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Mojo Grilled Chicken

It’s time to cook with fire! I grilled a chicken that I marinated in Mojo Criollo made by Goya. It’s a delicious blend of juices herbs and spices that will make anything delicious. You can use this method with chicken pieces as well as other meats. Give it a try!

1 whole chicken- split in half
1 bottle Mojo Criollo marinade
2 Garlic Cloves
1 packet Sazon seasoning
Adobo seasoning

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Video Transcription

today we’re hitting the grill time tocook with fire let’s get to it[Music]hey everybody I’m Brandon carpenterwelcome back to be casey cooks and todaywe are indeed cooking with fire I’mgonna do a mohawk chicken today I got mycoals going over there about two gasp ohyou know yeah we’re doing the Mohochicken so I got the chicken that Imarinated I cut it in half and put it ina wonderful marinade I’m gonna hit youup to it you’ve probably passed it amillion times had no idea what it is buttoday’s the day I put you on so let’scheck it out so this is the magicalMohawk mohawk Criollo I believe is howit’s pronounced forgive me if Ipronounced that wrong but this stuff ismagic yeah it’s made out of all types ofcitrus juices and spices and herbs andit makes just about anything you soak itin a thousand times better I’ve beenusing this stuff for several years Idon’t see very many people using it thatI know but trust me you can’t go wrongand on the chicken is just dynamiteso I soaked my chicken overnight I cutit in halfwe’re gonna see what it looks like hereso that’s what it looks like overnightand man if you could smell this i meanwhen you open this lid his smells likethe bomb I mean it is just ridiculousit smells delicious raw so all I did wasI cut my chicken in half straight downthe back and I seasoned that bird upwith another Gloria product and if youdon’t know about this one you really arelosing this is there a dobo all-purposeseasoning this is kind of like a Latinseasoned salt is what I would equate itto but it is very good on just aboutanything it’s fantastic on french friesall types of meats vegetables great onanything you’re grilling so I justseason that bird on both sides and thenI put it in the bowl pour the marinadeover and I chopped up two garlic clovesand mixed everything around I’ll letthat bird soak overnight I would sayeight hours minimum for if you justdon’t have time think anything less thanfour you’re probably wasting your moneyso we’re gonna do this on the grillI’m gonna go top rack indirect heat Igot my coals ready I’m gonna get thatfirst set of coals dumped and we’regonna get these birds this or this birdbird halves we’re gonna get them goingalright so I’ve got my coals in I’ve gotmybird up here on the top rack again I’mdoing indirect HeatI’m going to shoot for about 300 degreesand of course I want to do an internaltemperature on that thigh for about whatmu because his wind just killing me butone thing I forgot to mention was when Imarinated this bird I poked a bunch ofholes in it that way to marinate couldreally seep in again that’s an optionalthing it really works for me and sincewe’re talking about a marinate aleftover it would be a shame to wastethis and so I’m not going to we’re gonnatake this in the house we’re going toboil this marinade we’re gonna add onemore little magic trick to it and we’regonna use this to base this bird allthrough our cooking so let’s go get thatdone and close the lid on this burger[Music]alright so that bird has been on forabout an hour oh well that was cooking Iboiled that marinade for about fiveminutes make sure it was good and safeand I took it off and let it cool so nowI’m gonna add one more little magicingredient here this is sahs own it’smade by Goya I think there’s otherbrands out there but this is the one I’mused to this is the one I trust cuz it’salways great I’m gonna put one of thesepackets in that marinade I’m gonna stirit up and I’m gonna baste my bird withthis[Music]great flavor some great color and it’llhelp keep it moist my bird skin side upright now it’s closer to being done I’mgonna put that skin side down so I cancrisp up that skin in the meantime I’mgonna be based on that skin with this somake it have a beautiful beautiful colorso let’s get this in the marinade we’llget that bird basted as you can see thatbird is cooking slow and easy a nice bedof coals here we’re gonna base this I’musing a mop but you can spooned it on ifyou want if you have a brush that’s finebut to me a mop is much more efficient[Music]another dip[Music]I’ll do this probably every 20 minutesfrom this point just keep things groovyand again add a lot of flavor a lot ofcolor on this bird it’s not cooking asfast as I wanted it to it’s a superwindy day here and so I’m battling theelements a little bit but we’ll get itdoneone thing about cooking outside orcooking with live fire barbecue whateveryou want to call it you have to makeadjustments sometimes and even though Igot a really decent sized fire inside mycooker here I would expect that bird tobe a lot further along than it is butagain we got a really good north breezetoday and it’s a little bit of a coldfront down here in Texas so it’s it’splaying games with me but we ain’t gonnalet it beat us so lid back down we’llkeep these birds going alright y’all sothat bird is looking good about ready topull him took me a lot longer to cook itthen I had anticipated but a brutal windtoday coming out of the north and waswreaking havoc with my fire and my pitbut like I said before you know whenyou’re barbecuing or cooking outside youhave to make adjustments and that’s whatI had to do today so we’re gonna getthese pulled off of here we’ll let themrest a little bitthen get ready to serve and we’ll diginto this juicy and delicious burgerstay tunedall right Joss we got that bird done Ican’t wait to get into itI’m going with the breast cuz that’s thepart I usually eat cuz nobody else likesit but me and the other thing is this isthe hardest piece to keep juicy becauseyou know breasts are usually try and soif you get a breast juicy and deliciouslike this you’re really doing somethingright so I’m gonna get into this here[Music]oh yeah uh-huhoh yeah yeah I’ve never been one toavoid singing my own praises but this isdamn good yeah oh look roof mm-hmm wellI think y’all again for tuning in I’mgonna go fight off my family for therest of this chicken it is supremelyjuicy yeah keep in mind this bird hasbeen off the grill for about 15 minutesand it’s still dripping juice you got totry that marinade y’all you know I’m notbig on prepackaged stuff I typicallylike to make everything from scratch butevery now and again you’ll come across aproduct where they get it they just getit right of and that marinade is it’shard to beat so give it a try and againy’all as always do me a favor click thatBell click that subscribe button so younotify when I drop a new video and Iwish good eating there y’all take iteasy better get on that bird boy

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