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Only 3 minutes to Cook YAKITORI│#1 Yakitori (Grilled Chicken) Produced by SEVEN-ELEVEN in Japan.

Easy, Fast, Convenient Cooking!

Isn’t it awesome to cook real taste of the foods that can be prepared in less than 3mins?

Well, here is a solution!

SEVEN-ELEVEN in Japan provides rich variety of handy products that can be cooked
with microwave!
Neither cooking nor preparation is needed!
You only need a second to click the button of the microwave and the meal will be ready!

Not only Seven Eleven, but also other convenience stores in Japan also have such products, and we Japan Life Entertainment will demonstrate how it is going to be cooked as series!

Please enjoy!

■About Today’s Foods
“Grilled Chicken” produced by SEVEN-ELEVEN.
PRICE : ¥215 ($1.9)

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Video Transcription

this is today’s ingredient is thisgrilled chicken also known as Tori sotoday we’ll film in different videosunlike the others because there’s somany convenient easy and so deliciousfoods in Japan that’s why I decided totake this video so today I have aselected 7-elevens grilled chickenbecause it’s a sure alcohol so let’sstart cooking okay let me show you howto cook it’s very easy what I have to dois I have to cheer up the top until thedish dot line here and I’m gonnamicrowave two and a half minutes let’sdo it[Music][Music]okay it’s done okay let’s start eatingit hmm very delicious the thighs are sotender and juicyit’s very yummy and the sauce is verygood it’s marinated well and oh my goshso tasty I’m getting very addicted sothe best drink with yakitori is thenriver boys so good oh man you can have ayakitori without the beer anyway let meeat rest of my meal go sum up as Ithoughtwho do they make from 7-eleven alwaysdelicious chicken is so tender and juicyI think the Katori is Japanese nationalwe’re also introducing easycooking who’sonly in Japan so please keep watchingour Channelthank you very much for watching bye bye[Music]

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