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Meal 27 shows how I utilized the left over couscous from meal 25 and the left over green beans to accompany a tropical barbeque chicken hot pot.

Chicken drum sticks and thighs with skin and bones.
Pineapple/red cabbage/red onion/garlic/spring onion/carrot/sweet peppers/orange juice/blood orange/mango chutney/hoisin sauce/soy sauce/chilli jam/honey/jerk paste/tomato puree/a few cherry tomatoes/chicken stock, dried tyme, half lime juice.

Prep time 10 mins. Cook for 30 mins on gas mark 210c without lid then stir, cook for 15 mins with lid, ladle OUT excess stock (utilize some of this stock for the sauce) and cook without lid on gas mark 230c for a further 30 mins whilst stirring every 15 mins to caramelize the sauce and crisp up the chicken skins.

Heat up the pre-flavored hot pot stock with water, add cornflour to thicken then drizzle over the meal.

Serve with leftover couscous and green beans.

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music][Music]welcome to video inserted a utilizingthe Chris Grossman’s was back Bowmanfrom Sol de escala two years ago and Ididn’t decide to use all of the greenbeans yesterday for the sausage and mashso I’m gonna utilize them making todayis almost like a topical BBQ chickenokay lots of rainbow-colored vegetablesso okay let’s get straight to it firstin goes the condiments and for themarinade okay I’m just going to put alittle bit of chili jam in there sometwice in source yeah it’s a new hoisinsauce just okay space it back some soysauce light soy sauce the juice so someChinese five-spice and they’re quitegenerous amount of that tiny bit firmturmeric what’s my screen a little bitso tiny bit of jet paste some highright some blood orange just going tosqueeze that and leave the rest of it inthere so nice like sweet blood orangered orange some orangeit’s your business to get lost bitchit’s going to be a very quick meal okayso once I’ve put all this stuff in put awhole orange it’s barbecue sauceyou’re very quickly so most of the timeis actually slow cooking it in the ovenslow medium cooking it what I do is I’llcook it once I mixed it with chickenwith the skin on and bones once i mixedit in this marinade then I’ll leave thelid off cook it for about half an hourand maybe a little bit stock in it putthe lid on and then reduce that down andthen sit down for maybe 15 minutes or sookay so I’ve got some chopped sweet redbell peppersalso got these lovely home some springonion and red onionthat goes in just a prep all this beforebeforehand just to safe you don’t wannasee me prepping vegetables everyoneknows how to do that I’m guessing sometomato pureeI actually didn’t do yesterday with thetomato puree because I forgot to mentionout on the video yesterday for thesource of tomato tomato puree in thebroccoli and potatoes okayso some garlic two garlic cloves goingI’m just gonna put some time in that’sthe last of my time there I lost itquite well to do thisrightokay then why did I’ll just put thechicken in the reason why I’m puttingthis chicken in now is because beforeall of the vegetables go in to talk itout too much I want to just coat thischicken nicely okay give it smear andthat’s good mix it nicely now I’m notgoing to put too much juice in therewhen you’re when you’re doing this makesure that I’m going to offer you own thebasically add some pineapple in hereutilize the rest of that pineapple fornow Neil so they’ll just three shots andfresh pineapple okaymake sure all the vegetables and stuffthe bottom of the chicken still mix itup but when you still mix it up but whenyou just wash my handsbut when you actually put it in the ovenjust make sure the chicken the skin ofthe chicken is based on obviously allowit to get nice and crispy yeah there’ssome red cabbage as well I’ve actuallynever done this recipe before so justtrying on utilizing what I’ve got in thefridge available and I wanted some Ijust didn’t want to make just barbecuechicken obviously I’ve done that beforeI wanted to combine a lot of like nicefruit that you know different coloredfruit and veg as well okay so every timeyou put but you need mmm just give it astir oh okay this is one thinking makingthis up but I think all the othersshould marry well togetherso should taste goodexactly Snickers squat ups and bangingbangers and mash tasted great yeah sofar I think they’ve tasted prettypleased with them so so what else needsto go in so god it’s gonna put that inwhich is the leftover broccoli store butI think on utilize that for another dishnot today okay just got a few pickledonions just five pickled onions carrotput the carrot actually the carrot cansort of like wedge in between yourchicken necessarily on top but it’sgoing to be quite a surface okay takethat back wedgie actually barbell sothey’re men so I think don’t put thatstuff in therethat’s okay below the video you’ll seethe description and of the recipe andthe actual all the ingredients are goingto this meal anyway and it’ll be okayit’s looking goodI think and then the last things goingis some mango chutney soon as we’reputting up on their flavour so anywayswhen this is all in the oven and stopand check it after half an hour that’sitput the chicken stock in gonna becooking whilst by the time this iscooked it’s clear that juice is going tobe you know reduced right nowwhen that will be this sauce reducesdown in the oven then I can do theirStern and it will start against thechicken again so I’m gonna hopefully itshould come out rightthe boss went down appropriately othersqueeze of lime on net and what’s goingto put some these tomatoes in therewhich I will just do now scaling thatthey’ve just resolved into nothing[Music]hey it hurtsput that on despot 210 I’ll put thatinto half now check it you get a stiranother 15 minutes or so I reckon andthen I’ll show you a picture once it’splace it up[Music]you


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