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This pressure cooker recipe brings the flavors of a summer cookout into one bowl. Our test kitchen expert, Sandy Wolner, shares her easy BBQ sauce recipe, why she loves cooking with chicken thighs, and how to make a simple, homemade coleslaw dressing.

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Video Transcription

– Mm it’s so good!- [Person Off Screen] So
good when it hits your lips!- You guys want some?(peaceful music)Hi I’m Sandy, and I’m
gonna show you a quickweeknight dinner with all
the flavors of a summer BBQ;the beans, the slaw, and the BBQ chicken.And I’ll bring them all
together in one bowl.I’m just gonna start
by heating my oil herein the Quick Cooker so I
can get my onions sauteedfor the BBQ sauce.(beeping)So you’ve probably heard of Buddha bowls,or grain bowls, or even smoothie bowls.Bowl meals are just so popular.But I love this idea of a dinner in a bowlbecause you can fill it
with fresh, colorful foods,and they’re really fun to eat.The best part is that
if you love BBQ flavors,but you haven’t made BBQ yourself,this is a pressure cooker version.Only takes about 30 minutes.I’m gonna show you just how
easy it is to come together.So I’m starting with a
three-ingredient BBQ sauce.In my opinion, it’s really
the star of the recipe.I’m just gonna start
by prepping my onions.I’m gonna go ahead and slice
them in the Simple Slicer.It cuts them into the perfect sizes.Okay, I’m just gonna give
these a little cut in halfso they’re a little bit
more manageable in my sauce.My pan is nice and hot.I’m gonna add a little bit of salt.This is what’s gonna help
draw out the moistureof these onions and help
get them really cookedand release the flavor, too.So these onions, you could
see, are just startingto change color.You could cook these
onions for about 20 minutesand get them totally caramelizedto add even more flavor to your sauce.But just sauteeing them
for a couple of minutesadds nice flavor.So I love BBQ sauce; it’s so delicious.But it can have a lot of sugar.Now, to me, making your own BBQ saucejust makes me feel really cool.And this one is so simple.We just have about a cup of ketchup,we’re gonna have some apple cider vinegar,and some Smokey BBQ rub.Plus those onions that are sauteeing,and it’s that easy.Now, I love the sauce
’cause you don’t have topre-mix it in a separate bowl.I’m just gonna add everything
to the Quick Cookerand stir it all up.So I think these onions are looking good.I’m gonna add my cup of ketchup,I’m gonna add a tablespoon
of the Smokey BBQ.I’ve actually tried our
Smokey Apple wood Rubwith this recipe too,
which also works great,but I really like the
extra tang in the BBQ rub.And then two teaspoons
of apple cider vinegar.So with pressure cooking,
all the steam in the potreally locks in all those flavors,especially in this BBQ sauce,and makes it that much more flavorful.I’m gonna add just a half a cup of water.This is gonna help create
more steam and pressureso that everything cooks.And then I’m gonna hit cancel
and start prepping my chicken.So you can use chicken
thighs or chicken breastsin this recipe.But personally, I love chicken thighs.They’re tender, they’re hard to overcook,and they’re generally more
affordable than chicken breasts.You don’t even have to
season these thighs at allbecause all the flavor from the sauceseasons them perfectly.So now I’m gonna prep my beans.I have a can and a half
of black beans right here.So since canned beans
are already pre-cooked,I’m really just warming
them up in this recipe.I did rinse these really wellto get off some of the sodium.So I’m just gonna juice a
lime right into the beans.It’s such an easy way to jazz them upwithout adding any extra sodium.And put them in the pot with the chicken.So I’m just cooking it on the
chicken and poultry settingfor seven minutes.(beeping)So first, I’m gonna start with my dressingfor the cole slaw.I’m using the creamy dressing
that’s right on the bottleof the measure mix and pour.But I’m just gonna swap
the red wine vinegarwith apple cider vinegar
since we used it in the sauce.So I just have three quarters
of a cup of Greek yogurt.This is a really classy, creamy dressingthat’s gonna go great with the slawand pair nicely with the tangy
flavors of the BBQ sauce.OK, then I have three
quarters cup of buttermilk,and I have a tablespoon of
that apple cider vinegar.I love that this dressing
is right on the bottleso you don’t have to memorize anything.And I have a teaspoon of Dijon.Dijon mustard is my favorite.It gives a little kick
to dressings and sauces.A little bit of salt, and we’ve got abouttwo teaspoons of sugar.Little bit of pepper.Give this just a little
shake, it’s good to go.So I love using just
pre-prepped bags of cole slaw.It’s just so easy.And you can customize them tooif you wanna add more vegetables,like more carrots or more cabbage.They’re really just a great blank canvas.So I have about a can
of pineapple tidbits.It’s sort of an unexpected
addition to this recipe,but I knew I really wanted to
add pineapple to the recipeand I just couldn’t find
a good place to add it.And I thought, why not add it to the slaw?And it actually works really great.You drain the juice from the can,’cause you don’t wanna
water down the dressing.The pineapple actually make the slawreally more beautiful,
adds a little pop of color,and nice texture.So cilantro’s actually
one of my favorite herbs.I love it so much; it
adds so much freshnessto so many different recipes.I’m using just about a cup
of cilantro for this slaw.Now with cilantro, you
don’t have to be perfectwhen you’re picking the
leaves off the stem.If you get a couple stems
in the mix, it’s okay.They taste fine and
they’re not gonna hurt you.Oh, this cilantro just adds
the right amount of colorto the slaw; makes it even prettier.You only use about a
half of this dressing.Keep the rest for later.This is smelling so fresh.I can’t wait to try it with the chicken.So avocado is optional in this recipe,but honestly, I love to add
it to just about everything.These avocados look really good.You know, when we create recipes,it’s not just about the flavor.It’s a lot about the presentationand the different texture.It’s really fun to add different garnishesto make that plated recipe
a little bit more special.So now that the chicken
and the beans are ready,I’m gonna go ahead and press canceland release the pressure.So I’m gonna remove this chicken to a bowland just chop it up.It’s okay if you get some
of the onions in there,they’ll get nice and chopped too.Then I’m gonna turn my
Quick Cooker to searso I can reduce the
sauce and thicken it up.(beeping)You’ll be glad you used chicken
thighs, I’m telling you.So when the chicken comes out,the sauce is still a little bit then.So I’m gonna cook it a little bit longeron the sear setting to reduce it.So reducing just means to thickenand really intensify the
flavor of a sauce or a liquid.Just think about it.The longer that you reduce it,the more water evaporates,and the more concentrated
the flavor becomes.And that’s really what we
want in this BBQ sauce.So whenever I bring this meal home,which I have done a couple times,I tell my husband we’re
having BBQ chicken,and then he asks, “Is it THE BBQ chicken?”And he gets super excited.My son actually likes to eat
it wrapped up in a tortilla,which is great about this recipe,you can really customize
how you wanna serve it.All right, that’s looking pretty thick.Just gonna hit cancel,
add my chicken back in.Okay so let’s serve this up.I love that people can really customizehow they serve this bowl.You could have more slaw if you want,but it all looks so pretty
when it’s put together.The star of the show.Looks so good.The top of my avocado.So when I started creating this recipe,I actually had this all served on a bunwith the slaw and the beans on the side.Which again, you could do,
’cause it’s so easy to customize.I mean, look at that.So even though I’m not
a big griller or BBQer,this BBQ chicken recipe makes me feel likeI can bring some weekend cookout vibesto a busy weeknight.And serving it in bowls
like this is so easyand customizable for everyone.I cannot wait to eat this,
and I hope you try it out too.

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