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Korean BBQ Chicken Drumsticks! Sweet,Spicy and Juicy!

Korean BBQ sauce is a very different breed.Flavors are salty, sweet, spicy and engaging. When brushed over chicken and baked it makes it so irresistibly delicious! Yes, you can get store bought, but making your own is not that difficult and you know exactly what goes into it!


You will need:

8 chicken drumsticks!

For BBQ Sauce you will need:

1 tbsp sesame oil
1 tbsp cornstarch
½ cup soy sauce
½ cup rice vinegar
¾ cup brown sugar
6 cloves garlic(minced)
1 tbsp ginger(minced)
½ tsp white pepper
1 tsp sesame seeds
½ tsp crushed red pepper flakes
diced green onion(for garnish)


In a small sauce pan add soy sauce and cornstarch and heat it up.
Then add: sesame seed oil and rice vinegar, mix.
Add brown sugar and bring to a boil.
Add spices, ginger and garlic.
Cook for 1 more minute and it’s done!
Cool it a little bit.
Brush over chicken on both sides(2 coats).

Bake at 375°F(190°C) for 45 minutes.
Sometimes takes longer(depends on size of the chicken).
But make sure your chicken is completely done!
You can tell if the meat will start separating from the bone!
Take out of the oven and give it one more brush with BBQ sauce!
Garnish with green onion.

In Korea this dish served as an appetizer, but you can enjoy it with a side of brown rice as a light dinner!


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Video Transcription

hi guys and welcome to my channel todayI want to show you how to make Koreanbarbecue chicken Korean BBQ sauce is avery different breedthe flavors are salty sweet spicyengaging it appears nicely with shortribs chicken or fish today we are makingchicken and I can swear to you I hadeight chicken drumsticks but ended upwith seven anyway we need eight chickendrumsticks and here are the ingredientsfor the BBQ sauce for your screen shotsand also will be listed in thedescription box belowyou will need 3/4 of a cup of brownsugar half a cup of soy sauce 1tablespoon of corn starch 6 cloves ofgarlic minced 1 tablespoon of sesameseed oil 1/2 a cup of rice vinegaryou’re gonna need 1 TSP of sesame seeds1 tablespoon of minced ginger 1/2 ateaspoon of red pepper flakes and half ateaspoon of white pepper you also gonnaneed some green onions for garnish youcan use dried ginger but I prefer to usethe fresh one and I want to show you howto mince the ginger root so buy a gingerroot and you’re gonna cut a little pieceout of it then we’re gonna peel the skinand then you’re gonna need this ceramicginger grater and you’re gonna just runthe ginger root on the ceramic gingergrater and you can get maybe atablespoon of ginger and that’s what weneed for our recipes gather all gratedginger in a small dish and don’t forgetthe juice too it’s gonna add tons offlavor let’s make our barbecue sauce ina small pan add soy sauce cornstarch andwhisk it together on a medium heat weneed to heat it up and we’re gonna throwin couple more ingredientsin there which are rice vinegar andsesame seed oil mix that in and as ourmixture starts to heat up we’re gonnaadd brown sugar we’re gonna mix ittogether and we’re gonna bring it to aboil as soon as your boiling processhave started you will see that yoursauce has thickened up a little bitso we need to finish it we’re gonna addour fresh ginger to it fresh garlic somered pepper flakes some white pepper andsesame seeds we’re gonna mix it alltogetherjust boil it for another minute and oursauce is completely done and look howbeautiful it looks it’s so glossy anddelicious all we need to do is just tobrush our beautiful barbecue sauce overour chicken and don’t forget to dry yourchicken before you brush the sauce overit this way your sauce will adhere to itbetter and don’t forget to turn yourchicken on the other side and also brushit with some barbecue sauce so here I gotwo coats on one side and I will do twocoats on the other side you can makethat sauce in a larger quantity and useit in some other dishes and just storeit in the fridge and use it for yourfish dishes or beef or short ribsanything you want big you chicken at 375degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes orsometimes could take up to an hour youcan have that chicken as an appetizerbut I’m gonna serve it with a brown riceand here’s my new discovery this is asprouted brown rice it’s it’s like abrown rice but it’s been allowed tosprout before it’s cookedtherefore it has a much chewier and kindof flank here a texture and you cook itjust you would cook any rice and I I’mgonna use my rice cooker I’m just gonnaadd a little bit of water and I’m gonnaset my rice cooker to cook our chickenis out of the oven and you can tell it’sready because the meat detaches from thebone so which is gonna brush it one moretime with this BBQ sauce is just gonnaadd a little bit more flavor it’s gonnamake it kind of sticky but it’s okay youcan lick the fingers after an hourrice supposed to be done and look hownice and fluffy it is this from the riceis absolutely delicious has slightly anutty flavor and I absolutely love it Iuse that rice in my vegetable fried riceand it came out perfect I don’t know howabout you but at this point I am sohungry I’m just gonna serve myself aplate with three chicken drumsticks I’mjust gonna garnish it with some greenonions and we’re ready to dig inhey by the way can you pick up that ricewith the chopsticks oh wowI guess I can’t I’m gonna use the spoonbecause that rice is not sticky rice isnot that easy to pick it up withchopsticks and all we need to do justdig in into this juicy chicken and lookat these guys it’s absolutely perfectI hope you liked this video thank you somuch for watching please like andsubscribe and I will see you soon bye

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