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Cooking grilled chicken breast

Step by step on how to cook the best chicken breast

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Video Transcription

[Music] boy down bring you a cooking videosomebody show you how to make the bestchicken in the world manstay tuned the first thing you see[Music]take it outvery sick another one makes you want toclean it[Music][Music]this is that thingthe season of using is garlic parmesanso garlic salt onion powder lemon pepperkickin chicken and roast it gonna hurtto see tonightMabel it takes energy I say I’m about tohook this chicken up man sir will youcut like a diet those chickpeas gottataste good it did about how you knowsteaksthat’s not a photo I might show you howwe cooked eating Louise had a Mac I knowyou gotta get downwhich are chicken you only wanted tolike cook for lady maybe 8 to 12you really got a nice play by here yougot a little go back before and look atit give you one nice and juicyso we personally I don’t like that driedchicken breast I like – be nice and youlook like a round like the eight-minuteone my mother come over there Britta’slet me do some time just got really goodthat we played onanything that have chicken breast andin the background rightthere’s a season I feel the rightthat’s the first thing about putting mychicken is on your tablelet me seelotta grosses – you betby the palm design this part of thatdo you knowthe vote[Music]take that make sure you spray and Ididn’t show thisgive me an update on his chicken mindtotally juicy good seasonlook it bless that bit see this lemonjuice about the blessedlisten to this rightyes sir all right all right all rightall right[Music]did that man she was coming off with itright now my container my chickenchicken take it out[Music]what that tennis loose yeah geez comeanother daylike my dad will my video hoping on joyhow to cook my chicken breast me athumbs up and subscribe to my channel[Music]

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