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Spiced Chicken Wings Recipe

RECIPE: Hi Guys, today I’ll show you How to Make Spiced Chicken Wings in the Oven. Easy and Tasty wings without the mess of frying.
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Video Transcription

hi guys today I’ll show you how to makecrispy spiced chicken wings in the oventhis is a little over 2 pounds or a kiloof chicken wings I’ve removed the tipsand separated the wings into flats anddrumettes these wings are huge as youcan see I got them from the poultry farmif you’re getting them from the grocerythey’re gonna be smaller reduce thecooking time if you’re using thesesmaller grocery store wings heat youroven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit or 220degrees Celsius for the spiced room I’musing cumin seeds whole blackpeppercorns now if you don’t want togrind those up you can definitelysubstitute already ground cumin andground a black pepper the spices dotaste a lot better when you grind thefresh to the cumin and black pepper addgarlic powder onion powder coarse saltground cinnamon mix it up Pat thechicken dry with paper towels put thespice mixture all over the chicken coatall the wings in the spice mixture getevery last bit don’t leave any spices inthe bowl put the chicken on a rack ontop of a foil lined baking sheetI put the drum mats in the back becausethey’re thicker and the back of my ovenis hotter cook these in the heated ovenfor about 45 minutes depending on thesize of your wings halfway throughcooking and turn the chicken overjust took them out of the oven after 50minutes because these are large wingsleave them alone for five minutes andthen you can dig in the wings are crispyvery juicy inside got a good amount ofsalt or a little peppery absolutelydelicious eat them just like this orserve it with ranch dressing to cut theheat a little bit I hope you give theseeasy wings a try and let me know how youlike it in the comments below don’tforget to subscribe and I’ll see younext time thanks for watching[Music][Music]

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