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Here’s a quick what I eat in a day to lose weight on keto video. So in my second week back on keto I lost a total of 13lbs, which is utterly amazing. In this video, I make one of my favourite keto comfort food which is my newly adapted fathead dough pizza. I am currently doing intermittent fasting, and I like to eat either between 12pm – 8pm or 1pm – 8pm, it really depends on when I feel hungry.

I honestly believe in eating intuitively. Just because I have an eating window doesn’t mean I have to scarf all the food I want to eat down my throat before my window closes, that only leads to overeating and weight gain. As I am on a weight loss journey, I prefer to listen to my body and only eat when it tells me to. This is how I’ve learned to portion control and kill unnecessary cravings.

Thank you for watching and I hope this helps with your keto journey too.

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Video Transcription

[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]grocery store um I have just got on myfood hereso today in the 28th of January whichmarks the second week that I’ve been inQuitoso I’m about to hop on this scale andcheck how much I’ve lost this secondweek so I’ve got my scale here I’m gonnapop you guys down for a second that timewatch my skill is save to 19 and aquarter that is a 4 pound weight loss inmy second week of Quito Wow I’m supersuper happy with that I honestly was notI thought I was gonna drop maybe twopounds or something but anyway yeah dropfour pounds wow I’m so chuffed okay soI’ve actually just been eating a bit ofthese this is barbecue spoon and you getone from like the hot daddy at thegrocery store so I didn’t actually knowif that weight loss is actually correctbecause I’ve eaten already today I hadthis and I now had a scoop of my peanutbutter I just got this one I love thisbrown it’s so so tasty and it’sliterally pure it’s literally just purepeanuts some palm oil and some sea saltthe best brand for peanut butter here inthe UK I’ve got to say so yeah actuallythree four pounds weight loss in oneweek I am so happy that means I’ve lost13 pounds in two weeks that are sufferedheat oh wow that is really really goodanyway I’m gonna march on the rest of mychicken wingsI’m gonna pop it and put some mustardand mayo and some pepper paprika andjust have the rest of this and thenlater on tonight I think I’m gonna makelike a fat head dope it’s that I haven’thad one of those in ages so that’swhat’s really on my mind right now soyeah I would be back when I’m cookingcuz I’m about to make my bulletproofcoffee so in my grocery haul you wouldhave seen me pick up this out Pro soyamilk yeah so your milk this is a coffeeand caramel flavored one now the specson the back for the hundred ml it’s 5.2grams of carbs but one point three gramsof fiber so in the end that’s about 4grams of carbs 400 ml now I plan to usethis in my chia seed pudding so on thatday I’m gonna have to be sure not to youknow use this too much but I’m gonna putsome in my coffee right now I’m gonnameasure it out obviously in a coffeeyou’re not gonna use 100 ml that’s justlike way too much but on here I alsopicked up this unsweetened vanilla Ishould have picked up a sweetened one Iwas just so excited that I saw that theyhave started selling with in the UKbecause I see a lot of KT cake eater USAlike American keto youtubers use thisand I’ve been wanting to try it but itwould have cost me like 20 pounds to gointo in the UK but I saw it it was inTesco so we finally have this now so Iwas just so distracted that we have thisthat I forgot to pick up the sweetenedof vanilla one so I picked up theunsweetened one and it’s got no addedsugar in here and these are the specs onthe back it has one gram of fat per 100ml 0.8 grams of carbs as I’ve been 3 or5 button 0.5 of proteinit’s a pretty good milk I am sorry sothat you try this I have actually tastedit you can taste the vanilla in it so Imight mix the both of them in my chiaseed pudding when I’m making it just soI can use less of this one but I’m gonnaput a little bit of both of them now inmy coffee I’m just so happy that I havelike I can have like sweet nights coffeeand not have to use the vanilla syrupthat I do have which does have a bit ofcarbs in it but yeh so I’ve justfinished putting this my chicken wingsback in the microwave when they warmedup a little bit and then I’ve made mybulletproof coffee with those two milksthat I just showed youI’ve also added in a tablespoon ofbutter as the milks are not very highfact I’m gonna try and get my fats intoday and then on my chicken wings Ijust made a dip out of this Mayo andsome English mustard you have to becareful about how much mustard you usebecause it does have some carbs in itthat’s gonna focus yeah so it does havesome carbs in it so you have to becareful about how much you use I useabout a teaspoon teaspoon more likebecause I’m not actually using all ofthis right now I’ve just put how much Iwant on my chicken wings and that’s whatI’m gonna have as like my lunch a bitI’ve actually had some chicken wings Wowwhile I was waiting for my coffee tofinish brewing um yeah so this is kindof like what I’m gonna eat right now forlike a mini launch almost dinner typething it’s now it’s like five o’clocknow yeah five o’clockpato so around 7:00 I’ll be back andI’ll make my pizza cuz I still want someto have some pizza tonight so yeah I’llbe back later onHey okay so I am backnow and it’s almost seven o’clock that’sabout 15 minutes or seven and I’m justcracking on with my fat Hebdo pizzathing so in here I have already weighedup and melted down five ounces ofmozzarella cheese I’m about to put intwo point five ounces of my almond flourand then I will add in an egg they’re sosmall these days well these are notfree-range whoops and then I’ll put in ateaspoon of baking powder and then my umdough should be ready to mold and formtoday I’m gonna pop in two point five[Applause]seems like a lot to me seems likesurface excessive excessive seemsexcessive you know just do toothis is my problem I always feel like Iknow what I’m doing so I always changerecipes and then then complain when itdoesn’t turn out the same it’s justgoing everywhere I’m gonna be two ouncesokay okay we’ll take that 2.8 I’m gonnagive us a Miss and mixdid I wait too long to mix it once theshould I put it back enough in microwaveI’m gonna put it back in the microwaveokay that’s been in I feel like that inseconds okay that’s much better yeah I’mjust gonna put the egg in okay I’m soimpatientthis recipe was actually a much largerone I copied this recipe from someonewho milk preps whether like she had likea whole family of like 12 or somethingso I like half tit for one serving thisrecipe this fat head do is like perfectif you’re doing almond but if not likeyou can obviously slice it up and thensave a few slices for laterokay I’m gonna mix this off-camera andthen I’ll be back when I have rolled itout pop this in the oven if I made meabout 10 or 15 minutes until I seat likea nice golden brown they not put mytoppings on it so I’ll be back whenthat’s done so my crust is done andwasn’t watching it got a little burntbut that’s fine some sauce on itthis one’s from dumb dummy oh it’s justtoo tomato and basil meatballs sauceedit fry you can use it for this thisone is an actually sugar free but thereare tons or show your free sources thatyou have that you can be you canbasically buy I just saw this one and itdidn’t really click to me to get sugarfree but now that I have it I want touse up before I go by I should get freeso I’m puttin it everywhere especiallyon the crust cuz they turn to get alittle bit burnt when they go back inthe oven so I just want to juice them upwith some sauce I’m actually reallypleased with the square shape I don’tknow why but kind of like itokay I’m gonna spread out some of thetomato basil sauce all over I think thisone’s got a few chunks of work oreganoparsley in thereI just don’t want it to be dry when I’meating it you know so I’m gonna pop somemore net and this pizza crust action itholds up really welldid I tell you that I actually went backin and put some more almond flour Iactually follow the recipe and went togo put some more in and I’m gonna diglook at that that holds up perfect okaylet’s put on the topping I’m goingpretty simple with my good oldmozzarella mozzarella I love that’s goodI’m also gonna put some extra meat andactually do you know what I feel likehaving some challah piñas because Idon’t have any like green pepper to makethis spicy I’m gonna pop some jalapenoson so not a traditional margherita pizzamm okay coolI’m gonna pop this back up there andI’ll be back when it’s nice and juicyhey my pizza is out of the oven and youlooked so good I’ve also made myselfanother bulletproof coffee at this timeI just added some heavy whipping creamand then I put some square tea cream onthe top but I am so excited to try thislet me actually cut it up and I’ll showyou how it holds up so look at this thisis a literal crust look at the bottom ohmy god hold on let me just have a bitemmm that is delicious oh my god that’sperfect okayI’m gonna go enjoy my meal this is greattry out this recipe I’ll put it in thedescription bar to that below thank youfor watching this video this is gonna bewhat I eat todayI’m so excited for the beginning of mythird week of keto and I’m ready to dothisso yeah let’s keep going please like andsubscribe if you liked the video and ifyou want to see more from me yeah bye[Music]


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