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This pressure cooker recipe brings the flavors of a summer cookout into one bowl. Our test kitchen expert, Sandy Wolner, shares her easy BBQ sauce recipe, why she loves cooking with chicken thighs, and how to make a simple, homemade coleslaw dressing.

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Video Transcription

huh so good luck wasum hi I’m sandy andI’m going to show you a quick weeknightdinner with all the flavors of a summerbarbecue the beans the slaw and thebarbecue chicken and I’ll bring them alltogether in one Bowl I’m just gonnastart by heating my oil here in thequick cooker so I can get my onionssauteed for the barbecue sauce so you’veprobably heard of Buddha bowls or grainbowls or even smoothie bowls bowl mealsare just so popular but I love this ideaof a dinner and a bowl because you canfill it with fresh colorful foods andthey’re really fun to eat the best partis that if you love barbecue flavors butyou haven’t made barbecue yourself thisis a pressure cooker version only takesabout 30 minutes I’m going to show youjust how easy it is to come together soI’m starting with a three ingredientbarbecue sauce in my opinion it’s reallythe star of the recipe I’m just gonnastart by prepping my onions I’m gonna goahead and slice them in this simpleslicer and it cuts them into the perfectsizes okay I’m just gonna give these alittle cut in half so they’re a littlebit more manageable in my sauce my panis nice and hot I’m gonna add a littlebit of salt this is what’s gonna helpdraw out the moisture of these onionsand help get them really cooked andrelease the flavor – so these onions youcould see are just starting to changecolor you could cook these onions forabout 20 minutes and get them totallycaramelized to add even more flavor toyour sauce but just sauteing them for acouple of minutes adds nice flavorso I love a barbecue sauce it’s sodelicious but it can have a lot of sugarnow to me making your own barbecue saucejust makes me feel really cool and thisone is so simple we just have about acup of ketchup we’re gonna have someapple cider vinegar and some smokybarbecue rub plus those onions that aresauteing and it’s that easynow I love this sauce because you don’thave to premix it in a separate bowl I’mjust gonna add everything to the quickerand stir it all upso I think these onions are looking goodI’m gonna add my cup of ketchup I’mgonna add a tablespoon of the smokybarbecue I’ve actually tried our smokyApplewood rub with this recipe too whichalso works great but I really like theextra tang and the barbecue rub and theto see spoons of apple cider vinegarso with pressure cooking all this steamin the pot really locks in all thoseflavors especially in this barbecuesauce and makes it that much moreflavorful I’m going to add just a 1/2 acup of water this is gonna help createmore steam and pressure so thateverything cooks and then I’m gonna hitcancel and start prepping my chicken soyou can use chicken thighs or chickenbreasts in this recipe but personally Ilove chicken thighs they’re tenderthey’re hard to overcook and they’regenerally more affordable than chickenbreasts you don’t even have to seasonthese thighs at all because all theflavor from the sauce seasons themperfectly so now I’m gonna prep my beansI have a can and a half of black beansright hereso since canned beans are alreadyprecooked I’m really just warming themup in this recipe I did rinse thesereally well to get off some of thesodium so I’m just gonna juice some limeright into the beans it’s such an easyway to jazz them up without adding anyextra sodium and put them in the potwith a chicken so I’m just cooking it onthe chicken and poultry setting forseven minutes so first I’m gonna startwith my dressing for the coleslaw I’musing the creamy dressing that’s righton the bottle of the measure mix andpour but I’m just gonna swap the redwine vinegar with apple cider vinegarsince we use it in the sauce so I justhave three-quarters of a cup of Greekyogurt this is a really classy creamydressing that’s gonna go great with theslaw and pair nicely with the tangyflavors of the barbecue sauce okay thenI have 3/4 cup of buttermilk and I havea tablespoon of that apple cider vinegarI love that this dressing is right onthe bottle so you don’t have to memorizeanything and I have a teaspoon of Dijondigit on mustard is my favorite gives alittle kick to dressings and sauces alittle bit of saltand we’ve got about 2 teaspoons of sugara little bit of pepper give this just alittle shake it’s good to go so I loveit using just pre-prep bags of coke slawit’s just so easy and you can customizethem too if you want to add morevegetables like more carrots or morecabbage they’re really just a greatblank canvas so I have about a can ofpineapple tidbits it’s sort of anunexpected addition to this recipe but Iknew I really wanted to add pineapple tothe recipe and I just couldn’t find agood place to add it and I thought whynot add it to the slaw and it actuallyworks really great you drain the juicefrom the can because you don’t want towater down the dressing right okhlaactually makes this law really morebeautiful adds a little pop of color anda nice texture so cilantro is actuallyone of my favorite herbs I love it somuch it adds so much freshness to somany different recipes I’m using justabout a cup of cilantro for this slawnow with cilantro you don’t have to beperfect when you’re picking the leavesoff the stem if you get a couple stemsin the mix it’s okay they taste fine andthey’re not gonna hurt you oh thiscilantro just adds the right amount ofcolor to this law it makes it evenprettier you only use about a half ofthis dressing keep the rest for laterthis is smelling so fresh I can’t waitto try it with the chicken so avocado isoptional in this recipe but honestly Ilove to edit to just about everythingavocados look really good you know whenwe create recipes it’s not just aboutthe flavor it’s a lot about thepresentation and the different textureit’s really fun to add differentgarnishes to make that plated recipe alittle bit more special so now that thechicken and the beans are ready I’mgoing to go ahead and press cancel andrelease the pressureI’m gonna remove this chicken to a bowland just chop it up it’s okay if you getsome of the onions in there it’ll getnice and chopped okay then I’m going toturn my quicker Curtis ear so I canreduce this sauce and thicken it upyou’ll be glad you use chicken thighsI’m telling you so when the chickencomes out the sauce is still a littlebit thin so I’m going to cook it alittle bit longer on the sear setting toreduce it so reducing just means tothicken and really intensify the flavorof a sauce or a liquid just think aboutit the longer that you reduce it themore water evaporates and the moreconcentrated the flavor becomes andthat’s really what we want in thisbarbecue sauce so whenever I bring thismeal home which I have done a couple oftimes I tell my husband we’re having abarbecue chicken and then he asks is itthe barbecue chicken and he gets superexcited my son actually likes to eat itwrapped up in a tortilla which is greatabout this recipe you can reallycustomize how you want to serve itall right that’s looking pretty thickjust gonna hit cancel add my chickenback in okay so let’s serve this up Ilove that people can really customizehow they serve this bowl you could haveMoore’s law if you want but it all looksso pretty when it’s put together thestar of the show so good the top of myavocado so when I started creating thisrecipe I actually had this all served ona bun with the slaw and the beans on theside which again you could do cuz it’sso easy to customize I mean look at thatso even though I’m not a big grill orbarbecue ER this barbecue chicken recipemakes me feel like I can bring someweekend cookout vibes to a busyweeknight and serving it in bowls likethis is so easy and customizable foreveryone I cannot wait to eat this and Ihope you try it out too

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