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How to Make the Best Easy Grilled Chicken Marinade | You Can Cook That |

These easy tips for marinating chicken will help you grill the best chicken ever with almost no prep! Read more:

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Video Transcription

hi I’m Matthew Francis and I’m going toshow you a few tips and tricks forgrilling with chicken marinade soessentially when you have a marinade ofchicken you want to make sure thatyou’re really seasoning it really welland in here you can have any type ofcombination of flavors for this one Ihave some balsamic vinegar lemon juicesoy sauce some sweet chili sauce somebrown sugar and some olive oil you’ll find a lot ofdifferent types of recipes and some havedifferent marination times something goas short as 30 minutes or like overnightreally as long as you’re doing chickenwhich doesn’t need that long to marinateas long as you have at least 30 minutesyou’re fine and you want to make sureit’s around room temperature when you’restarting to grill do it how you like andyou can do any recipe you want we’regonna do this one and I’m gonna show youhow to actually grill it and also we’reoutside so if you hear some birds ormowing of grass or whatever it’s reallife so okay so we have our grill righthere it’s preheated you want it to benice and warm when you put your meatfirst on do the nice sear and chickenwhether it’s the chicken thighs orchicken breasts will have usually asmooth side and a more rough side and wealways want to start on the smooth sideof the chicken okay but once you putyour chicken on the grill you want tostart off on like this on a hottest zoneof the grill especially the thick partsof your chicken those you want to goover the hottest part of the grill andthen once we have the chicken on thegrill itself let’s close it so when youclose your grill it kind of becomes likean oven and that’s really gonna help tocontinue to cook the chicken and whenit’s on a high heat like this you’regonna get a nice char on the bottom yougot some good grill marks so once youget a good char and it looks good allyou do is flip it over and let it cookfor maybe a few minutes more that’llkind of cook the rest of the side andyou still want to focus on getting thatinitial fear that’s what’s mostimportant and now I’ll probably be maybelike three to five more minutesyou can always temp to chicken to makesure it’s at least 165 when you haveyour leftover marinade like this it’sreally really flavorful so don’t throwit away so what I’m gonna do is take itand bring it back inside boil it down soyou have a nice sauce to use for yourchicken later it’s so much flavor youdon’t want to throw it away it just makesure you cook it so you don’t have anykind of raw chicken juices when it comesto your marinade for your chicken youcan do whatever you want whateverflavors you enjoy mix that together tomeyour marinade all you really need is tomake sure you have put some salt somesugar some acid a little bit of oil we have tons of chickenmarinades you can use for me I just liketo use some balsamic vinegar lemon juicesoy sauce a little bit of sweet chilisauce some garlic in there and wishesShire all the flavors together tastesreally really good a little bit of oliveoil and it’s perfect so our chicken hasbeen seared really well on the firstside and now we flipped it over for theother and I think it’s fully cookedlet’s take it off it’s looking amazingso now the chicken is done we’re gonnabring it inside to eat I’m gonna boildown on the extra marinade to make anice sauce thank you for watching if youenjoyed this video please subscribe toour recipes we make a ton of brilliantvideo it’s a ton of chicken videos thatare gonna help you out at home andduring the summer and we’re gonna enjoywith the birds[Music][Applause]

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  1. Hello! everyone! I’m Matthew! the Chef and Video Producer of this video! what is your go-to marinade for chicken?

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