhale the wholesweet all depends on what you wantcanola oil all these oil and all sort ofherbs then this is also lined so I’mgoing to be using half of this line nowin marinating chicken and then half ofits to make the street source and here Ihave a pony so this is pure honey alsoif you’re going to be doing this youwant to get the best organic quality sohere I have us in ketchup here as wellso Paul I’m just gonna begin there’s aplace just to mix all this together andI’m gonna marinate holders for about iusually marine it’s two hours or moresometimes i marinate up to 24 hours soit depends on how busy you are or youknow sometimes you wanna marinate andset outside so that when you’re ready tocook it easyso of course I’m not gonna be using allthis salt so I’m just gonna be using alittle bit of salt here and here I’m notgoing to be using anybody on just makeit la natural as possible from this is apepper I like it’s always pepper I likespicy my kids also like spicy so I’mgonna be using a little perfect herethen this is also the garlic powder andI’m gonna be having some oil hereso now what I’m just gonna be doingdoing is um I’m gonna have half of theline like I said so I’m just gonnasqueeze the juice in here[Music]and then after that is just for you tolook solid so just makes it outdoes it sound was to make sureeverything beeja hopefully maybe thenall you just want to do is just ammoniaand act except for up to minimum of twohours but if you can’t go more than thatthen that’s fine so as you can seeeverything is well mixed up now so I’mjust gonna follow this with some plasticblack for hours and while I come backjust at wearing that I’m going to beusingand the ketchup here has a visa mix andso Vasyaso this is ours now this Grangerso I like to line my baking time goeslike this because I don’t like thesticky mess that happens to the bakingpan so I’m just gonna put all this yearand I’m going to be quitting at 350degrees and for about 40 to 45 minutesokayto demonstrate this that each of themcan have space to play properlyput it so this way the baby’s going toopen now if so while my chicken ischildren so I’m gonna add all thistogether just this is my lime juice soeventually I had it one more lime juiceso it depends on the contents or thequantity of your chicken then this is mypony[Music]and I have a ketchupso I’ll just mix it together and afterthat I’m gonna bring up my chicken thenall this and anything take it back intothe over fix so I have mine she camehere you can see how beautiful and[Music]Santos didn’t do this – sir just leaveit for me so I couldn’t back in thisplace here just like easy to mix upjust goes yeah[Music][Music][Music][Music]

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