BBQ Chicken Recipes

Simple BBQ chicken sandwich

Special Guest – The Flock: Simple BBQ chicken sandwich!

Prep time: 5 to 10 minutes
Cook time: 6 to 10 minutes per side
Target internal temperature: 165° minimum

Boneless skinless chicken breast
Sweet barbecue rub

1) With a meat hammer or rolling pin flatten chicken breast to about 1/4 inch thick.

2) Rub chicken breast with cooking oil (this will allow the rub to stick and get a good sear when cooking)

3) apply sweet barbecue rub to both sides of the flattened chicken breast.

4) set grill or pellet smoker to high heat (400° – 450°) and cook for 12 to 20 minutes flipping halfway.

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Video Transcription

what’s up everybody welcome to anotherepisode of murdered and drove barbecue Itypically don’t do much chicken hencethe name hurt and drill for beef andpork but today we are gonna work on asimple chicken BBQ chicken sandwich so Ihave some whole boneless skinlesschicken breast we’re gonna beat themdown cut them up put them on the grillshould be good episode alright so firstup what we need to do is we need topaddy these things down real thin sowhat we’re going to do is I take thissome parchment paper so that it doesn’tsplatter everywhere I didn’t used to dothis but I do now and I’m gonna put itover a piece of chicken all right pieceof chicken and I will cut that into twopieces and repeat[Music]all right so we have all of our chickenbreasts cut up and petted up so the nextthing to do is to cut them into sandwichsize pieces so we’re just going to startcutting them up you’d be about that thenfeel free to trim some off or some otherthings laterso next what we’re going to do isbecause we’re going to grill it on highheat this is something I did I’mvegetable oil and I’m brushing it on thechicken it’s gonna let my rub stick toit a little bit better tooand I tend to have good results with itwe’ll say it that way[Music]family like sweet barbecue that’s whatwe got here I I don’t know if this wouldbe considered a liberal coating but it’sfor sure getting some rub on there[Music]rather using chicken hand at the chickenhands and your clean hand there’s yourclean hand as much as possible so exceedyou trips to the sink washing theirhands constantly[Music]all right so I’ve got my trigger we’rerocking at 4:30 1 plus or minus andwe’re just gonna throw these things onwe’re gonna do them for about 10 minutesof Saturn or until we hit the properinternal temperaturedo not stay married to the time that Itold you chicken has to be all the waydone here we go[Music]you

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