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Savory BBQ Chicken Legs

This is a great low carb option for bbq chicken, no sauce needed.

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Video Transcription

today I’m cooking some chicken legs onthe weber kettle I’m gonna take youalong and show you how to do it it’s areal cheap cut of chicken you can feed alot of people with not a whole lot ofmoney and this is a way I do it alwaysturns out really good start with alittle bit of leftover charcoal I’mdoing lump today this is from the lastcook that I had so I’ve got a little bitin the bottom of the grill and then thechimney a little less than half of achimney full starting to tumbleweed I’mgonna let this charcoal light up prettymuch fully and then spread it over thetop of this lump that’s unlit and I’llshow you when we get it lit all rightit’s been about 10 minutes 15 minutesit’s just about fully lit I’m gonna goahead and dump these[Music][Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music]let that heat up and then bring thechicken out so I’m going to show youwhat I’ve done to the chicken I’vemarinated it I use a mix of Dijonmustard Worcestershire sauce olive oilthe juice of one lemon some garlic andsmoked paprika some tarragon crushed redpepper and a few other spices salt andpepper just whatever you like but themain thing is the Dijon mustardWorcestershire olive oil and lemon juiceand then you kind of had what you wantfrom there I had a little bit of redwine vinegar because I like the flavorand I let this marinate this beenmarinating about five hours five to sixhours is good and I guess you can do itovernight but usually I do it the sameday usually in the morning and then whenI get home in the evening oh it’ll beready to go on the grillgot the legs on this is the way Iarrange them on the indirect side Iplaced my chicken legs on this side thecoals I put a little bit of barbecue rubon the top of them all right when I putthem on the grill and so I’m gonna putthe lid on and I’m gonna leave themclosed probably an hour hour and a halfor even check them I want these to getup to about 180 before I pull them offall right it’s been a little bit overone hour I haven’t opened the lid yetbut I have come out and checked thetemperature now this thermometer isright over the coals so it’s runningright around 400 I came out after aboutthirty minutes and it was about 350 so Iopened the top bin a little bit bump toheat up just a little bit in the grillto about 400 so now I’m gonna check it Ithink it should be reading pretty close[Music][Music]that’s looking pretty good I likechicken legs and chicken thighs a littleovercookedsome people do I think they’re moretender when you cook them a littlehotter get them on up to the 180 190range but that’s how you make them andthose are going to be really good

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