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Mary Jo’s John’s and today we’re gonnabe making a really simple beautifulzingy chicken noodle dish you’re gonnaneed some chicken thighs preferablydeboned flattened out like how you getthem in the supermarket chopped pepperswhatever color bit of chopped onionhandful of the most fresh noodlesTabasco sauce and apple cider vinegar sothe key to getting the the chickenaspects of this dish right is to do alittle marinade now marinades can bescary and we were most to do reasonslike usually it means there’s a shitloadof putting things in a bowl and alsosometimes it means you’ve got to putsomething in a bowl with all thosethings somewhere for five million hoursfor me just a really quick chickenmarinade using Tabasco sauceour in the fridge get home from workTabasco sauce chicken fridge hour latertake it out for me that’s what it needsokay so a little wedge in real for mechicken thighs over chicken breasts anycooking day of the week cups of chickento cook and get a lot of flavor out ofthey take flavor really wellbreasts are for people who really likegoing to the gym that’s not what thisshow is about so Phi’s supermarketwherever come home a couple of chickenthighs there we goboneless sound big squirt of Tabasco I’musing the new Tabasco sriracha anythingis out yet shout out to Wafi bringingthat over but yet for my money it’sactually good you know so bigsquirt I’m Sebastian now if you want tolengthen it so Tabasco sauce hot saucein general is pretty expensive so I’mabout that so decent squirt of Tabascoand then some chopped peppers a littlesquirt of apple cider vinegar applecider vinegar is really important inthis recipe at two points this is thefirst one so a little splash what that’sgonna do is just when you blitz it upbring it all together and make it a bitmore of a manageable paste so look againreally quick and easy smashSam as usual is the whole point of thislet’s get it with Howard George Jones’smake things that are tasty and quick andeasy and don’t involve Fanning about sosaid that just lends as you Tabasco likehot sauce is expensive Tabasco is greatand expensive a bit if you’re gonnaforget it you serve four five six peoplethen bashing a bit of apple cidervinegar and some chopped peppers throughit’s gonna lengthen the whole thingthat’s great smash published handsomegloves on but who’s got gloves on athome medium-high heat bit of oil in pannow I’ve had this marinating an hourthat’s my little blue Peter momentwasn’t it doesn’t look like that’s justlike raw thighs with you know bit ofTabasco sauce ran through it sound whatyou’ve got to make sure of that’s reallyimportant at this point is that my mostof time when you get bonus eyes in theshop they’re sort of rights if you’renot boning if you’re not deboning inyourself they come out flat like thiswhich is good because you’re gonna frychicken you don’t want it to be toothick or it’s just all the nicest bitsgonna be perfect and then you’re gonnahave to take a bite it’s gonna be wrongso get it as flat as possible you’reputting it on medium high just to tryand get like a bit of a crispy goingthen we’re gonna flip it and then we’regonna lower the temperature and do therest of the dish everything should cometogether and be ready there’s hardly anyseasoning involved here because puttingmy tongue into Roscoe’s ourselves butlike the citrus is salt all that shit’salready in the marinade plus you’ve gotthis peppery Apple side everything ifyou’re lengthening it which it’s onlycreates more flavor so that’s why I’mnot like a steak painting or loads ofsalt pepper because you really need tobut there is a degree the degree ofhealthiness for this dish consideringwith frying something you knowthey start sick again let’s keep an eyeon it basically the hardest thing aboutthis recipe just keeping an eye on youkeep an eye on eat chicken the only Ihad food poisoning not too long ago thatwas totally my own doing I overcrowdedan oven didn’t look at my timer so Iloved it l and it’s kind of I’m not likeI’m never gonna be putting chicken againbut it is if you it up you can gethelp it’s worth it keeping an eye on itflipping it making sure it gets an evenand even cook it would be easier tostick to the chicken in the oven to getabout up to 20 minutes so then it’s notwhat we’re doing here we’re gonna getflavor this is fun this is junk foodthis is easy this is just doing itwhilst the music’s on you chat in likeit’s difficult in you know I’m gonnathrow in some of those chopped pepperswe were talking about earlier and alsojust a little bit of white onion[Music]I’m not good I’m not going to talk aboutfresh noodles this is dry noodlesbecause I say I’m not going throughevery episode and then I have to and Inever get my point across fresh noodlesthat’s like the thematic thing aboutthis whole series noodle dishes that arefun and easy maybe the friends you makethem hungover you can make them drunk inhot water and then you just leave thatthere for minute waversyou know don’t worry about it basicallynow this has been cooking about fiveminutes now you can feel the chickenstarts to get a bit tough in thethickest part that’s where you gottacount for that is what you want that is exactly what you wantbecause I’m awesome it for meall the time I guess maybe it’s worthsaying that the the trick of this dishis to put those onions and peppers inhalf way through because if you put themin too early they overcook and we getcrispy and drying this and if youput them in too latethis is gonna be like salad I’mdefinitely not about balance so we’rejust gonna pick our chicken outhello I know that at least a little bitof this is gonna be undercooked so we’vegot that shot it started to take on theflavor so now we’re just going to chopit up roughly because we’re using thighsyou can chop it up it’s not gonna loseany flavor so then high heat right atthe end version right see child thatdevelops over a large surface area sodon’t chop your thigh up until way atthe end we just want to make sure it’scooked and not die you know I mean we’rereally we really are approaching the endof the dish now little squirt of applecider vinegar it’s really a good way ofadding flavor to a dish withoutnecessarily using heaps of oil like thisthere’s not too much like crap in thisyou know I usually use loads of likeolive oil and like flavored garlic oilsand loads of fats and stuff to get thebuilt in flavor but here the Tabascowith the chicken still apple cidervinegar and some peppers and onions likethat should really do the trick I knowrightnoodles drain them there sounds extrahot sauce because it’s just me[Music]so 50 simple you don’t need loads ofherbs or spices of this one it’s prettyhealth-conscious all of the taste comesfrom things that already exist I’ve donethe hard work for you I made that inreal time apart from the our marinationwhich is important I made that in 15minutes and it’s delicious it looksgreattastes great let’s goes the one you’vebeen watching let’s get it from HarryGeorge Jones making Tabascochicken raining outside but it’s warm inmy heart

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